Y-chromosomal Noah and Mitochondrial Adam

If you believe the Bible, we are all descendants of Adam and Eve.  And Eve was created from the rib (DNA) from Adam.

If we look at the 8 people who were on Noah’s ark and survived the flood, (Noah, his wife, their 3 sons, and the sons’ wives), the common ancestor for all of the Y chromosomes was Noah, but the common ancestor for all of the X chromosomes was Adam.

It makes perfect sense that Y-chromosomal Adam (really Y-chromosomal Noah) is younger than Mitochondrial Eve (really Mitochondrial Adam).

Now, I don’t accept wikipedia’s description of exactly how old they are (*), but it is interesting to note that the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) from whom all living men are descended patrilineally (tracing back along the paternal lines of their family tree only) is younger than the matrilineal most recent common ancestor for all living humans.

(*) The problem with believing that Y-chromosomal Adam lived “between 90,000 and 60,000 years ago” and Mitochondrial Eve lived “around 200,000 years ago” is that while you could still believe in God in general, evolution and those ages are in conflict with the Biblical account. They can’t both be true.

For example, if you believe that Jesus is who the Bible says He is, then it makes sense to believe that Joseph was who the Bible says he was, and his father, and his father, all the way back to Adam. The Bible gives the Genealogy of Jesus Christ and links Jesus Christ to “Adam, the son of God”. If you believe the Biblical account of Jesus, you need to believe the Biblical account of Adam. If you don’t believe the Biblical account of Adam, then you really don’t believe the Biblical account of Jesus.

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  1. Math says:

    But if you believe the biblical account, Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus so he’s not biologically related to Joseph at all.

  2. Correct.

    That is why the Bible doesn’t say that Jesus was the son of Joseph, but rather “as was supposed” the son of Joseph.

    Now Jesus Himself began His ministry at about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, the son of Heli,

    I think it’s safe to say that most of the people who were around Jesus as he was growing up “supposed” that Jesus was the son of Joseph.

  3. Trevor Hilton says:

    One thing WICKEDpedia neglects to mention is Mary was a descendent of Adam, too.
    She was also a descendent of King David, that’s why Jesus was “of the house and lineage of David.”

  4. Mary was a descendent of Adam, too.

    We all are.

    She was also a descendent of King David

    I haven’t researched that, so I don’t know, but I’m willing to take your word on it.

    that’s why Jesus was “of the house and lineage of David.”

    I’m not sure I’m willing to automatically agree with the “That’s why…” statement, but if what you say is true then both Joseph and Mary were “of the house and lineage of David”, so regardless of whether you trace it through Joseph or Mary, Jesus was “of the house and lineage of David”.

  5. Ryan says:

    I think that perhaps you should read up on a little molecular biology before commenting on this subject any further. When scientists say that our Y-chromosome can be traced back to one specific male ancestor, that does not mean that he was the “first” human. It simply means that he was the one that produced the offspring from whom we descended. He had parents and grandparents. He may have had brothers who had generations of offspring, but did not produce an unbroken line of Y-chromosome inheritance (all it takes is for a man to only have female children and his line is broken in this sense).

    It’s also funny that you refer to genetics when genetics proves beyond all reasonable doubt, using the same exact science that gave us “Y-chromosomal Adam” that we are also related to turtles and turnips.

  6. “the same exact science that gave us “Y-chromosomal Adam” that we are also related to turtles and turnips.”

    Related in the sense that the same creator created both us and them? Yes.

    Related in the sense that some genetic building blocks are the same in both us and them? Yes. (much like a child could build different creations from the same building blocks)

    Related in the sense that we all evolved from some common ancestor? No.

    You have absolutely no scientific evidence (i.e., that can be independently reproduced using the scientific method) that humans, turtles, and turnips evolved from some common ancestor.

  7. Aaron says:

    It has always been a bad idea to consider genetics as the “building-blocks” of life because all too often, avowed anti-Christians immediately turn around and use that concept to claim that we are decendents of turtles and turnips.

    Genetics are not building blocks. They’re not lego toys you can pull apart, rearrange, add pieces to, etc… to turn a car into an airplane and then into a ship. For that matter, you can’t use them to turn a turnip into a turtle and then into a human, either. It doesn’t work that way, never has.

  8. Ryan says:

    The mathematical evidence found in DNA analysis that we all evolved from the same ancestors is absolutely rock solid.

    It is in our code. There are signatures in our DNA from every branch in our genetic history, but no signatures matching branches from which we did not directly descend.

    Your theory supposes that God reused code throughout the animal kingdom, but only along certain branches, which also HAPPEN to correspond to our lineage, as demonstrated via the fossil record and our physiology.

