The Borders Would Be Secure By Now…

… if Mike Huckabee had become President.

1. Build the Fence

Ensure that an interlocking surveillance camera system is installed along the border by July 1, 2010.
Ensure that the border fence construction is completed by July 1, 2010.

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15 Responses to The Borders Would Be Secure By Now…

  1. Aaron says:

    Though I was supportive of Huck during the primaries, I doubt that even he could have done it, especially with congress stacked the way it is. No doubt he would have put serious effort into border security, but I think political opposition would have prevented him from being much more successful in it. The security numbers might be better, (more BP agents and NG troops) but aside from that, the situation would be about the same under him as it is under Obama’s half-assed and mostly begrudging “efforts”.

  2. Perhaps you’re right, Aaron.

    And perhaps with a Republican Congress, President Huckabee could have the fence built by July 1, 2014. It’s just sad that we’ll have to wait four more years.

  3. skeeter says:

    As long as politicians think in terms of votes instead of national security this border problem will persist. Obama says “The borders are so vast they cannot be secured [without comprehensive immigration reform].” The Chinese had a different idea when they began to build the Great Wall (over a period of several centuries and nearly 6,000 miles [of wall], but they figured they had to start somewhere at sometime). We have to start somewhere at sometime and Arizona seems to be as good a place as any.

    The way I look at it, since the Mexicans want to come here to work, give the illegals jobs building a Great Wall or a Great Fence, and they can fence themselves out in a very short time. Seeing as how the number being floated is anywhere from 12,000,000 to 35,000,000 illegals in the USA at the present time. Just think of the jobs Obama could boast of creating by hiring 23,000,000 (average) (twenty three million) illegals to build a Great Fence on the South-South/West Border.

    The Dems are not interested in secure borders, they are interested in securing votes. But will we have to wait four more years to begin the fence? ABC, the National TV Network, showed a poll on the most liked and the least liked US presidents day before yesterday (July 1st, 2010). The four most “adored” presidents were (1) F.D Roosevelt, (2)Teddy Roosevelt, (3) Abraham Lincoln, and (4) George Washington:In that order. In the LEAST MOST LIKED WERE (15) Barack Obama, and (39) G.W. Bush:In that order. I don’t remember who the most disliked prez is but that is because I was interested in someone I love to dislike, B.H.O.

    Seeing as how that was ABC quoting the poll, it would not surprise me if that #15 spot dislike for Obama was in reallity #1. And if it happens to be ABC’s poll, then I am almost assured the number one disliked president would be Obama. But per the wall, AHEM, cough cough, fence, to cut cost, we could always take all the old land mines that are still being found from previous wars, beginning with WWII to the present day and use the South-South West border of the USA as a disposal ground for all the the old unexploded ordinances, from the Gulf of Mexico south of Brownsville Tx to the Pacific Ocean on our West Coast in Swartzhogs Caleeforneea.

    God Bless America, and build US a Wall, or at least a fence. They (whoever they are) say talk is cheap. But I say silence is deadly.

  4. ladysforest says:

    How evilllll, to use the undocumented workers to build the wall.

    I LIKE IT !!!!!!

  5. Elogios says:

    So easy to say “let the mexicans build it” all of corp America is still in an apologetic state with the “Negro Americans” they needed some other “colored” race to ride the sweat of. It took a recession’s lack of job opportunities to show us who is really doing all the work. Guess it’s not a global territory situation, it’s a time situation. I mean, settlers was the old term and now it’s illegal immigrants. Call a European descendant that and you might seem delusional.

  6. ladysforest says:

    My father was a legal immigrant, and boy did he have a horrible time of it for the first few years. He had no idea when he escaped Hungary that he would be going to America, and would have had no opportunity to learn English before leaving anyway.

    Heck the schools didn’t even have MAPS.

    So when he landed in America he only spoke four or five words of English, which he learned on the boat. He and his friend were treated like slaves-sent to a farmer to work. They were given almost no food and had to sleep on the floor. They moved along out of that as fast as they could, but until they learned to speak more English they were treated miserably.

    Learning English was the key for them, and they both refused to speak their mother language after. They always said, I’m an American now, I speak American! They were PROUD to be American. Even when they eventually found a small supportive Hungarian community in what is my home town, that community helped each other Americanize to have better lives IN THEIR NEW COUNTRY. They didn’t create a micro-culture to avoid assimilating.

    Why do these ILLEGALS carry the Mexican flag and refuse to assimilate? Why come here if everything they love is back there? If they have such intense devotion to their mother land they should work and sacrifice for their beloved Mexico, not come into other countries illegally and steal social services and jobs. What a twisted sense of entitlement they possess.

    Happy Independence Day everyone.

