Q: What Happens When the USA is Divided by (pResident) Zero?



And what do you do about that?

Correct a #DIV/0! error

Make sure that the divisor in the function or formula is not zero (0)

I.E., use legal means to remove from office.

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4 Responses to Q: What Happens When the USA is Divided by (pResident) Zero?

  1. Tojo says:

    Red Pill & Fellow Patriots,
    As you know, the fraud touted as “The Great Unifier” is the most stunningly divisive politician, let alone pResident, that America has ever seen. Virtually everywhere he goes, by nearly every statement he makes and especially by the agency of public statements of his allies and supporting team, rich are pitted against poor, black against white, male against female, young against old , citizen against sojourner, and of course, Red America against Blue America. This all by the Pretender and Usurper who, ironicly, rose to national prominence on a swelling theme of post partisanshio, manipulating the masses weary of contention and plying their longings for unity with his empty promises. Charles Krauthammer proposed “Zero” as the perfect moniker for this vacuous, empty soul shell of a person and I, myself, refer to him consistently by this title and avoid use of his most frequent alias since none if us have any legitimate legal basis to know what his name really is… I also consistently use pResident because it grudgingly acknowledges that the Presidency is his, de facto, although not de jure and this title, pronounced “pee-resident” (alternative spelling and implication, “pea-resident”) fitly encapsulates the level of respect
    at I hold toward America’s First Bastard pResident, Citizen of the World, His Unholy Oneness, and future god of this world: “Baraqo Bamah (“His Lightning of the High Place,” in Hebrew – cf. Luke 10:18, Isa. 14:14).

  2. Bridgette says:

    That is funny Pill!

    Please check your email and you can delete this message.

  3. Bridgette says:

    Please check your email.

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