Election Day 2010

They didn’t listen to our protests against TARP, and many lost their seats. (Many voters foolishly believed the Democrats’ promises of fiscal responsibility, but have now seen what “progressives” truly do).

They didn’t listen to our protests against Porkulus.

They didn’t listen to our protests against Government Health Care.

They didn’t listen to our protests as they passed a 900+ page bill, that none of them had read, through the Senate on Christmas Eve.

They didn’t listen when the election of Republican Scott Brown, to fill the seat occupied for over 4 decades by Democrat Teddy Kennedy (champion of Government Health Care, no less!), sent a shot heard round the world.

They didn’t listen to our protests against using reconcilliation as part of their manuevering to avoid a filibuster and pass the “fixes” that the House required in order to obtain their passage of the Senate bill.

Heck, they didn’t listen to the protests from Senate President Pro Tempore Democrat Robert Byrd, from decades earlier, against using reconcilliation in a manner in which it was NEVER, NEVER, NEVER intended – to pass massive health care legislation.

They didn’t listen.

They didn’t listen.

They didn’t listen.

Can you hear us now???!!!???!!!

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18 Responses to Election Day 2010

  1. “You Have Awakened A Sleeping Giant”

  2. Today, we shut them down. Because we can.

    We are the greatest country in the world. We were born to be free.

    This is our time. Their time is done. It’s OVER.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great plan the Soviets/”Progressives” have. Screw ’em! This is OUR TIME!

  3. Forget comparing this election to 1994.

    Before the night is done, they will be comparing it to 1894…

    The fragmented and disoriented Democratic Party was crushed… losing more than half its seats to the Republican Party…

    The Democrats lost 125 seats in the election while the Republicans gained 130 seats. This makes the 1894 election the largest midterm election victory in the entire history of the United States.

  4. Democrats… Don’t Fear The Reaper… Fear the People!!!

  5. We know who was trying to keep the car on the road, and who really drove the car in the ditch.

  6. Click image to read related story.

  7. And now, as much as Obama doesn’t want to give us the keys back, we are taking the keys back!

  8. Big wins tonight are something to be very thankful for, but not something to excessively celebrate over. This is not the time to party. This is the time to get to work stopping any more damage from being done to our Republic, and if possible, start repairing the damage that has already been done.

    2009 & 2010 have been like “Thelma & Louise”, except instead of Thelma & Louise it’s “Obama, Pelosi, and Reid”. They’ve been driving us toward a cliff at top speed. There’s a point in the movie where Susan Sarandon’s character momentarily places her left foot above the brake pedal…

    …but instead of pushing the brake, she floors the accelerator…

    This election is about slamming our foot down on the brake!

    Maybe even putting the car in reverse and repealing Obamacare, if enough Democrats join us to override Obama’s veto.

    The next election will be about actually turning the car around and driving full speed AWAY from the cliff.

    We can’t keep going the way of “Obama, Pelosi, and Reid”,
    a.k.a. the way of “Thelma & Louise”,
    unless we want to end up like them…

  9. What do we call an election that surpasses 1994 and falls short of 1894 for Republicans? Probation. John Boehner struck the right chord in his victory speech last night in acknowledging that the GOP shouldn’t celebrate because of the bleak environment, but also because the GOP hasn’t yet earned trust after its spending and government-expanding binge from 2001-6. Voters recognized an unvarnished truth in the midterm elections last night, which is that while Republicans did a poor job in that period, Democrats turned out to be much, much worse.

  10. Aaron says:

    They latched onto and overused the “tea-bagger” slur…that means they were tea-bagged.

  11. Video: Democrats insist “nothing wrong” at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in 2004
    posted at 9:50 am on September 29, 2008 by Ed Morrissey

    Ed comments on that same video…

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