  7. skeeter says:

    Let AZTLAN build it [the WALL]. Does that sound better? I don’t really see anyone apologizing for anything with the exception of Obama. Hey! Glad to see you still think in terms of RACE. La Razza? Lot of people would say you are using a derogatory term to describe “variation(s)” when you speak of “race” or “the race”.

    Settlers generally referrs to persons who decides or settles things or someone who occupies a new region. Our European ancestors came here and decided to stay, settle, and occupy this place, called America today. They CREATED jobs and wealth through industry and food production great living conditions and standards. Was Christopher Columbus European? I know he was Jewish by blood? Whatever, but we are here to stay and the illegals are more than just trespassers. They not only rob the American social programs but they also rob Americans of natural resources. 12,000,000 to 35,000,000 illegals is quite a significant drain and strain on everything from schools to health (care) to fuel and water not to even mention jobs. America and Israel are in the same boat when it comes to illegals trying to occupy our countries and Obama is hellbent on aiding and abetting the invaders of both nations.

    Would you want uninvited guests trespassing all over your yard and/or inside your house making themselves at home at your expense? I doubt it. Trespassing is illegal and illegal aliens are more than just trespassers. We need a WALL and a fence at our southwestern American border.

  8. skeeter says:

    My Grandparents and other relatives were also LEGAL immigrants, from Ireland. They mostly worked in the coal mines. I was fortunate enough to not have worked underground because my parents (both Irish) migrated south in America. I wound up with a better position in life as a child–I worked in the cotton fields pulling cotton!! LOL! I worked alongside the Negroe and the Mexican cotton pickers. We were all Americans. There was not an Irish American, African American, nor Latin American among us in the cotton fields or in town. We were all American cotton pickers. This was before there was cotton pulling machines. When we went to the movies or ballgames on the weekends we all stood, placed our hands over our hearts, and sang to the music of God Bless America. Life in the small farm towns were quite different than that of the larger cities, from what we heard. I once lived with a Bohemian family (cotton farmers) outside a Bohemian community called El Campo (Spanish name) in Texas.

    I have been to Old Mexico quite a number of times but never to try and get something for nothing nor to protest their laws, and I knew that if I traveled past the limit of miles allowed to tourists without proper papers and documentation I would be locked up and made to pay a fine. Simply because I was in their country ILLEGALLY, I was unauthorized to travel past, I believe 12 miles into the interior. However, I have traveled into that country several hundred miles on fishing trips but with proper authorization. Today I would not go within 100 miles of the Mexican border because it isn’t safe. Today many people, living in states bordering Mexico, no longer call Mexico “Our Neighbor to the South”.

  9. Aaron says:

    Why must we continue to suffer PC new-speak terminology like “undocumented workers” or “undocumented immigrants”? People who enter another country illegally are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Is there something that the left-wingers just don’t understand about ILLEGAL? They froth at the mouth over the idea of prosecuting Bush for their made up war-crime charges, yet they won’t prosecute immigration criminals?

    Everyone needs to realize that illegal aliens are CRIMINALS!

    Also Elogios, can you do anything better than play the race-card? Or would “la carta de la raza” be a better suited for you?

  10. Elogios says:

    Legal immigrant. Lol. So what did they do, get papers first and then come over or JUST come over and work for the right to be American? Now I did refer to ‘time’ (I don’t mean the past 50 years). I’m saying, the ‘pioneers’ (even though half of our southern and western states were Mexico first) settled in this country with out papers but were allowed the opportunity to work for citizenship. Btw great wall of china? Lol. Very dark age. What happen to… “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  11. skeeter says:

    Elogios: “Time”? Time was much of what is now known as the southwestern USA and Mexico was occupied off and on by squatters and headhunters. The pioneers came. They “settled” and built homes, schools, churches, industry, cities, government, CIVILIZATION. This was all before the introduction of food stamps. Mexico could not defend the territory it claimed and begged the pioneers to “settle” in Texas. The Texans wanted independence from Mexico and worked toward that goal. “Remember the Alamo”? The Great Southwest is not about to revert back to the days when nomadic headhunters and scalpers ruled.

    Ever hear or read about the Gadsden Purchase? I didn’t think so. One Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the same general who murdered the “settlers” that defended the Alamo, eventually became the dictator of Mexico in 1833. In 1853 president/dictator Santa Anna sold the entire southern border of what is now called Arizona to the Unites States of America. Santa Anna also sold about half of what is now the southern border of New Mexico to the United States of America. Santa Anna lost the territory of Texas because he could not defend something Mexico never owned to begin with. That leaves only one possible entrance from Mexico to America at the southern tip of California. There is a huge US Marine Corps Recruit Depot there and another huge Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton. Now what part of the southwestern United States do you think ATZLAN is entitled to?

