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Unemployment and Employment under Clinton, Bush, and Obama

A HUGE thanks and Hat Tip to Chrissy the Hyphenated! Her post is here. People hear the unemployment rate in the news, but: 1) They aren’t usually given the longer-term perspective, and that the WORST month under Bush was better than the … Continue reading

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Q: What Happens When the USA is Divided by (pResident) Zero?

Answer: #DIV/! And what do you do about that? Correct a #DIV/0! error Make sure that the divisor in the function or formula is not zero (0)… I.E., use legal means to remove from office.

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“You LIE!”

Democrats promised “fiscal discipline”. Democrats promised “’Pay As You Go’ budget discipline”. Democrats promised “no more deficit spending”. Democrats LIED.

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Over 12 Million Missing Jobs

Just over three weeks ago, I wrote the post: Over 10 Million Jobs That was very conservative. The real number is over 12 Million jobs are missing from the Obama economy.

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