Blacks at Tea Parties

I do not like referring to people by their skin color (I judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin), but for the purposes of this post it is both relevant and necessary.

The Media have consistently and continually referred to Barack Hussein Obama II as the “first black President”.

The Media have consistently and continually referred to the Tea Parties as “mostly white”, and tried to paint opposition to Democratic Socialist policies as being racially-motivated against Obama, the “first black President”.

Recently, CNN has started to change it’s tune. But not completely. They are NOT speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And I am not giving them a pass.

Do blacks attend Tea Parties?


But not only do they attend Tea Parties, they speak at them (see videos in comments below), and some even run for office.

A great example is Bill Randall.

A “Tea Party Candidate” is not a candidate who is endorsed by the Tea Party movement…

A “Tea Party Candidate” is a candidate who has personally endorsed, supported and contributed to the Tea Party movement, long before it became “mainstream”.

Update: “Tea Klanner:” The Left’s shameless new smear

Yeah, one party has a senior Senator who has held the titles Kleagle (recruiter) and Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan.

And these “Tea Klanner” sign holders shown in that link don’t seem to realize that he is from THEIR party, not ours.

Idiots. Absolute Idiots.

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72 Responses to Blacks at Tea Parties

  1. Ready to play hardball with the Democratic Socialists in Washington D.C.?

  2. Part 2 of Bill Randall’s speach at the July 4, 2009 Tea Party in Raleigh, NC:

  3. And, of course, there’s Zo…

  4. Selena Owens Speaking at the Raleigh, NC Tea Party
    April 15, 2009

  5. Katrina Pierson speaking at Dallas Tea Party
    April 15, 2009

  6. patty6368 says:

    What difference does it make? What’s your point? Who cares what who is saying about who? You sound as if you actually expect to hear anything true from the media. But you needn’t be concerned about anything you’re hearing. All you need to do is think about and plan what you’re going to do, because it’s miller time. It’s time on the cosmic clock for all the pianos to rebel against the maestro.

    And no tea or any other party is going to help us. Period. Because in the first place people have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. We are empowered to help ourselves and nobody but you is going to help you.

    They well know this, knew it since antiquity and also know what time it is and people are snapping out of their coma. They’re panicking so be unconcerned for them or what they’re spewing.

    If you’re in a tea party, disassociate yourself from it. Learn to sit back, keep your mouth shut and your eyes peeled. We don’t need the media to inform us. Our own eyes can tell us the truth by looking around and seeing what’s going on. Your eyes cannot lie to you as long as you are not lying to yourself.

    Think about what you’re going to do, because freedom from age old social conditioning will mean for us without a plan. The little man and woman is going to rise to power. There’s nothing in creation that can stop this, but not all of the little people are going to get there. Namely, the ones who insist on relying upon being lead instead of leading themselves.

    We’re entering a new and scary age where it’s every person’s brain for itself. Think about what you’re going to do, put together your plan and make your move. Do not support the maestro anymore. Support yourself.

    They been studying you since antiquity. Learn to study yourself and the enemy can’t play you. With no victim, the maestro has no game. It’s your cosmic opportunity now to flip the script. Don’t blow it. Welcome to Aquarius.
    We all will be well endowed with worldly wisdom if we make up in our mind to forget about the maestro. The maestro is zero!

  7. Our own eyes can tell us the truth by looking around and seeing what’s going on.

    Please use your own eyes to read:


  8. Aaron says:

    Events such as these are important. It helps to highlight the diversity of the TEA Party movement hidden by the MSM and debunks the old racism myths that the sinister-wingers keep projecting upon us. We need to bring out a few more Raging Elephants!

    I hope for the day when the left’s constant abuse of the race-card fully back-fires upon them. There has already been a small bit of back-fire down in Florida recently when a urologist publicly spoke his mind about the healthcare reform.

  9. On March 27, 2010, thousands of people gathered in the small town of Searchlight, Nevada, for a political rally.

    Just 250 miles away and seven days earlier, there was another political rally of similar size in Los Angeles on March 20, 2010.

    The Searchlight rally was generally oriented toward the political “right.”

    The Los Angeles rally was generally oriented toward the political “left.”

    Now, if you had only the entrenched media as your sole source of information about these rallies, you might likely assume (without even bothering to investigate) that the right-wing rally was an epicenter of hate, racism and craziness, whereas the left-wing rally was undoubtedly about peace, tolerance and rationalism.

