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Presidential Approval Update

Time to update the chart with the August numbers: 2009 Strongly Approve Strongly Disapprove Approval Index Total Approve Total Disapprove Jan 43 20 23 62 34 Feb 39 25 14 59 39 Mar 37 30 7 57 42 Apr 35 … Continue reading

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No Blood For Oil

A friend of mine was murdered in the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. Another friend of mine had his uncle murdered on Pan Am Flight 103. When the U.S. went to war after 9/11/2001, some protestors said, “No Blood For Oil”. … Continue reading

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The Epitome of Everything I Have Ever Said on This Blog

Democrat[ic Socialist Communist] Representative Diane Watson is the epitome of everything I have ever said on this blog. Racists are using racism in order to form a more Socialist union. I made this point almost a year and a half … Continue reading

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The Holy Grail of All “Natural Born Citizen” Law Review Articles

Rarely, when conducting legal research does one find a historical document that is directly on point. But even more rare is to find a document which is directly on point multiple times. But that’s exactly what has happened this week. … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Senator Kennedy’s passing are here.  Please read that before reading my thoughts on his legacy below… 

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Ronald Reagan: Way Ahead of His Time

See the comments for audio of what Ronald Reagan had to say about Universal Healthcare (a.k.a. Socialized Medicine) forty-eight years ago!!!

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Ronald Reagan’s “Evil Empire” Speech

(Video and audio available in comments below) Remarks at the 41st Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals delivered 8 March 1983, Orlando, Florida Moderator: The National Association of Evangelicals community, from coast to coast in our great land, … Continue reading

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Beware the Counterrevolution

Do you really believe that the next elections in 2010 and particularly 2012 will be the solution to the current socialist infestation? Do you think that people who are as addicted to power as Obama, Emmanuel, and Axelrod will passively … Continue reading

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Obama Clings to Religion … to Muster Support for ObamaCare

Barack “we are not a Christian nation” Obama is taking his national socialist healthcare to the churches. The man and his propaganda ministers are diabolical. How low can they go? Aren’t these the same Americans Obama held in such utter … Continue reading

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Socialists/Communists in Both Major Parties

The Communists have accomplished many of their goals found in W. Cleon Skousen’s 1960 book The Naked Communist and which were recorded into the Congressional record over 46 years ago (January 10, 1963). Note goal #15… 15. Capture one or … Continue reading

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