    And stop saying that there is no scientific evidence for evolution. That just makes you look like an idiot. If you are skeptical, then fine, I can accept that from someone who is not familiar with the concepts, but to say there is no evidence is really to admit that you are completely blind to reason. There are mountains of evidence, and every bit of it points to the same conclusion. It’s all reproducible, and the key concepts have all been observed directly.

  9. skeeter says:

    Human chromosomes and DNA are known to contain hundreds of millions of individual bits of information which are passed along from every parent to child. Through the HGP (Human Genome Project) it was discovered (unexpectedly) that a relatively small proportion (of exons) seem to be actually needed in passing along the necessary genetic information for creating a new child.

    Scientists found that fully 98% of the component nucleotides (100sof, 000,000s) *SEEM to be absolutely unecessary. These apparently unnecessary sections are technically called introns. If less than 2% of our DNA is actually necessary for human reproduction, what is the other 98%, and why is it there? Junk DNA? That codes for nothing?

    In primitive life forms, similar exons and introns have been studied. In the process of procreation, a protozoan, Tetrahymena, (a curious tidbit of the nucleotides), it turns out that, if the introns are left in an intermediate precursor RNA molecule stage, the process of procreation cannot continue.The intron somehow manages to snip itself out of the sequence and then splices the loose ends (of the important parts) together to form the functional molecule. The jury is still out on the *”Junk DNA”. Some preliminary results of the HGP have suggested that parts of these apparently unnecessary “introns” in humans *APPEAR to be *Almost identical to the DNA found in bacteria and amoebae and TREES.

    One of many *Theories is that each organism forever maintains the DNA (genetic) code and capability of its predecessor species (in evolutionary development) and just adds on to the DNA string for newly added adaptations or –improvements?. Hang on to your pajamas because this train is about to exceed warp speed.

    In other words “For dust you are and, and to dust you shall return'”. Meaning everything came from dirt, even fish. And God is the greatest scientist of all. Well anyway, Eve can’t be older than Adam, especially if she is a clone of Adam.

    Jeeeesh, and people thought Melchizadek was a mystery. Now I will just slip out the back door before rp locks it. I once knew a man who was angry with the occupant inside, he, supposing he hisself, was a mean man, went in and locked the doors and turned out the lights. He returned a few minutes later,bruised and blooded, saying, I learned one thing tonight, never plan an attack without a plan for escape.

    God the arbiter for Israel never told any of us things he figured we could figure out for ourselves and he makes us all look as if we were idiots.

  10. skeeter says:

    I suppose I should add, since everything comes from dirt, then only monkeys come from monkeys, and people come from people. But where did people come from? Dirt, Oh, I forgot.

    Luke 11:50-51 speaks of the blood of all the prophets that had been shed. From the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah. Meaning Abel was a prophet. A prophet is an expounder of God, a teacher. To whom did Abel preach or teach about God? Surely Abel had an audience, but there were only three people named at that time on the planet earth, Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel himself. Cain was not interested in God, so apparently Abel was not peaching to Cain. Adam and Eve talked with God, so why would Abel preach to his mom and dad?

    Maybe Abel was preaching to Eve who was out there all alone, waiting for Adam? More than likely there were a lot of people on planet earth besides Adam and Eve in the day God created the man in His image. Was Adam the first man God created? or Was Adam the first man God created in His image, after His own likeness? I think the latter, else Abel was talking to hisself.

    Beam me up Scotty!

  11. Aaron says:

    I have never seen anything ruling out the possibility that when God created Adam (and later, Eve), he created ONLY Adam. What of the possibility that the creation of Adam was the only creation of man that was recorded and retained in the Bible?

    What if God actually created many more men in different areas of the world, but whose stories of creation were never recorded due to various reasons such as simply being dissolved in the sands of time or having no noteworthy differences in how they played out, thus being dropped due to unnecessary redundancy?

  12. Both the New and Old Testaments are in synch with their recording of Adam. In fact, the New Testament genealogy goes a long way to prove that Adam was a real, historical human being, not just an allegorical tale. I see nothing to indicate that Adam was only one of many men created by God.

  13. Aaron says:

    I never said or even implied that Adam wasn’t real, or that the story of Adam was an allegorical tale. I was raising the question of whether or not he was the ONLY man created by God. Given that the world’s recorded history (outside the Holy Bible) shows no less than four separate “Cradles of Civilization”, it seems to me that such would be evidence pointing to the concept of God having created more than one man when he created Adam.

    Also, consider the (not unreasonable) concept that Noah could not have built a sea-worthy vessel of the size and capacity as the Ark without substantial engineering and logistical support that would come from an early bronze-age city, at a minimum. The Bible doesn’t cover much from Adam to Noah, but there had to be alot of civilization growth and advancement in order to go from Adam & Eve in Eden to Noah’s Ark, which incidentally, was more than twice the size of the largest 18th century warships.