    Luckily, we no longer have to rely on the mainstream media. In both cases, citizen journalist bloggers were on hand to document the proceedings with eye-opening photo essays

  10. dcbprime says:

    Here’s evidence of the prevalent racism and hate that can be seen throughout the TEA Party movement:

    This was at the Freedom Rally in Dayton, Ohio.

    Any questions?

  11. “Call ME a racist!”

  12. Aaron says:

    They had to drop the “Tea-bagger” smear because that one would backfire in a very embarrasing way, come November. They don’t want 2010 to be remembered as the year the democrats got Tea-bagged.

  13. Mark Ward says:

    Then there’s Toby Pedford: Young, Black, Husband, Father, and Conservative businessman in Oklahoma. So far, he’s been the Master of Ceremonies (MC) at three Tea Parties in Oklahoma City (July 4, 2009 — 3,500; September 13, 2009 – 5,000; April 14, 2010 — 6,000) at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

  14. skeeter says:

    There is not a thing wrong with referring to people by their skin color. The NAACP does it all the time and no one seems to mind at all. However , I was once assaulted for using the term “colored People” and was informed I should use the term “African American”. The LADY who came to my rescue was a black lady, an attorney, who stated she was a person of color from Jaimaca and she was neither American nor was she an African, but rather a person of color from Jaimaca.

  15. Who discriminates by age, ethnic background, and gender?

    Barack Hussein Obama.

    If you are a member of “young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women”, then Obama makes an effort to connect with you. But if you are a middle-aged white male, Obama makes no such effort… See around the 2:00 mark…

  16. Herman Cain speaking and answering questions at a Tea Party, when a Marine vet surprised everyone by singing the fourth (not second) verse of The Star-Spangled Banner

    O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
    Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
    Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  17. This is not from a Tea Party, per se, but these are certainly Tea Party values:

  18. The Browning of the GOP
    Top Conservatives Bring Color and Candor to Republican Party

    Friday, October 08, 2010
    By Armstrong Williams

    Here’s a statistic that you might find shocking: one in four Black voters between the ages of 18 and 29 describes [himself or herself] as ‘conservative.’ Now, here’s why you shouldn¹t find it shocking: African-Americans, as a whole, are conservative, favoring positions that could only be described as mainstream Republican. According to a recent study, 75 percent of Blacks favor school prayer; 73 percent favor a $500-per-child federal tax credit; and 72 percent favor three-strikes-and-you¹re-out laws. These are all conservative positions.

    While the most liberal faction of the Democratic Party has held it hostage with left-wing ideas that are far from the mainstream, the Republican Party has remained steadfast, supporting the issues that a new generation of Blacks routinely rate among their chief concerns. Be honest: Black America often cringes with the Republican Party at the liberal secular attitudes Democrats have toward such issues as nontraditional marriage, gays in the military and education policies that continue to fund a failed system.

    But we never break rank, even though the reality is clear: no political group has done more to help minorities than Republicans. It¹s the party that freed the slaves, invited Booker T. Washington to the White House and sent federal troops to Little Rock, Ark., to enforce school integration.

    In fact, most Blacks used to be die-hard Republicans, fleeing, for the most part, in 1964, when Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater­­widely regarded as the fat, beating heart of the party­­publicly professed his intent to repeal the Civil Rights Act. The rise of Goldwater signaled unmistakably that the highest levels of the modern Republican Party leadership included outright racists.

    Even now, it¹s amazing to think that one man created a mass exodus of Black voters from the Republican Party.

    But today, the great flight has the chance to be met by the great return as a new breed of Black conservative has emerged and taken center stage in the Republican Party. The two faceplates for this movement­­former U.S.

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and current National Republican Committee Chairman Michael Steele‹speak exclusively to Black America in the November issue of EBONY.

  19. O-ba-maO-ba-ma…”

    Oh, Really?

    Promises vs. REALITY:

  20. But not only do they attend Tea Parties, they speak at them (see videos in comments below), and some even run for office.

    … and WIN!!!

  21. @AllenWest 9:29AM February 9, 2011

    I’ve been asked today to have the honor of giving the closing keynote address at CPAC Saturday. I’m humbled.

  22. I ask again, “Who’s racist?”

    The following are the words of a racist… listen to this Anti-Obama, racist, hate speech!

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