Arabic Message… to Obama?

اين انتم؟ يا مسلمون ممن آساء لنبي

Where are you? O Muslims who offended the Prophet
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From a HotAir commenter:

The black banner with the Obama symbol reads: اين انتم؟ يا مسلمون ممن آساء لنبي which translates into English as “(Obama symbol) Where are you? Muslims who offended the Prophet.” Since the message begins with the “O” from President Obama’s name, it seems clear that the protesting Muslims see him as a Muslim who has done the unthinkable, namely turned against the Prophet. Obviously, the strategy of apologizing often and profusely is NOT working. (Oh, and by the way, I do not believe the president is a Muslim, I am just stating what the protesters appear to believe.)

StubbleSpark on September 11, 2012 at 11:20 PM

So, on the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Muslim Jihadists invade two U.S. Embassies (sovereign U.S. soil), kill the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other people, tear down and destroy U.S. flags that were being flown at half mast in honor of those killed on 9/11/2001, and put up the flag of Al Qaeda:

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4 Responses to Arabic Message… to Obama?

  1. Tojo says:

    Red, Why do you believe that Zero is not a Muslim?… His alleged father, step-father, and (perhaps) biological father were all Muslims, conversion from Islam is forbidden, he studied mengagi, his lover-boyfriend and guy pals at Occidental were Muslims, he went to Pakistan st the height of a radical revolution, he’s close with radical Palestinian supporters from Columbia and Chicago, his Harvard education was paid for by a Saudi prince and brokered by a radical Black Muslim leader, he admits his Christian profession was required to give him street cred for networking Black churches and he chose a America-damning, supposedly “former” Muslim as his pastor and mentor, he has stocked his administration with Muslims, including Muslim brotherhood members and their family members, his ordered NASA to promote the contributions of Muslims, he disallowed Fort Hood’s shooting to be considered anything more than workplace violence, purged our anti-terrorism training of references to Islamic terrorism, his foreign policy included appeal to “the Holy Koran,” and directly influenced the success of the Muslim Brotherhood’s domination of the Arab Spring, he apologizes for America, bows to the Saudi king, and betrays Israel and condemns her for building on her own land, and snubs Netanyahu consistently.

    BTW, I agree he’s not a Muslim. He is a New Ager stealth jihadist Muslim sympathizer using Islam to destroy America.

  2. kj says:

    I heard on the news today that O had been burned in effigy during an overseas protest. That act is a pretty plain statement about what those protestors think about O.

  3. dualer says:

    As Fl ss. 102.168(1) (3) (b) shows, Florida electors have the right to challenge the eligibility of “ANY PERSON” whom is “NOMINATED OR ELECTED” to office.

    Even if no primary is held, the unopposed candidate shall be considered “NOMINATED” for the office.

    “101.252 Candidates entitled to have names printed on certain ballots; exception.—(1) Any candidate for nomination who has qualified as prescribed by law is entitled to have his or her name printed on the official primary election ballot. However, when there is only one candidate of any political party qualified for an office, the name of the candidate shall not be printed on the primary election ballot, and such candidate shall be declared nominated for the office.”

    Further, Federal Election statute (11 C.F.R. 100.2(C)(5)) says that the election is “considered to have occurred” if there is an unopposed major party candidate whom shall appear on the general election ballot. So Florida statutes agreee with Federal statutes.

    Therefore by Fl. ss. 102.168(1)(3)(b) I have standing, and the Supreme Court of Fla. has said that “eleigibility is a judicial determination upon any challenge properly made” (Shevin v. Stone(1972))

    My action is properly made as to time, indispensible parties, claimant status, and venue. Therefore this action is properly made, and the court is obliged to make a ruling as to the eligibility of Barack H. Obama

  4. dualer says:

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