Challenge to Obama

That the Obama campaign received foreign donations as a result of this scheme may be the only thing agreed-upon by both Pamela Geller and Charles Johnson. Indeed, Obama for America has admitted receiving foreign contributions. The fact that the Federal Election Commission is not investigating the allegations necessitates a special counsel.

These laws barring foreign contributions remain untouched by the recent Supreme Court ruling, so Obama need not worry about the validity of the relevant laws on the books. (If Obama didn’t understand that prior to the SOTU, he surely understands that now.)

The federal conspiracy laws surely could be used to prosecute such a scheme, if the investigation bears out the necessary elements of a criminal conspiracy to violate the campaign laws. The fact that some or all of the contributions were returned after negative publicity does not negate any criminal conspiracy.

So President Obama, with all due respect, I call upon you to request that Attorney General Holder appoint a special counsel to investigate and prosecute any and all crimes committed in connection with foreign campaign contributions during the 2008 presidential election cycle.

Or was your attack on the Supreme Court just words?

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4 Responses to Challenge to Obama

  1. Aaron says:

    He’ll take up that challenge about as quickly as he will allow investigations into prisoner abuse (a war crime) taking place AFTER 20 Jan 2009.

    In case no one has noticed yet, Obama’s investigations and demands for such are solely of political motivation. If it possibly happened under Bush, he’ll order a full court press to investigate (rather, compile evidence to support only the conclusion HE wants out of it).

    The sinister-wing’s current definition of responsibility: blame Bush.

    Unrelated thought:
    Socialism’s stated goal is to eliminate the profit motive and create a utopian society where the worker is glorified. Who wants to glorify work? We don’t do work because we enjoy it, that is why it’s called “work.” Further, socialism is self-contradictory. While they’re supposedly out to glorify workers, they’re constantly giving hand-outs to non-workers.

  2. skeeter says:

    The socialist worker is never intimidated by hard work and/or honest toil as they earn their keep. They [the socialists] will simply lie down alongside work and go to sleep in the true spirit of Marx, two per light bulb and one to cart it off, UAW.

  3. skeeter says:

    Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court was not “just words”. He was mouthing his resentment of the separation of powers. He wants all of it.

  4. I’ll write more in response to your comments and the following at some point in the future…

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