Obama’s Olympic-Sized Failure

I may come back later and add more text to this post, but for now I’ll allow two pictures from Drudge to say 2,000 words:

The Ego Has Landed, World Rejects Obama

The Ego Has Landed, World Rejects Obama.2

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13 Responses to Obama’s Olympic-Sized Failure

  1. none says:

    You must be a proud American

  2. Yes, I am. And I care more about the performance of our olympic atheletes than I care about the host city.

    You must be a proud Obama-bot who cares more about seeing all the President’s cronies rewarded for their corruption.

    I also want to know if tax dollars were used to purchase these T-shirts.

  3. Brazilians goof on Obama:Yes We Créu

  4. Aaron says:

    Chicago is and has always been a wholly corrupt, crime-infested, rotten, over-flowing sewer of a city. It has been dominated by the left for more than 80 years. That city stands as a shining example of the best that social liberalism and the political left can offer to any population. It is also a reflection of Obama’s political views and of how he rose to prominence and power. It also reflects the direction he and the political left desires for all 50 Republics in the Union.

    It is fitting that Chicago didn’t get the Olympics, the city doesn’t deserve it. Not only that, since the 1996 decision by the IOC requiring that all olympic funding be provided by government (local and federal) entities, Chicago simply cannot afford it.

  5. MissTickly says:

    I will pass for now, but have a lot going on at the moment.=)

  6. MissTickly,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m happy to hear that you have a lot going on…


  7. I am happy to promote MissTickly’s new blog:

  8. none said:

    You must be a proud American

    I say:

    God Bless America, Land That I Love!
    Stand Beside Her, And Guide Her,
    Through The Night With The Light From Above.

  9. arkadelos,
    If you are a real commenter, and not spam, please leave another comment here, and I will restore your last comment.

  10. Some Dems like to pretend that Obama is like JFK.


    When JFK failed at something (like the Bay of Pigs), he took ownership of it:

    There’s an old saying that victory has 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan.

    [1961 J. F. Kennedy News Conference 21 Apr. in Public Papers of Presidents of U.S. (1962) 312]

    If Chicago had been chosen for the 2016 Olympics, Obama would have taken the credit.

    But who gets the blame after Barack and Obama gave extremely self-centered speeches and Chicago lost their bid?

    Did Obama act like JFK, and take ownership of his failure?

    No, he let his lackeys blame Bush!

  11. Aaron says:

    Is it a surprise? Obama has done nothing good for the country. Honest work and responsibility are two concepts foreign to the left. All Obama and the left can do is play cards. You know, the Race card, the Bush card, the Hitler card (Pelosi and Swastikas, anyone?), etc…

    At what point do we invoke Godwin’s Law for it?

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