An Easter Proclamation for a Day of Fasting and Prayer


State of Connecticut


A Proclamation

THE past year has witnessed many trials and tribulations among our people. Actual want and suffering have been abroad in our country. May it please God, the Author of all Good, that the day is near when “sorrow and sighing shall flee away” and “the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose.” Easter approaches with its lesson that matter, mute and inanimate, has a constant rebirth; that resurrection follows death.

The spiritual transcends the material. That there may be a quickening realization in the chastened consciences of mankind that the beginning and the end of wisdom is to deal justly with our fellows and walk humbly with our God, I designate Friday, the third day of April next, as a day of Fasting and Prayer and I call upon the people of this State to fittingly observe the solemn significance of the day and learn anew the lesson that in sacrifice and suffering and struggle is the glorious hope of a Better Day.

Given under my hand and seal of the State at the Capitol, in Hartford, this nineteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-one and of the independence of the United States the one hundred and fifty-fifth.


{Begin handwritten}Wilbur L. Cross{End handwritten}

By His Excellency’s Command: {Begin handwritten}William L. Higgins{End handwritten} Secretary.

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One Response to An Easter Proclamation for a Day of Fasting and Prayer

  1. Tojo says:

    The godless social engineering architects would purge the normal culture of our nation’s history from our collective memory until any such references were dusty words, evidence of a people primitively preoccupied with beliefs quaint and superstitious at best, veering perilously close to dangerously fanatical.

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