Inherited? No, Instigated!

See the video in the first comment below (Hat Tip: Obamateurism of the Day by Ed Morrissey).

Obama has claimed on mulitiple occasions that he “inherited” a big deficit. He is constantly looking to blame President Bush with statements like:

“When I arrived in the White House, I had a $1.3 trillion deficit, wrapped in a bow waiting for me…”

But what Obama fails to mention is his direct participation in budgets while he was a U.S. Senator from January 2005 until he arrived in the White House, and Obama fails to mention that over 25% of that $1.3 trillion deficit, was “waiting for” him precisely because HE ASKED FOR IT!

“I felt that it would be irresponsible for me, with the first $350 billion already spent, to enter into the administration without any potential ammunition should there be some sort of emergency or weakening of the financial system.”

– Barack Hussein Obama II
January 13, 2009
U.S. Seeks Rest of Bailout Cash

I wrote about this previously in the post “Irresponsible”.

The point is that $350 billion of that $1.3 trillion deficit, was “waiting for ” him precisely because HE ASKED FOR IT!. Obama wanted Bush to take the blame for it, but Obama got to spend the money.

President George W. Bush, always the gentleman, did what Barack Hussein Obama asked him to do.

But Barack doesn’t want you to remember that.  Barack wants you to think that all Bush gave him was a $1.3 trillion deficit.  Barack doesn’t want you to know that Bush gave him nice present of $350 billion in TARP cash to spend. 

You’d think that Barack would say, “Thank you”.

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3 Responses to Inherited? No, Instigated!

  1. skeeter says:

    How much of the tarp and other stimulus $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ would you suppose Obama has salted away ready to release about 3-4 months before the 2012 election? To show how well the Obama economy is doing. I really can’t see Obama or any other south side Chicago hustler ogling that much money and not be thinking how he can own some of it.

  2. I have thought from the very beginning that the “stimulus” was a patronage system for far-left organizations, and that yes, this money would be used to try to influence elections in favor of Democrat[ic Socialist]s

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