“Progressives”, Fear, and Palin

Washington Post front-page story from Wednesday, September 29, 2004:

The Politics of Fear
Kerry Adopts Bush Strategy of Stressing Dangers

By Jim VandeHei and Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, September 29, 2004; Page A01

With voters expressing anxiety about Iraq, nuclear attacks and the threat of terrorism in the first presidential election since Sept. 11, 2001, John F. Kerry and his supporters are adopting President Bush’s strategy of playing on the public’s security fears and sometimes using incendiary charges to stoke them.

Kerry, the Democratic National Committee and party officials have warned voters in recent weeks, sometimes without evidence, that a second Bush term could lead to greater casualties and another Vietnam in Iraq, a military draft, a secret call-up of reservists and even a nuclear attack on U.S. soil. They are also suggesting Osama bin Laden could remain a haunting and elusive threat unless the Democratic presidential nominee takes charge.

Remember how “Progressives” continually said that “Fear-mongering” and “the politics of fear” was a “Bush strategy”, and that when Democrats played on the public’s fears and used incendiary charges to stoke them, that was merely their “adopting President Bush’s strategy”?

Remember how they warned us, without evidence, that a second Bush term “could lead to greater casualties and another Vietnam in Iraq, a military draft, a secret call-up of reservists and even a nuclear attack on U.S. soil”? Well, none of that happened.

And remember how they suggested “Osama bin Laden could remain a haunting and elusive threat unless the Democratic presidential nominee takes charge”? Well, a year and a half into a Democratic Presidential administration and majority Democratic Congress, Osama bin Laden remains a haunting and elusive threat.

Where’s the HOPE we were promised?

Where’s the CHANGE we were promised?

Sorry, “Progressives” are still practicing the politics of fear.

And their biggest fear is summarized by Chris Matthews in three words:

“…the three scariest words in the English language: President Sarah Palin”


UPDATE: Governor Palin gives President Obama a birthday spanking!

Read it on Facebook or at The PaliNation.


UPDATE: Hit ’em again, Sarah!

I agree that we must Fact-Check the “Fact-Checkers”!

Fact Checking Annenberg Political Fact Check

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8 Responses to “Progressives”, Fear, and Palin

  1. Aaron says:

    The lefties are and have always been the masters fear-mongering politics. It is what they used to stay in congressional power through the ’70s and ’80s.

    They constantly scared elderly voting blocs with, “The Republicans are going to take away your [X]!!!” Usually they used Soc Sec, but often they would use Medicare or some other entitlement scam.

    One of the sharpest differences between the left and the right is financial responsibility. The left-wing has spent and committed our future generations to spending trillions in wealth and so far they have nothing to show for it except a voting bloc of parasites who demand more government hand-outs.

    When called out for their irresponsibility, lefties want to bring up Reagan’s spending and Bush’s spending, but unlike the lefties, Reagan and Bush’s spending had a real purpose. Reagan’s defense spending is what defeated the Soviet Union, ending the threat of a third world war and saving millions of lives without firing a shot. The lefties want to blame Bush for the deficit spending he did, but they conveniently forget about that little incident in New York City in 2001 that brought about the overwhelming majority of it.

    Yes, there was the prescription drugs garbage he fought for and signed into law in 2004, but that just goes to show that Bush had some left-wing influence in his agenda.

    Finally, with the deficit spending that the lefties want to tie to the president, it was actually Congress that wrote those budgets. The left-wingers controlled Congress up until 1994 and got it back in 2007. From 1995 to 2006, the Reps were in power and it was during that period that we saw the only budget surpluses in the last 40 years.

    That should make it clear as to who acts more responsibly with taxpayer funds.

  2. Good comment, Aaron.

    I was against the prescription drugs garbage, too, but Bush was being good for his word and fulfilling a campaign promise that he had made in 2000 while running against Gore. The nonsense started with Gore, and Bush may not have won the 2000 election if he had not made a similar promise. But, unlike other politicians who say one thing to get elected and then do the opposite once elected, Bush is actually a man of his word and did what he said he was going to do.

    I still don’t like the program, but I respect him for being a man of his word.

  3. Yesterday, Sarah Palin spoke truth to power on Barry’s alleged birthday.

    Today, The Cat in the Hat Sounds Off on Obamunism

  4. ladysforest says:

    Love The Cat in the Hat!

    I get the distinct impression that were Sarah Palin to become President, Chrissy M. would positively implode.

  5. John F Kennedy had Marilyn Monroe serenade him on his Birthday.

    Barack H Obama had Sarah Palin back-hand him on his Birthday.

    I love progress.

    portlandon on August 5, 2010 at 1:45 PM

  6. PolitiFact’s Fixers
    By Matthew Vadum on 5.28.09 @ 6:07AM

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