Yes, the GOP should be “purged” of Communists!

Bertha Lewis is ACORN’s executive director and co-chair of the Working Families Party. It appears that Bertha Lewis was the person who called upon the CPUSAas family” when they wanted “lots of red flags at the march…”:

Remember the president of NY NOW telling us she wanted to see lots of red flags at the March for Women’s Lives. And the chair of ACORN and Working Families Party who called upon us as family to make our contribution known. Did we respond? YES, we responded!

[NOTE: The CPUSA scrubbed that link, but not before I archived it here.]

In my opinion, it appears pretty clear that Scozzafava is a Communist in Republican clothing.

And yes, the GOP should be “purged” of Communists!

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4 Responses to Yes, the GOP should be “purged” of Communists!

  1. Jax says:

    Hey, Red. Know you can still read these. Just wanted to say thanks for the free Congressman. NY-23 hasn’t sent a Democrat to the House in, what, 150 years? Appreciate it. Please let me know what whack-job 3rd party candidates you’ll be supporting in the future… I’ll be sure to send a check. Or should I just look for the Sarah Palin endorsement as the kiss of death? Eh… I’ll figure it out.

  2. Better a donkey in office that acts like a donkey than a donkey in elephant’s clothing making a complete ass of the GOP.

    Many of us hoped that Douglas Hoffman could pull off a remarkable outsider bid yesterday to beat Bill Owens, and he came within a couple of points of making it. That puts a Democrat in the seat for the first time since 1993 (not 117 years as has been previously reported). It’s never a best-case for the GOP when a Democrat wins, but by keeping Dede Scozzafava out of the seat, the GOP has the chance to win this seat back in a year with a better candidate — perhaps Hoffman, perhaps another Republican who shares core principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism. Dislodging an incumbent Republican would have been considerably more difficult, and a unified GOP should win this district — especially given the signals sent everywhere else to Democrats.

  3. What did radical democratic socialists gain?

    One additional vote for one year.

    What did conservatives gain?

    1) Victory in the “civil war” within the Republican Party over whether more numerous conservatives or less numerous RINOs will control the agenda of the party moving forward.

    2) A RINO completely exposed as the radical democratic socialist that she is.

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