    Logic tells us we do not own what we can not defend. The Mescalero Apache ruled in southern Arizona and New Mexico. They were not like the Aztec of Mexico who bought children from their parents for human sacrifices. The Apache were known as “men among men” as warriors. Santa Anna could not defend against them, he was happy to SELL that property. Same with the Commanche that crisscrossed Texas, Santa Anna could not defend against them. Sanata Anna had a difficult time defeating the handful of Texans at the Alamo. The rest you can discuss with the US Marines in southern California.

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    You want to replace that with what? Give me your drug dealers, your dead beats, your criminals, those who would come here illegally instead of through our legal immigration channels. Those who have no respect for our Law(s)? No thank you. We own our nation because we have up to now been able to defend our borders and we will again as soon as this socialist government is voted out.

  12. Aaron says:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    That was a challenge and gesture of defiance in the face of arrogant, 19th century Eurpoean powers whose anti-Americanism was just as fervent then as it is now.

    Also, how dare you compare the pioneers of the 19th century to illegal aliens of today. Have you forgotten that there wasn’t an established nation then? There was no national border or territory those pioneers were invading. Illegal aliens are invading through all different means and it is a problem that must be stopped. Also, those pioneers were already citizens of the US when they struck out on their journeys.

    Yeah, much of our southwestern territory did belong to Mexico at one time. However, they lost that land when they signed the treaty ending the Mexican-American War. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it, the only fact of importance is that they willingly agreed to surrender that territory per the terms of that treaty.

    Two years ago, the left-wingers were comparing illegal immigration to slavery, now it’s pioneering? Elogios, what are you going to compare illegal aliens to next, soldiers or NASCAR drivers? The latter seems almost approriate considering your constant use of the “race-card.”

  13. arkadelos says:

    Hi, I really wanted to share this article and bring it to your attention…

  14. arkadelos,

    Thank you for your comment and sharing that link. Women are standing strong, and men should, too.

    How can it be that Islam has become such an intimidating religion that men cower away? And I address “men” because I have found more often that women are taking a stand and condemning this modern-day totalitarian, imperialistic radical ideology mired in antiquated 7th century concepts.

    Islam as a religion elevates and follows a man who was nothing more than a psychopath, murderous warlord, and by modern-day standards a sexual deviant and pedophile. Islam as a political entity is based upon complete submission and seeks only to subjugate and suppress every freedom we cherish in western civilization. Until Islam undergoes a reformative process bringing it into alignment with the rest of the world, then I shall reject it, and stand against it. The converse I find reprehensible; to convert, be subjugated, or die, which are the Koranic options given to me, a non-Muslim.

    I will gladly peacefully coexist with Islam. Can the same be said in reverse? And do not tell me about the Koranic verse stating, “there is no compulsion in religion,” because I understand the theory of naskh or abrogation. That means that the later verses of the Koran supercede previous verses. As a result, most violent verses in the Koran abrogate previous “peaceful” writings.

    Have I just committed hate speech? No, it is the truth according to the Koran and the Hadiths, and I have no fear in stating such. I will not allow Western civilization nor America to be paralyzed by soft or hard jihad, by legal tactics, nor kinetic attacks. I pledge to fight, not for myself, but for others, for our future and legacy which we leave our children and grandchildren. Any man that cannot find the courage to do so as well, especially leaders in western civilization, I call a coward.

    … we shall defeat this third jihad and incursion to defeat our way of life.

    All who read this post never forget a simple maxim which I live by: “When tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide”.

    Count on Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West to stand and fight against this enemy, radical Islamic terrorism and their state sponsors anywhere, anytime.

    More on Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West here.

  15. Aaron says:

    The sinister-wing hypocrites will fight tooth and nail to see that a terrorist Mosque gets built by GROUND ZERO, while simultaneously putting up vicious opposition to allowing a church to be built in the same area. They even went as far as to find a muslim woman to plant in the hearing and scream into the mic about how her parents were killed on 9/11 as if it has some relevance to the matter. Keith Olbermann played the video clip almost as much as he plays every shrill, over-the-top Anthony Weiner tirade.

    The entire narrative of their effort was, “Muslims suffered, too!” This pathetic appeal to sympathy needs to be met with a hard dose of reality. The reality that such is not an excuse for the terrorists to build a mosque that can cast a shadow to Ground Zero. Let’s remember the fact that some Japanese people were killed on 12/7/1941, so using left-wing logic (an oxymoron, I know) we should have let Japan build a Japanese “cultural center” on the island right beside the USS Arizona in 1944.

    The concept of friendly losses due to collateral damage in war is lost on sinister-wingers (unless they can exploit it to demonize Bush, of course). That is why the fact that a few muslims were killed by the muslim hijackers can be exploited to support their desire to build a Mosque so close to Ground Zero.

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