    What if it wasn’t the entire world that was destroyed by flood, but just the “known world” to the society that Noah lived in at the time the rain started coming down. That 40 days and 40 nights could have destroyed entire cities and flooded significant parts of normally-dry land. Before dismissing that, consider that it was not until the end of the 16th century that anyone had ever successfully circumnavigated the world. Also, that there is not enough water in the oceans, lakes, rivers, and atmosphere to completely submerge all the world’s land at one time. Finally, why would God waste his time and efforts destroying the entire world by flood if only a tiny portion of it was populated? Why not just whip up a weather disaster enough to destroy that area and call it good?

    My perspective is that what is written in the Bible is definitely true, but how it is read, perceived, or interpreted by our minds–shaped by what we know and experience–may not necessarily be how it was written.

  14. skeeter says:

    Certainly Adam was/is a real person. Otherwise neither Joseph nor Mary could have been the mother and father of Jesus.

    Among all the other things the Messiah (Christ) would do when he came, he would also:

    “Console those who mourn in Zion, To give them beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; That they may be called trees of righteousness, The planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified.” (Isaiah 61:3).

    “ For a good tree does does not bear bad fruit nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. For every tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:43-45).

    Trees symbolically are used to represent both good and bad men (people).

    In the Garden there were three kinds of trees: “And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” (Gen 2:9).

    The first trees were good for food to fill the stomach. The second tree was the tree of righteousness . The third tree was the tree of death. Obviously Eve ate (indulged) of the lifestyle of the third tree, and the fruit of her indulgence was Cain the murderer. Bad trees produce bad people (fruit). Genesis 5: 1-4 does not mention Cain in the genealogy of Adam because Cain did not belong to Adam. Cain belonged to that third tree which were obviously disciples of the Serpent.

    Humans have been around much longer (earlier) than the first man who was made in God’s image, after God’s likeness.


  15. patty6368 says:

    “Adam was a real, historical human being, not just an allegorical tale.”

    Wow. If biblical Adam and Jesus don’t strike you as an allegorical tale by now, I can’t imagine what you do consider a tale. And please don’t say Santa Claus, because it’s Santa Claus for adults.

    I don’t mean any harm but, Jesus was a bona fide chump. In fact, the biggest punk I ever heard of or even seen up close. He did nothing but come to verify the enemies’ cause, reinforce their messages, namely: “Dear fool, shut up, do what you’re told then die. I’ll keep you when you go.” Then he gets done in without a struggle or question by the ones he came to assist.

    Come on, he demonstrated how to get played like a piano then get got with a smile. They didn’t want anymore Spartacuses to deal with. He tells the played how to behave and not the perps. He’s born of a virgin in a sex crazed population obsessed with virgins to violate. His targeted audience happens to be Jews who namely rigged all this nonsense up and getting stupid rich on it.

    He gets his victims drunk with wine and preaches about turning the other cheek and loving thy enemy. They bail out on him in the end. Then all he can say in the end is: “Forgive them father for they know not what they do.”? Or something like that?

    But should he have not said something like: “Forgive me father for wasting everybody’s time.”? He did you know? Because they knew nothing when he came, and he left them in that condition. Nobody is worth a damn, is all this story is saying in parables.

    Not a word did he utter about stop getting bent over. Stop pimping and abusing your kids. Stop battling the enemies’ wars. Battle them. Stop killing women, there’s no such thing as witches. The perps are the ones practicing witchcraft. They call it the Qabalah. And so on.

    Then he rises from the tomb and claims he’s coming back to judge. Judge? Judge who? He had his chance to judge the perps and make a difference in the so called 30 something years he lived and blew it with a capital B. So who’s he coming back to judge? HImself for being a drunken chump?

    Why in blazes would god send someone here to humor your delusions, when what the Gods want is for us to get with their program? Namely, nature? We’re the only species on this planet living in opposition to it, so it seems to me that Jesus would surely have mentioned that if he were truly real. He surely would have stressed that child abuse is the root to all evil and what’s making you vulnerable to getting played. The females of every species are the genesis of life. The Bees Follow The Queen.

    So women acting partial to men is what’s wiping us off the map and precisely the true meaning of Adam and Eve buried miles deep beneath the ridiculous allegory. And precisely why you believe in Santa Clause. Look, I’m sorry to be slapping you fellas up, but it’s for your own good.

    You can’t possibly believe in Santa Clause. It’s your ego you believe in and precisely what the perps named Devil. Religion is nothing but political propaganda no politician on this planet or any other believes in. They’re the maestro and we’re the piano! Get it? Everybody’s racing to follow in the maestros’ footsteps right now, running con games every which way you turn.

    They know that the human ego is the biggest source of commerce there is and produces abused children who grow into useful soldiers who are willing to kill and be killed for no reason they will even consider questioning. Then when you get blown to smithereens, they’ll blow a bugle for you and fold up a flag, but if you make it back, then shame on because you’re own you’re own. Period. Thanks fool, have a good life, and make sure you dog your kids so we can have some more soldiers at our disposal.

