Shadowbanned on Twitter

Those who can’t handle the truth,
try to silence those who speak it.

I have been Shadowbanned on Twitter: results for my twitter ID, captured yesterday:

Did I tweet anything untrue?

Did I tweet anything that was “unhealthy”?

I tweeted the truth, with .gov data sources to prove what I said was true.

I tweeted respectfully, though boldly, challenging people to retweet the verifiable truth that I had shared with them.

The algorithms put in place by Twitter decided that my voice needed to be silenced.

So, what did I say that was deemed so dangerous that I needed to be silenced?

First, see this tweet from Joe Scarborough:

If you go to that tweet, and look at the replies, you won’t see anything from me.
Because I have been shadowbanned.

So, what did I say that was deemed so dangerous that I needed to be silenced?

Is speaking the truth “unhealthy”, Jack?

Is speaking the truth allowed only if you limit to whom you speak it?

If you speak the truth to too many people,
or to people who can’t handle the truth,
is that so “unhealthy” that Twitter has to silence your voice?

Those who can’t handle the truth,
try to silence those who speak it.


UPDATE 8/7/2018:


Twitter has changed their tactics slightly.  Two days ago, the thread ban was lifted off of my account.  Then, yesterday, it appeared that the search ban and QFD ban were lifted… at least from the perspective of what is checked by

Shadow Ban Lifted

…but, certain tweets are still shadowbanned and made invisible to the intended audience. Go to and scroll down through all of the responses, until there are no more left to show.  Then search the page for my id, “ittrp”.  You won’t see my replies because they have been shadowbanned.

Now, go to  You’ll only see that tweet if you already have the direct URL, but it’s worse than that… that tweet itself is a reply to another tweet of mine that is also being shadowbanned.

Here’s what you see if you’re not logged in as me:

When not logged in

But, like I said, that tweet is a reply to another tweet that has been Shadowbanned.  Here’s what Twitter shows me for that same tweet URL when I am logged in:

When logged in

That tweet in the middle is only shown when logged in as me.  It is hidden from everyone else.

So there you go.  Proof that Twitter is shadowbanning tweets from people who are speaking verifiable truth to power.  My chart shows data directly from a .gov web site,, correlated with majority party (holding 2+ of House, Senate, & Presidency):Majority Party

I did not say anything untrue. I did not say anything racist, hateful, “unhealthy”, etc.

I said things that are demonstrably true.

And Twitter’s algorithims are shadowbanning my content, still, even though they have figured out how to fool into showing all green check marks for my account.

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11 Responses to Shadowbanned on Twitter

  1. UPDATE:
    As of today, it appears that the thread ban may have been lifted (it’s hard to tell for sure), but the search ban persists.
    Some replies in threads are appearing, while others are not.

    Take a look at my tweet, which was a reply:

    Then look at the tweet to which I was replying, and you won’t see my reply:

  2. I ran for what must be the 100th time today, and it’s finally showing that the search ban has been lifted. That’s good news. However, no explanation was given for why I was banned in the first place.

  3. Here’s another example:
    Go to

    Scroll down through all replies. You won’t be shown any reply from me.
    Yet, I did reply to that tweet, as can be seen here:

    And here:

  4. Here’s another shadowbanned tweet:

    Go to the URL directly, and you’ll see my tweet, but if you go to the URL for President Trump’s tweet, you won’t see my reply.

  5. Please go to the following tweet and tell me how many responses you can find from me:

    (Hint: the rest are shadowbanned)
    Now go look at my timeline and see what tweets I posted that we deemed so “unhealthy” by Twitter’s algorithms that they had to be hidden from other users.

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