The Only Group That’s Grown is “Strongly Disapprove”

The Only Group That’s Grown is “Strongly Disapprove”…
and that has more than tripled!

Matched Low, not Record Low, but still...

Source of Data: RasmussenReports

Source of Graphic: Hillbuzz

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16 Responses to The Only Group That’s Grown is “Strongly Disapprove”

  1. Using a “minimum movement” assumption…

    All of the people who only somewhat “disapprove”d of Obama at his inauguration now “Strongly Disapprove”.

    All of the people who had no opinion of Obama at his inauguration now “Strongly Disapprove”.

    More than Half (11 out of 21) of the people who somewhat “approve”d of Obama at his inauguration now “Strongly Disapprove”.

    Heckuva Job, Barry!

  2. Classic Ronald Reagan vs. Present-Day Democrats

  3. Kathy says:

    Since its inception one year ago, The Post & Email has worked around the clock to uncover the truth about the origins of Barack Hussein Obama. Because of his claim of being born in Hawaii after many African newspapers had stated that he was born in Kenya or Tanzania, and because his place of birth is one important factor as to whether or not he is eligible to hold the office of president, we have sought the truth from the Hawaii Department of Health, which has obfuscated, delayed, and failed to even respond to legitimate requests for information for the last 18 months, whether the requests were in regard to Obama or simply general procedural questions. Through donations to our Legal Fund, we have uncovered the fact that Department of Health employees were “checking out” requesters on the internet before providing responses to their requests. The federal government has recently been outed by the Associated Press as having committed the same egregious violation of requesters’ civil rights.

    Much research has been compiled, and a report will be released shortly on our discoveries. However, there is one more step to the investigation, the results of which will aid us in finding the final answer as to whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii as well as whether or not crimes have been committed by public officials there, possibly including the governor and Health Department director. There is also the question of how much the members of the Hawaii legislature knew as well as Hawaii elections officials, as reported by Mr. Tim Adams, who had been employed in the Elections Office during the 2008 campaign.

    To finish this investigation, The Post & Email needs to raise $800. As a donor to the Legal Fund, you will receive pre-release information in the form of a newsletter before the news is published on the website. We appreciate all of the funding we have received to date, much of which went to purchase UIPA requests which led to the above revelation of citizens’ backgrounds being checked by DOH staff.

    Thank you for your continued support for our work.

    Sharon Rondeau
    The Post & Email, Inc.

  4. Aaron says:

    This proves that the left will stop at nothing in pursuit of power, check out this effort by the Daily Kos.


    Welcome to the Daily Kos action email list. You received this email either because you are a registered member of the Daily Kos community, or because you donated to a Daily Kos operated Act Blue page. To unsubscribe from this list, click here.

    Today we’re launching a campaign to end the filibuster. Join this campaign by clicking the link below and signing the petition that appears:

    Ending the filibuster starts here!

    Here’s how signing the petition makes a difference.

    We’ll deliver the petition to every Democratic nominee for Senate and every returning Democratic Senator. When we do, we’ll get them on record about whether they agree that the rules of the Senate can, and should, be changed with a simple majority vote on the first day of Congress next year.

    Once 51 returning and potential Senators have come out in support, we’ll have proven that changing Senate rules is possible with a simple majority vote.

    Sign the petition, prove change is possible!

    Entrenched power players like Joe Lieberman, Max Baucus, Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu have all depended on the filibuster to enable Republican obstructionism and water down progressive legislation. Corporate interests have used it to protect themselves by purchasing a few small state Senators on the cheap.

    There’s no bigger decision Senate Democrats will make next year. The Senate is where good legislation goes to die. Democrats can either change a system that allows a tiny unaccountable minority to thwart the will of the country, or they can continue being part of the problem.

    Sign the petition, join the campaign!
    Let’s get started,
    Markos Moulitsas
    Founder, Daily Kos

    They’re actually serious about their effort to do that, too.

  5. Aaron says:

    That was an email sent to one of my web accounts direct from the Daily Kos where I keep a mole account.

  6. If things keep going the way they are going, the Republicans will be in the majority in BOTH houses of Congress come January 2011, and the Democrats will be defending the filibuster.

  7. Good for you, Aaron. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  8. Make Mine Freedom (1948)

  9. Aaron says:

    Can we get a sample of poll ratings for Bush from Inauguration Day to Mid August, 2002 for comparison?

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