    Dr Brooks said: “Having been forced into civilized communities as a last resort, people found themselves faced with increased social inequality, greater violence in the form of organised conflict, and at the mercy of self-appointed elites who used religious authority and political ideology to bolster their position. These models of government are still with us today, and we may understand them better by understanding how civilisation arose by accident as a result of the last great global climatic upheaval.”

    Come on fellas, practically nobody got paid a cent or even a cooked chicken thigh in history for getting limbs smitten or blown off. The pleasure of killing, raping and sacking is all that was ever in it for them. And they had to give back whatever they sacked. Give up Santa Claus!! He isn’t real! Years don’t count backwards. There would be no need to go there if they had any records of these tales. And it’s the misogyny that draws men in like magnets. You are the target. Understand?

  16. patty/bonnie,
    For reasons described here, I won’t respond to your “Bronx cheer” other than to say that Jesus Christ loves you and sacrificed his own life for you.

    In less than 48 hours, we remember the day he made that sacrifice for you and for me. Selah.

  17. This is not a response to patty/bonnie, but rather a comment on this post in general.

    In doing a bit of searching this evening, I find that I am not the first to realize that what some call “Y-chromosomal Adam” is really “Y-chromosomal Noah”.

  18. patty6368 says:

    “In less than 48 hours, we remember the day he made that sacrifice for you and for me. Selah.”

    I don’t need a fictional man’s love and neither do you. Nor have any sacrifices pardoned you from compliance with nature. I love myself, and you have no belief in Santa Claus. Deal with that. Religion has zero to do with natural law and you know it as well as you know your own name. Your ego is what makes your sacrifices for you and what you firmly believe in more than life itself.

    Furthermore, there’s billions of Gods in space, none of them look like Jesus or any of us, the female Gods give birth, and they’re not interested in Jesus, any other cult classics or their butt being kissed, because they don’t even have a butt to kiss. They’re spirits, and have way too much work to do to be concerned about our romper room fantasies.

    We cannot love any god when we cannot even love ourselves, each other or our own children. Nor hear anything that makes sense. The dog eat dog sex crazed, bigoted, greedy and me syndrome human mentality cannot love nothing but it’s ego as long as that person is waddling in ignorance.

    New Gods are being born everyday and are well nurtured by their mothers. Many of those Gods are people inducted into heaven. I have photos to prove it. And animals go to heaven too. The Gods don’t have any time for our bull because they have too many departed souls to deal with daily who lost their lives over the purest nonsense in creation. We have a brain and bent on not using it. Bent on illusion and escapism.

    I want you to tell me what you think they would care about our stuperstitions when we have a brain kicking out technology to photograph them, locate other solar systems and fly us to the moon? No bible crap, your own reason from your own brain why we should be a fool for perps who can’t even see giving us medical coverage in the richest country on this planet, but want us to work for peanuts, even in fields other than what we’ve incurred a lifetime of debt for but can’t find work in, and exactly in what way does this serve the Gods? If you can’t explain in your own words, then please don’t bother.

    Animals who we commonly see as dumb and beneath us comply with natural law, never repeats the same false move and don’t buy no religion, so what do we need with it when we’ve been tripping on it for thousands of years and still have yet to catch up with the animals? And need booze, dope and senseless void filling sex to get thru each day?

    A wild animal will kill anything moving to protect her babies and train them for independence while the average human mother in every location planet earth will do nothing remotely close. They depend on the state to mold their kids into zombies. Huh, for anything, her kids are literally sitting ducks and at the mercy of whoever is copulating with her, the teacher, or whoever else feels like jacking them up if they’re inhuman.

    Do you have a clue as to how many women will proudly claim that men and even their penis comes first? Before children? Nothing alive and breathing can be treated as nothing by the source from where it came. The Bees Follow The Queen. This drives kids insane and most never recover from it. Ever.

    We come from the stars, our soul returns to the stars when we pass, the females give birth to the stars and animal Gods thru their mouth, and I have photos of all that too. That has nothing to do with your painting of Jesus pinned up on a cross, so please don’t waste my time with the Jesus loves me nonsense. I even located the real hell. It’s a star, and I have photos of what’s going on inside of it too. It’s a grim affair and women are running it! Women rule the earth, space and hell! Be enlightened.

    “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is the Hand That Rules The World” — William Ross Wallace

    Women acting stupid for you and around you your whole life is precisely why you’re convinced that life is all about men, you and why you have nothing but apathy for women whether you’re aware of it or not, and why you believe in cults in the first place. It falsely glorifies men and bashes women to bits. Two songs damaged men love and think they need to hear.

