Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

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  1. Tojo says:

    Mister Gorbachev tore down the wall and successfully implemented the Antonio Gramsci strategy for Communist world domination through stealth and subversion rather than direct military confrontation. We are destroyed and don’t even know it, just as they promised. Every American president since Reagan has been fully complicit with this world wide socialist/fascist revolution. The totalitarian Gnu Swirled Odor that George H. W. Bush announced is here. Bill Clinton is lying: we have seen him and his wife. George W. Bush invoked Metatron, the demonic angel in the whirlwind and lead us into unjustified war. Now we have affirmative action amateur hour in the White House with His Evil Oneness, The Great Uniter and his Angry Broad. We are all East Germans now.

  2. Tojo says:

    God has judged America. She is no more.

  3. Stopping by to say, Hello, Red Pill….

  4. Patty (a.k.a Green Eyed Lady),
    Thank you for stopping by! I enjoy your contributions at, and I’ve been trying to figure out where else we had crossed paths, since what you write is often very familiar-sounding to me. From what you said recently, it sounds like we’ve seen each other back in the day at TexasDarlin’s and at Hillbuzz, but I’m sorry that my memory is fuzzy regarding whether or not we had any direct conversations with each other there. Are you interested in an update of where some of the folks are now that used to be at those two sites?

  5. “sounds like we’ve seen each other back in the day ”

    No, my memory is fuzzy, too, but I don’t think so. I remember Kevin had you on his blogroll, but the first time I recall conversation with you was at MM’s.

    I’m interested i any updates you have.

    Do you have any news about Kevin? The people he has there are pretty much silent, which I understand. I often spoke to him through our personal email, not just on his site, he explained his health issues to me. It’s serious.

    You know, when I said I miss Kevin (HB) it’s because he was great at mobilizing people…channeling their anger, frustrations, fear or whatever, and giving them ways to act, not whine or curl up in the corner. His site was a busy place where anyone could join ‘the resistance’ in a small or large way, it depended on what you were comfortable with.
    I liked the research group. We would dig around, finding info and put all the little puzzle pieces together to form the big picture. I’m sure you know Miss Tickly (the BC) that’s where most of the research was focused, Texas Darlin was hot on Barry’s trail and had lots of info, but I don’t think I ever commented there. We also researched Pigford and a couple other slimy/corrupt things, like the media. None of what we did then (08/09) can be done today…everything has been scrubbed or otherwise disappeared.
    About the time Gov. Palin announced she was not running, Kevin became ill, the site stopped dead, shortly thereafter. Some of us have been commenting and keeping in touch at C4P, as we are Palinistas, but it’s no HillBuzz.

    Good talking to you, I have to go check my garden….temps about 100 here in sunny Pennsylvania today!

  6. Patti,
    I don’t have any recent news about Kevin, but I am aware, to a small extent, of some of the issues that he faces medically. I understand that June is usually the toughest time of the year for him.

    Regarding where people have gone, it’s amazing to me the amount of transition and turmoil there has been in blog communities over the last 4 years.

    When TexasDarlin put her “blog on break” in 2009 and a few days later made it password-protected, I started a blog called “We the People of the United States” at, and Dr. Kate started her own blog at TexasDarlin has since returned and can still be found at … she put a good post up a month ago.

    Hillbuzz seems to have gone through at least two times when groups broke away. I wasn’t very familiar with the first split, but later came to learn that they had started a blog called “just for us”. The second group left amid a lot of turmoil. Kevin banned me (or put me into permanent moderation, and my comments were never released from moderation). Others had reasons to question his honesty. They broke away and started a new blog called “Honey Trail”, and one of the pages was devoted to their case against Kevin. Months later, some severe infighting broke out amongst the admins, and one of them deleted Honey Trail. Someone later tried to salvage what they could from cached versions of pages, and that archive can be found here at the Honey Trail Redux:, and the Case Against Kevin DuJan can be found here:

    After the blow-up at Honey Trail, two separate blogs started from former Honey Trail (and likewise former Hillbuzz) bloggers:
    1) Polination
    2) The Last Refuge / The Conservative Treehouse

    I had been one of the admins at Honey Trail, but I was out of town and offline the weekend that it blew up. After the blow up, I received an invitation to join the conservative treehouse, and became an admin there. Months later I found some old friends at Polination, and I had no issues with remaining friends with people on both sides of the split.

    Then, in May of this year, one of the admins at the conservative treehouse decided to unpublish (return to draft) a post that I wrote there, and to remove my admin privileges. She did this without telling me or anyone else, and when asked about it, she lied and claimed that she had not done it. It was a crazy situation, but after almost a month of my trying to get it resolved, the lead admin there started acting like Kevin. I won’t go into the details here, but if you really want to know, I’ll give you the password to the “For Treepers” post.

    In the aftermath of me and 3 of my friends being banned from the Treehouse, I started up a new blog for them, representing our priorities: For God, Family, and Country After starting that blog, 2 more of my Treehouse friends were banned from the Treehouse and can now be found at 4GFC.

    At this point, if you are looking for people that you used to see at Hillbuzz years ago, try looking at:

    And if you are looking for people that you used to see at TexasDarlin’s years ago, try looking at:

    Miss Tickly deleted her original blog, but has a new blog here:

    And finally, you may also recognize Ladysforest at her blog here:

  7. I knew things were wacky in blog world…but not this wacky. Sorry you’ve had your troubles, RP.

    “Hillbuzz seems to have gone through at least two times when groups broke away.”

    It was right after the USO incident that I started commenting there…I didn’t understand what was going on then. but I do now. I remember Chrissy…she left about that time and started Polination. Do you remember Beth ? Think she started her own blog, too.
    My main attraction to HB was learning background info (dirt) about Barry and friends….and I liked the other posters there…Kevin had good days and bad days….seemed stressed out at times…and could be moody….I mainly concentrated on what we were finding and putting it all together. The only contribution I made was my time.

    Again, always good to talk to you, thanks for the updates, I’ll check them out.

  8. Aussie says:

    patti I am another long time poster at Hillbuzz but do very little of that at the moment. Kevin has not been around for several months.

    The Tamminator and a few others are keeping the blog going.

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