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Memorial Day: Remembering the Price of Freedom

Freedom is not free. Remembering that, and remembering those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, is what Memorial Day is all about. Veterans Day honors all of our living Veterans. Memorial Day honors those who laid down their … Continue reading

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Obama’s New Pastor/”Spiritual Advisor” Preaches Socialism Like His Old Pastor Did

This should not come as any surprise. “Reverend” Jim Wallis preaches the “Social[ist] Gospel” like “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright did.  These tea partiers don’t seem like very good Christians I recommend reading the comments both at Hot Air and at the … Continue reading

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Barney Frank (D-MA) calls on the media to “Do your job” and Demand to see the birth certificate…

… of someone who isn’t even Constitutionally required to be a “natural born citizen”… Tongue firmly in cheek, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) on Tuesday afternoon called on reporters to demand to see the birth certificate of new Rep. Charles Djou … Continue reading

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The Tea Party Imperative

The acolytes of Big Government insult both our intelligence and character, when they insist trillion-dollar deficits are the only alternative to despair.  The energy roaring beneath the surface of the Tea Party movement springs from the growing realization that expensive … Continue reading

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