    No one can reasonably blame you for that, but men are reflectors of female behavior which is something you need to acknowledge because that is how nature is set up. The male Gods don’t give birth. Every man need to know these things about life to protect themselves from damaged women rather than thinking they’re smarter and getting over for going to the toilet on them.

    That’s a fantasy because you cannot be above the source from where you came, nor are you supposed to be feeling indifference toward the only mates there are for men on this planet. You’re impression of life is based upon false principals and no different than saying that the computer is above it’s designer and programmer. With such a delusional attitude, the average man hates a normal sensible woman when he sees one and even feel like harming her in some way because he thinks that the broken ones he can get over on are normal. But what he don’t know is that the worst thing that can happen to a man is a damaged female. Religions play this up to the nines. Tells people what they want to here to control them. Keep child abuse going strong. This keeps commerce flourishing and soldiers available so they can go messing with people who are minding their own business.

    (Eccles. 42:13-14)
    “Better is the churlishness of a man than a courteous woman, a woman, I say, which bringeth shame and reproach.”

    Oh really? On what grounds is a disgusting brute better than a real woman?

    Come on, this is the daily double standard rolling around in the average guy’s head about women. They prefer sluts who they can take advantage of, but not anymore after those sluts want commitment or come calling for child support, but the ones they can’t get are hard core despised over nothing but their stupid ego, and they plot to make a fool of them, to only prove that they can get them. Explain how this helps you, humanity or your Jesus? For what exactly will he be pleased?

    It’s not a man’s world nor about any dudes loins. That’s the impression damaged women are giving damaged men. Understand? Women have a bigger responsibility in life than do men because if they are wrong, then their entire species will be wrong. Any Jew worth his salt will tell you this.

    Simply put, when women act stupid, men act and think stupid too because that is the bad seeds women are planting and what men have to give back when they have no understanding of natural law. Child abuse is what’s keeping all of this going. And regardless of how dumb women act to make men feel comfortable, they are well aware of this fact. Men don’t need women playing on their weaknesses. The ones who know this avoid them like the plague.

    The abused boy will never blame his mother for her crime of failing him, but he will get revenge on every other woman for it. This is why men have apathy for women, their kids and want no foundation with any woman. Why they’re ready to up and go if she gains a pound or show any signs of aging. He has no feelings and feels threatened by a woman’s good brain when he sees one.

    He envies almost everything about her, especially of her giving birth which is preposterous and the reason why most fathers fly the coupe after the baby comes. Jealousy of her and the baby. And all she has to do to set him off is make a sensible statement. As before, they want the ones swinging around poles before strangers in the nude, and babies. Not woman with brain. Understand? Adam and Eve. He needs woman to act like her brain is missing in order for him to feel like a man. That’s not the natural order of things. That’s blatant opposition to natural law. Men want nothing from women and the women must come running to get their abuse because that’s what they’re conditioned for by women. This starts from the little 6 year old girl chasing boys around and trying to kiss them. The baby girl’s mother is responsible for this. How is he ever to know that he’s supposed to go for a woman he wants when ones he don’t want come for him? He’s going to see the ones who act normal as b******* or whatever. But whether a man gets his butt kissed or not, he’s never happy.

    Corey Haim is not dead because his mother guided, protected and nurtured him as a mother is supposed to. In all likelihood she sold him out acting stupid for his father or some other dude. Begging for his love. KIssing his butt. And the same thing is definitely true of Michael Jackson. His mother failed him and why he’s dead. She did nothing to protect her children from their crazy father. He and Haim both died of depression and had zero ability to connect with a woman. Dependent on drugs to face each day. Poor Michael had to slip into a coma to sleep then never woke up.

    What’s sad is that abused men blame it on their father. Everybody blames it on the father. But that’s a myth because the father does not give birth. No father has anything to do with any mother. The abused boy develops apathy for women and children, and the abused girl develops false dependency on men and apathy for her children and other women. What can a man possibly think but that life is entirely up to men? Mom is out of it so it has to be pops’ fault. Adam and Eve. This is what it means beneath the allegory. Understand?

    Men and women who were cheated out of their mother whether she’s there or not, cannot function according to natures’ rules unless they are or become aware of this and heal their wounds by going back into their past and putting it all into perspective, because a vital part of their development is missing, and the same thing as expecting our solar system and planet to function properly with no moon, or expecting vegetation to grow with no water. They both will get the impression that everything is man, but this is false and what’s killing us. Woman sees man as a substitute for mother and why she wants him to rule her and sees herself as sex symbol and not teacher. And man sees woman as the pathetic soul that she is and wants to taunt her for it.

    If you ever wondered why women abuse good men, prefer bad boys or you just can’t fathom what they want, now you know. They want MOTHER! But this is unconscious to them. To them, every man is their mother, and why they naturally act beneath men. It’s a sign of child abuse. They’re trying to recover what mother didn’t give. Namely, herself.

