Burning Bibles vs. Burning Korans

Burning Bibles?
Approved and performed by the U.S. Military.

Burning a single Koran?
Condemned, and used as a pretext to limit 1st Amendment rights, by United States Senator Lindsey Graham.

Those who can’t handle the truth,
try to silence those who speak it.

Ann Barnhardt boldly and courageously speaks the truth to Lindsey Graham and about what’s really in the Koran. And then she exercises her 1st Amendment rights in a way that Lindsey Graham would like to make illegal.

Here are two must-see, “burning hot” videos done by Ann Barnhardt in response to Lindsey Graham:

Part 1

Part 2


And here is a transcript of an interview with Ann:

iOwnTheWorld Interview – Ann Barnhardt


And here is The Andrea Shea King Show – Ann Barnhardt

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6 Responses to Burning Bibles vs. Burning Korans

  1. skeeter,
    Thank you very much for that link.

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