Worse Than Watergate

Worse than Watergate… in two ways…

I covered one of the two last year.

Here’s the other…

Who could have suspected that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi would spark a national rejection of their party that outdid Watergate?

Richard Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974, and three months later, Democrats flipped:

3 seats in the US Senate
49 seats in the US House
628 seats in state legislatures

In the wake of Porkulus and Obamacare, Republicans flipped:

6 seats in the US Senate
63 seats in the US House
680 seats in state legislatures

As Ed Morrissey posted at 2:55 pm on November 4, 2010:

Obama has been called Nixonian before, but never in this context. When he charged to victory in 2008, Democrats thought they had unlocked the secret of marrying a progressive to the broad center of American politics. Instead, his radical agenda has alienated the center and leaves Democrats with a sharply reduced national base for their future.

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8 Responses to Worse Than Watergate

  1. TracMick says:

    He thinks he just didn’t make his message easy enough that us dumb bunny Americans could “get it” because he was so busy doing stuff. Like they ever cared whether we got it or not? seems to me they were going to cram it down our throats one way or another.

    HUH! I wonder if the numbers you quote in this post got OUR message across? Just think what those 680 seats in the state houses will mean a few months from now. I think deep down inside Obama/Pelosi/Reid know, but they still don’t care, because no matter what they have done their destroy America work.

  2. While the last video might make you laugh, the next one won’t.
    This is serious business…

  3. Speaking of “Worse Than Watergate”…

    A new report from the Inspector General probing the White House response accuses the administration of rewriting key sections of the report in order to falsely give the impression that…

  4. Worse than Watergate, indeed…

    it could be the biggest political fraud in the history of the world… The first step toward resolving the issue is full discovery and disclosure of the facts.

  5. As to Dr. Fukino’s first News Release….

    So, now we have our answer. We know whether or not “Date Filed by Registrar” matters. It matters. A lot. Because Dr. Fukino said that the “original birth certificate” was in the “Registrar’s” custody. It was still in the procedural stage. And because someone other than the Hawaii State Registrar was custodian of Obama’s original birth certificate on October 31, 2008, we know that Obama did not have a valid original birth certificate and he possibly had an application for a ‘Late Birth Certificate’ on file that was pending acceptance by the State Registrar….

    And if it was not in the State Registrar’s custody and under his authority, then his “original birth certificate” was not evidence to “date and place of birth and parentage.”

  6. Bogus Obama document ‘bigger than Watergate’

    ‘Not just a crime of some plumbers breaking into an opponent’s office’

    Posted: June 30, 2011

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