    But he can’t be her mother, and when he fails to be, she starts berating him, because she cannot see herself as the example setter of her species and seed planter that she is and thinks he’s the one whose supposed to be leading her life. Handling her children and everything else she represents by nature. To her, the good man who respects her is soft, a wussy, someone who won’t protect her. But she adores and respects the louse who beats her to a pulp because she associates manhood with stupidity. His inability to reason. This assures her that he will protect her as mother should have but failed to. But it often leads to her getting killed because she’s sleeping with a perp!

    Is this not the same delusion men suffer with sluts who they find more bold and desirable than the righteous woman who they see as a bona fide wuss? Too scared to be a slut?

    Has almost every man ever slain by a woman not killed a slut? My good friend Josh got brutally attacked and in his sleep with a butcher knife and killed by a slut he brought in his house. Women he had a preference for.

    Make no mistake that mothers are the root cause of this. The average mother is somewhere in a coma watching TV while her son is in some foreign battlefield being shot at. She won’t even try to talk him out of going to army. Ain’t no wayest in hell I’m sitting back and saying nothing about my child going to war!

    Or she’s watching TV while her 12 year old son is running around shooting people for sneezing. He becomes a lifer behind bars before puberty and it’s all good with her just as long as she has a TV and some dude in her life. And this is supposed to be the father’s fault? I’m sorry, but it’s no way. Period.

    Hard men in their 50’s think they’re god and ruler of women, but they’re marrying 8 year old baby girls, killing their female family members for being raped, forcing tots to camel race, and forcing baby girls to die over some rag not being wrapped around their head in public in Saudi Arabia because they themselves are only 18 months old in the mind. Their religion cannot change the blatant effects of women sowing bad seeds. In antiquity days of bible, every man no matter how old, had an 11 year old wife or concubine, today it’s 8 year olds, and pretty soon they’ll be marrying infants!

    Cone one, does that strike you as capable of fixing or controlling anything? God’s image? Jesus loves them? Hard men can only deal with babies? Suicide bombing? Flying planes into buildings? Making weapons of mass destruction? The antichrist who wants to set off apocalypse? Manson? Bundy? These men are damaged goods and can’t be nobody’s father whether they’re there or not. The kids are 2 billion times better off without them!

    If the Gods were ever to send someone here to talk to us, it wouldn’t be a man because men are not the genesis of life and cannot fix the problems women created and we all were made by female Gods. All men can possibly do is bask in and enjoy the problems because they are not the influencers of life, their conscious is clean and they get to pee on as many people as they want and crack up laughing while desperate mother deprived women are begging in tears for their love. They become stark stupid and can only see women’s weaknesses, and their own weaknesses as strength. The image of god. They’re insane and literally believe that god is a blood thirsty woman hating pedophile.

    To them, genocide for recreation is a better deal than rapport with a good woman and surrounded by a lovely family who adores him to death and would kill to protect him. Acting stupid, impairment, sexing himself into a oblivion, destroying babies and extinction is his idea of manhood and serving god. That’s sad.

    So why on earth would the Gods send a man and from a virgin which is humoring our problems with nature when our goal for being here is to learn to comply with it? How does sending a man to rule over women help women to deal with the trauma of their childhood and set the proper example for their species to follow, with acting beneath men not being it? As no other female of any other earthly species are acting in any such way either?

    What did Jesus say or do to set us straight with nature? To point out where our problems are coming from? Help us to help ourselves?

    Being hung up on a cross after preaching a love thy enemy and turn the other cheek philosophy makes no kind of message that anyone can possibly live by. You say that Jesus sacrificed himself and loves you, but would you agree to be pinned up a cross?

    The enemy are stupid men who are destroying all the babies and war happy, because they cannot perceive mistakes being made by women, forgiving or making an effort to work with women to correct things, so are we supposed to turn the other cheek and do nothing to protect the children of the world being exploited for sex and games as Jesus said? Just wait for who knows when for him to come back to judge who knows who?

    After all, turn the other cheek means to say or do nothing about what any perp system is up to, but I don’t care what was claimed that Jesus said or done, because you can’t go with no s*** like that and expect atrocity to halt, so to me, the women without delay need to pick up something hard and heavy and crack the men’s head open with it, crush some penises or even waste some of them if necessary. What do you recommend?

    Mother Angelica herself said that a man coming to die for our sins don’t make any sense. I saw her make that statement on one of her old reruns. So what would you say or do against what’s going down in third world countries against children if you could?

    As far as I can see, to my own tiny little mind, Yahweh et al is nothing but an 18 month old tyrannical tot according to bible’s commentary on him, and his son is a punk just as small, who came to reinforce his mad cap dad’s rules of shutting up and doing what you’re told by the maestros then getting bumped off by the maestros after you’ve done your duty, with no resistance and a smile.

