Presidential Approval Update

Time to update the chart with the August numbers:

2009 Strongly
Jan 43 20 23 62 34
Feb 39 25 14 59 39
Mar 37 30 7 57 42
Apr 35 31 4 55 44
May 35 29 6 57 42
Jun 34 32 2 54 45
Jul 30 37 -7 51 48
Aug (to date) 31 39 -8 49 50

Previous: Obama Hits New Low

Today’s numbers showed a new low for Total Approve (46%), and a new high for Total Disapprove (53%).

And 1 in 4 Voters Has Changed Their Mind About Obama.

(UPDATE: Scroll down to the updates onthat post… it’s actually more like 1 in 2 voters has changed their mind about Obama, and Ninety-two percent (92%) of those who could have their opinion changed about Obama, now have a more negative opinion of him!!!)

If you remember the old Ghostbusters movie, someone forgot to tell Barry not to let the streams cross:


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3 Responses to Presidential Approval Update

  1. Jax says:

    Other Presidents who dipped below 50% in their first year in office: Reagan, Clinton.

    Other Presidents who stayed above 50% in their first year in office: Carter, Bush Sr.

    By the way, did you notice Rasmussen only introduced this “Strongly Approved vs. Strongly Disapproved” after Obama got elected? He kept the regular approval/disapproval chart throughout the Bush administration. Weird.

    Obama’s still beating Sarah Palin by 16 percentage points on his worst day, Red. And rub yourself all you want about the hard times… smart guys have a way about learning from their mistakes. Just ask Reagan and Clinton.

  2. TakeAChillPill says:

    Jax, please don’t confuse RedPill with reason and logic.

  3. Aaron says:

    Clinton was neutered after the 1994 elections. He knew he had pushed too hard for his goals (welfare expansion, universal nightmare, etc…) and his overcooked attempts to implement socialist ideas practically handed both parts of Congress to his opposition. After taking such a stinging loss, he pulled back and focused on staying out of lame-duck territory. In fact, no one could force Clinton to veto a bill coming out of the congress controlled by his opposition. Clinton’s approval rating went up due to his association with the Rep congress who got people off of welfare, balanced the budget, and reduced the social entitlements that were draining the wealth of the country.

    You’d know that if you used reason and logic.

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