Rex Nutting Can’t Handle the Truth

In a previous post, Rex Nutting and the Obama Lie,
I pointed out the dishonesty of Rex Nutting’s post:

Obama spending binge never happened
Commentary: Government outlays rising at slowest pace since 1950s

But the story doesn’t end there…  I’ve now caught Rex (or someone at MarketWatch with the ability to do so) deleting my comments which exposed the “Inconvenient Truth”, including the fact that spending during the Obama administration, as a % of GDP, is higher than any time since the end of World War II.

I have caught Rex and/or MarketWatch, in the act of deleting comments to cover up the truth

Over the course of several days, I left numerous comments on Rex’s post, some directly addressing him. It seems that Rex can’t handle the truth, so rather than replying to my comments, HE DELETED THEM.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Those who can’t handle the truth,
try to silence those who speak it.

Rex, or someone at MarketWatch with the ability to do so, chose to delete each and every one of my comments, and remove my ability to add new comments under that ID. I had to create a new id, using a different email account, to create a new comment:

Those who can’t handle the truth,
try to silence those who speak it.

Apparently, Rex can’t handle the truth, so he deleted all of my comments. He may be able to silence me here, but he can’t silence me elsewhere.

The fact remains that the Obama administration, from FY 2009 to 2012, has spent an AVERAGE of 24.4% of the GDP each and every year, and that is UNPRECEDENTED since the end of World War II.

I doubt this comment will last long… soon to be scrubbed, I’m sure, in true Orwellian fashion.

I immediately took a screenshot:

Do you want to know how long that comment lasted? Less than 15 minutes! But as soon as I discovered that it had been deleted (just as I predicted that it would), I followed up with another comment:

Poof! Gone already! But I caught a screen shot before you deleted my comment. I’ll be blogging that soon…

So far, that comment has lasted 40 minutes, and picked up 1 vote of approval (from someone else who is still monitoring Rex’s post 8 days after it was published).

Let’s see what happens after I publish this post to my blog, then put a link to this post in a comment on Rex’s post… Will that comment be allowed to stand, or will it, too be scrubbed?

And now, those comments have been deleted, too!

Note the comment

2:59 p.m. 1 3 DeadLanguageof… @redpill24%?! Hahaha. At least be…

That comment was left in reference to me, but if you try to click on the link for that comment, it won’t be found… why not? Because even though DeadLanguageofLove’s comment wasn’t deleted, it was made in reference to my comment (which was deleted), so it no longer appears in the flow of comments on the main post.

And Rex didn’t just delete my comments, he banned me from commenting:

As I said earlier, Rex may be able to silence me at Market Watch, but he can’t silence me elsewhere. And I will not remain silent about his lies and his deletion of comments that reveal the truth.

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9 Responses to Rex Nutting Can’t Handle the Truth

  1. Hey Rex,
    You Can’t Handle The Truth!

  2. Bridgette says:

    The video is a perfect ending to your article. Personally I didn’t recognize the guy’s name that you were referring to, but I recognized his face. Nice screen capture of his deleting comments that don’t agree with his meme. You were making him think to much and he would have to defend himself and he didn’t want to do that. Another quasi economist that can’t admit he doesn’t know all – he is supposed to be some sort of guru isn’t he?

  3. Bridgette,
    Thank you for your comment. I don’t consider Rex Nutting a guru, I consider him a JournOlist doing the bidding of the Obama campaign, and usurping the credibility of the Wall Street Journal brand in an attempt to make lies (blaming Bush for Pelosi-Reid-Obama FY 2009 spending, then using that as a baseline to claim that Pelosi-Reid-Obama did not increase spending much in FY 2010-12) appear to be the truth.

    And O‘Bam’a is the Bamboozler in Chief!

  4. Rex Nutting replied to the following Jason Furman tweet, and then I replied to Rex’s reply.
    Rex has apparently since deleted his tweet, making it appear that my reply was to Jason Furman directly, while addressing Rex:

  5. Rex then claimed that he never deleted my comments nor banned me:

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