    Huh, I found a so called Kabbalah website today where Jews are popping bringing slavery back as a solution to our economic problems. They call it communism where we’ll work for 12 to 14 hours a day and get paid in goods by no more than what we need to survive. Give everything you have to your friend and the state shall take care of your needs. Those who refuse to comply will be punished, and the creator will not forgive any humane deeds done for humanity but only if done for the creator. Are you down with that?

    All this sounds like the ideas of an 18 month old tot trapped in a grown man’s body to me. At 18 months, the baby can see only themselves in the picture, never the items they break although they cry over every break they make, then break something else minutes later.

    They try their mother’s patience by continuing to go over to the lamp or whatever that they know their mother don’t want them to touch. When the baby don’t get attention, sees the mother leave, or gets something taken out their hands, the baby flies into hysterics because it cannot yet see anything besides themselves in the picture. In fact, every bible passage I’ve ever read sounds to be coming from and 18 months old baby whose convinced he’s a man.

    “The Bible is one of the most genocidal books in history.” — Noam Chomsky

    The Jews talked about war too. Are you down with it?

    However, if you’re some kind of clergy making money popping religion to the unenlightened, then I can understand your position of not letting that money go, but you and I both know that you have no belief in Santa Claus. But don’t feel bad because nobody does. So you’re not alone.

    My mission in life is to help women to see a new reality concerning themselves. Child abuse has to stop and I think that men should pitch in to assist this cause. I can see no use for turning the other cheek and loving thy enemy, so for men who care, you can help the women by calling their attention to acting inferior to you. Let women know that you don’t need your butt kissed, remind them that their kids matter most, and when they’re giving you a working over, let them know that you are not they’re mother, and cannot give them back what they’re mother stole from them.


  19. SG says:

    First time visitor to your blog. If Patty/bonnie commented on my blog I would catch her verbose idiocy via moderation and would refuse to pollute the internet by publishing it.

