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This is a very “illuminating” chart, and Michelle Malkin has more about it, but it needs some enhancements…

1) Add a direct connection between ACORN and the Working Families Party

Bertha Lewis (yes, the same Bertha Lewis who has been on TV so much and lied about what happened when James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles visited ACORN’s Philadelphia office) that Bertha Lewis is both CEO of ACORN and co-chairperson of the Working Families Party.

2) Add a direct connection between Bertha Lewis and the Communist Party USA.

Remember the president of NY NOW telling us she wanted to see lots of red flags at the March for Women’s Lives. And the chair of ACORN and Working Families Party who called upon us as family to make our contribution known. Did we respond? YES, we responded!

[NOTE: The CPUSA scrubbed that link, but not before I archived it here.]

Got that?

Bertha Lewis, the chair of ACORN and Working Families Party, called upon the Communist Party USA as family to “make their contribution known”.

And the Communist Party USA says excitedly, “YES, we responded!

3) Add George Soros and John McCain to that chart.

In 2001, McCain founded the Alexandria, Va.-based Reform Institute as a vehicle to receive funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute and Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Tides Foundation and several other prominent non-profit organizations.

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11 Responses to The Democratic Socialist Communist Web

  1. Ping Pong says:

    Who do you have left if you don’t have McSame? I’m confused.

    You’re just gearing up for a martyrship, aren’t you. That wasn’t a question.

  2. “Ping Pong” has been placed into moderation for dropping multiple f-bombs in another comment, and a not-so-veiled death threat in the comment above.

    But I will address the “McSame” issue. Your calling McCain “McSame” is so on-target that it’s funny that this issue should confuse you. The very essence of the problem is that McCain is “McSame”… he may have an (R) by his name, which should really be (RINO), because he is a Republican In Name Only…

    In my opinion, it appears that McCain is a Democratic Socialist, with both a voting record and a campaign contributions record that aligns him much more closely with the Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party than with the Conservatives in the Republican Party.

    And in your opinion, my revealing of these truths leads to your statement (not question) that I am “gearing up for a martyrship”. Who are you suggesting should martyr me?

    Those who can’t handle the truth,
    try to sillence those who speak it.

    I am not seeking martyrship, but I, like Glenn Beck, am not afraid to speak the truth, even in the midst of death threats.

  3. Compare and contrast:

    The 8/28/2010 “Restoring Honor” rally, which honored God and drew a very sizable crowd,


    The 10/2/2010 “One Nation Working Together” rally, which replaced “Under God” with “Working Together”, and drew a much smaller crowd, even with unions pressuring members to go, and arranging bus transportation for them.

    The Communists and Socialists had a rally on Saturday, and the Democrat Party fully embraced them

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