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Words, Just Words

 4,859 total words (1,388 unique words) used by Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. in his speech “A More Perfect Union“, delivered Tuesday March 18, 2008 in Philadelphia, PA.

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Obama Nation: Using Racism In Order To Form A More Socialist Union

(first posted on March 19, 2008, updated July 3, 2008) Commentary on the remarks of Senator Barack Obama: ‘A More Perfect Union‘ (Original link now dead. See archive here.) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 “We the people, in order … Continue reading

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Lazarus: Blog Resurrection

I set up this blog on September 25, 2006, but I ended up posting over at instead of here.  Since I was recently banned from (but, by the grace of God, given new life when “Captain Ed” joined … Continue reading

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