  20. Bobjr says:

    To Patty6368. I hope you return to read this. It seems that you have read the Bible? Your quote “Forgive them father for they know not what they do” Or something like that? “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” — Albert Einstein. Just reading the Bible does not allow you to know much of it’s meaning. It does apply towards your everyday life as lessons to guide you through events. It seems you have not retained enough. I will correct you. You use little scripture to back the reality of your entity in your views which you so lengthy expelled. The study of theology would do you an understanding and a correction in your thoughts. Once you are into theology of Sacred Scriptures it never stops. Theology draws on the foundational sacred text while simultaneously investigating the development of Semitic doctrine over the course of history, particularly through philosophy, science, ethics, cosmology, archaeology, physics etc. Due to the human factor of numerous translations, I am forced to rely on the oldest Sacred Scriptural text and the Leningrad Codex for Biblical fact also translations of Hebrew or Aramaic back into English studying the Sacred Scriptures using objectified semantics and non-objectified semantics. First we believe and accept that there is One Great Creator and with this divine being comes a divine plan that guides the evolution of all life within it. In Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being. The Old Testament Bible is incredibly accurate. The Hebrews, Jews had Holy scribes and also the Greeks were very meticulous about their scrolls. Both used a principle of every alphabet had a number and after a scroll was written, if the numbers did not equal the original it was usually buried never destroyed. The Greeks were not as faithful a nation to not destroy. I will not quote you verbatim just the sentences and use as much Biblical quotes both New Testament and Old Testaments translations to correct you. Sorry if some of the Old Testament is hard to read, it is from old Sacred Scripture. Jesus Christ was not a punk he was given to us for a purpose, to fulfill prophecy. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. “Gave,” not murdered. A handful of pharisee had him murdered by the Romans because their careers they thought were in jeopardy, an act of free will by the pharisees. Why did God send Christ here? Matthew 5:17 Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. What did Jesus Christ mean? (Prophecy). This is not taken out of context. Read the whole 42nd Chapter of Isaiah, God is talking about the Messiah, Jesus Christ. (Old Text) Isaias or Isaiah 42:1-2 behold servant of me I am upholding in him chosen one of me she approves soul ofme I give spirit of me on him judgment to the nation she shall bring forth not he shall cry out he shall lift and not he shall make heard in the street voice of him. Isaiah 42:21 Yahweh he desires on account of righteousness of him he shall magnify law and he shall make noble. What did God mean? For Jesus Christ to give God’s laws their full meaning (magnify) of carry into effect bring to realization and making them complete in every particular detail rendering them perfect. Just one example: Commandment: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Matthew 5:28 But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart. Read the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew Chapter 5, 6 and 7, the blueprint to quality into Heaven. You mentioned a sex crazed world back then? Open your eyes. Today’s world makes back then look like two children playing doctor. Rent some porno flicks, which is in today’s bedrooms or just watch TV or on your computer. Christ never forced anyone into drunkenness. People by free will drank until they get drunk, just like today. Show me a scripture where he forced wine down someone’s throat. The rest of your post about wars, child abuse, human ego etc. Satan and his fallen Angels do not rule life on earth. Satan interferes. Otherwise, spiritual warfare would not exist in you. Sin is an aberration. God, creator of all allows humans the freedom of free will; and the result? When you die you will be standing in front of God for your final judgement. What is God going to say to you about what you have done in your life? Do you understand me? Do you care? Are you so self-centered that you don’t believe in God now knowing that science has proven we were made by an intelligent Creator and did not come from apes or monkeys or any other species. Your whole life is only one blink of your eyes compared to how many humans have existed and have died since the first humans long ago were created on earth. You are here as a test through your free will of decision making to see if you are worthy to enter into God’s heavenly kingdom. It is a horrible mockery to Christ and an insult to God while you continue to do only what is pleasing for yourself, while you treat His commandments with contempt trusting that you are going to heaven. But rather than seriously trouble yourself, you think all is well with you and trust that you are going to heaven, when the only grounds you have for such trust are the lies of Satan which is you own deceitful heart when in fact the wrath of God awaits you for the final judgement of the awful doom in Hell for your contempt. Do you think God will forgive you? Self-willed and Self-pleasing you tell yourself that God is merciful. Will God be so merciful as to do the opposite of Himself and go against His own Word? Must He show you so much mercy as to despise His own Truth and make Himself a liar? How little faith in dealing with your soul is there for the awful doom in Hell that awaits you as Satan is laughing at God in victory and having his way with you. You only listen to yourself and what you want, you neglect the issue of which is either everlasting life or everlasting death. It is your decision to live pleasing in God’s eyes or spend eternity in Hell. Why is God doing this? God will not forgive sinners to run rampant in his kingdom and corrupt his kingdom, because we will be as Angels, but Angels will serve us. Hebrews 3:6; as we will be served by Angels as through Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end. If we have faith, we live the belief of holiness of heart and life in this life in which the love of God, or perfect love, reigns supreme in our hearts. It is estimated 20 billion people have been born on this earth from the beginning. Two children die from preventable death each second in this world. Yet bickering and death continues through Religion and Christ said strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few will find it. People use their Free Will to commit acts of pain and suffering. God allows us to sow the seeds we choose (Free Will). Free Will determines a persons fate. God and Jesus Christ said to believe “in” me (God and Christ), which is living the example Christ gave us to follow closely the standards of loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and to treat others as you would like to be treated and living as humanly possible to resist the sins so numerously presented to us daily. The key word is believe “in.” I am sure you believe there is love. The contrast of quality of mind is not just believing there is love but being in love. What God requires is our love, faith and to believe in Him and Jesus Christ, not religion. Religion has nothing to do with God or Christ. Religion is the division of one Church or person’s sacred scriptural belief’s from the other. Coined from Latin (religiō?) which some theologians believe St Jerome in translating the older Latin Vulgate Holy Scriptures incorporated into an updated Latin Bible (382-405 AD). No one has been more documented or changed the coarse of history than Jesus Christ. The Jewish pharisees and high priests saw the miracles Christ preformed and had the trained holy scribes to record anything that was not true, but they lived a life that forbid them to lie and not one document has ever been found disproving Christ. Now for your second post. Welcome to today’s real world. Now you know there is a Satan and if there is a Satan there is God. Deal with it or put your effort into changing it not just madly screaming about it pounding on your computer. I would love to see those pictures. Which Bible are you reading? Ecclesiastes has 12 Chapters not 42. The billions of Gods you talk about, is that a parable? The spirit Gods you talk about have way to much work to do. Tell me what work? God is not subject to time which makes you contradict yourself. Time was created in Genesis 1:14 and he is saying Elohim he shall become luminaries in atmosphere of the heavens to separate of between the day and between the night and they become for signs and for appointments and for days and years. It’s tragic when a person gives himself or herself over to bitterness. It’s all in how you look at the situation. Some of the greatest people I have read about are people who have suffered incessantly through life. And through the suffering there has been a depth of character developed that is unparalleled by others who have never experienced suffering or sorrow. Out of suffering, out of sorrow, the roots can go deep and life can become strong, and powerful. Always live with love knowing that there is no anger in love but perfect love cast out anger because anger has torment.

  21. khaleo says:

    dude, she’s a troll. let her pass..

    i agree with some of you. i think its possible for there to have been more instances of mannish life on the planet when Adam was around.

    I will say that Satan Clause,… sorry, Santa clause. (I wrote it like that on accident.).. is all “Christmas” (aka Saturnalia) is about. Remember that Jesus was not born in the winter season…….

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