Obama’s Pastor of 20+ Years Praises Marxism

… and criticises the U.S.A. as the land of the greed and home of the slave…

See video in 1st comment below.

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7 Responses to Obama’s Pastor of 20+ Years Praises Marxism

  1. But even a stopped watch is right twice a day…

    Wright was right when he said, “After all, we are a Christian country.”

  2. The only newsperson I know of who interviewed Obama and/or Biden and asked the right questions…

  3. Barbara West should have asked Barack Obama the same questions she later asked Joe Biden. The Biden interview was 10/23/2008, the Obama interview was 9/12/2008…

  4. skeeter says:

    I served in the Armed Forces and was screened for security clearance for a walking post. I never did see what I was guarding. My level of security clearance did not allow me to see what I guarded. The point is, there are different levels of security and I am still wondering, just how did Obama and the people he brought with him ever get past the first red flags? I have to believe there is a network of conspirators that put Obama in the oval office and that network is still actively working today. Thanks redpill for all the links. Not that I can do anything about any of this (one vote) but I still like to know what is happening around us.

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