May I fire an employee who fails to produce the required documents?

The I-9 Form refers to the M-274 Handbook. Here is one of the Q&A’s:

4. Q. May I fire an employee who fails to produce the required documents within three business days of his or her start date?

A. Yes. You may terminate an employee who fails to produce the required document or documents, or an acceptable receipt for a document, within three business days of the date employment begins.

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10 Responses to May I fire an employee who fails to produce the required documents?

  1. WeeWeed says:

    Speaking of documents, dear redpill, HT needs some of your opinion tonight. We’ve been going back and forth with (Sunday, I think) and now here we are just trying to catch up with probably only the first week of your study on the subject. We are ignorant and it is one of your fortes! YoMotley is screamin’ for ya, son! Talk to you later. :)

  2. I’m extremely busy right now, with very limited time to spend blogging.

    WeeWeed, thank you for coming looking for me, but unfortunately I don’t have time right now to contribute at HoneyTrail. HT folks are welcome to read anything and everything I have written over the last nearly three years in the Presidential Eligibility category:

    Obama “talks the talk” about transparency, but he doesn’t “walk the walk”.

  3. violet says:

    Thanks, redpill. We miss you at HT, but we understand busyness. Hope that when your life gets less frenzied you’ll join us again.

  4. Thank you for your kind words, violet. I actually have taken some time and just added some thoughts to that HT thred.

  5. I’m not fan of Aaron Burr, (he shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in their famous 1804 duel), but I find this fascinating:

    “[The Senate] is a sanctuary; a citadel of law, of order, and of liberty; and it is here – it is here, in this exalted refuge; here, if anywhere, will resistance be made to the storms of political phrensy and the silent arts of corruption; and if the Constitution be destined ever to perish by the sacrilegious hands of the demagogue or the usurper, which God avert, its expiring agonies will be witnesses on this floor.”

    -Vice President Aaron Burr, Farewell Speech, March 2, 1805.

    More here.

  6. WeeWeed says:

    I know you’re getting VERY tired of me….sigh. We seem to have moved!

    I will do my best not to harass you further! :)

  7. WeeWeed,

    Thank you for your comment. You’re not harassing me at all! And I am certainly not getting tired of you. I appreciate your keeping me informed, and please feel free to come and “ping” me if I’ve been away for a long time and people are asking for me.

    Thanks again,
    Red Pill

  8. KJ says:

    Red Pill,

    Did you see on The Birther Report that a citizen did an e-verify on Mr. Obama with the result that his data do not match his SSN?

    Have you ever tried to e-verify Mr. Obama’s status?

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