No Blood For Oil

A friend of mine was murdered in the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

Another friend of mine had his uncle murdered on Pan Am Flight 103.

When the U.S. went to war after 9/11/2001, some protestors said, “No Blood For Oil”.

Now, a man who participated in the murder of my friend’s uncle has just been freed…

…for oil.

Lockerbie bomber ‘set free for oil’

This is one more consequence of the United States not drilling for it’s own oil.


The U.S.A. has over three times the proven reserves of the world’s current #1 oil exporter (Saudi Arabia). There is absolutely no reason why the U.S.A. cannot only become 100% energy independent using our own oil, but also become an oil exporter to countries like the U.K. so that they don’t release terrorists, especially terrorists who have killed hundreds of Americans, for oil.

No Blood For Oil!

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30 Responses to No Blood For Oil

  1. Papoose says:

    If anyone tries to suggest or “tell” you that the US “administration” was completely ignorant in this non-conspiracy, please don’t believe it for a second.

    ~they are completely ignorant as people, e.g. Robert Gibbs, but they can’t “feign” this one in any way, shape, fashion, notion or form.

    Sorry, not buying it. Liars. Bullies. Betcha, the small seed – ” as long as he doesn’t get a celebratory welcome home” was an order that came directly from the oval office or one of it’s orifices.

    Nice job at WeThePeople, itooktheredpill, you have excelled in keeping our cool and warm community together. I appreciate you.



  2. Thank you Patti, I appreciate your kind words.

  3. Math says:

    You know there was a good chance that his second appeal would have succeeded, and there was more and more evidence that they had the wrong guy. I think the Scottish just covered their ass on this one, agreeing to release him if he dropped his appeal. It would also explain the reaction of the Lybians.

    Would you rather an innocent man stay in prison in the name of so-called justice, or accept that the real culprit may never be punished?

  4. I haven’t seen any evidence that they had the wrong guy. If he is innocent and was going to embarass the Scottish by proving he was innocent, he can still do so.

    It’s a strawman argument to suggest that I favor imprisoning innocent people.

  5. Trevor Hilton says:

    “There is absolutely no reason why the U.S.A. cannot only become 100% energy independent using our own oil”

    Except, Itooktheredpill, the aim of Duh One and company is not for the US to be energy independent. They want us to stop driving our own cars and depend on the Government to supply buses, trains, and planes for us. If we citizens drive our own cars (or, in my case, also ride my own Harley-Davidson Sportster) then we can go where we want, when we want, for whatever reason we want. If we have to depend on Duh One, then he can tell us where we’ll go, when we’ll go there, and for reasons he wants.

  6. Math says:

    Red: look at the other side of the medal: think what will happen when the rest of the world’s reserves dry up, thanks in great part to your country’s vast demand, and the US end up sitting on the only oil reserves left on the planet. Hopefully for you it will be before a viable alternative is found.

    And as far as Megrahi is concerned, I was asking a question. If the Foxnews polls can be trusted (LOL) a vast majority in the US seem hellbent on condemning his release. However there are serious questions about his guilt. Here a quote from Wikipedia

    1. His lawyers claimed that vital documents, which emanated from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and related to the Mebo timer that allegedly detonated the Lockerbie bomb, were withheld from the trial defence team.[21]
    2. Tony Gauci, chief prosecution witness at the trial, was alleged to have been paid $2 million for testifying against Megrahi.[22]
    3. Mebo’s owner, Edwin Bollier, claimed that in 1991 the FBI offered him $4 million to testify that the timer fragment found near the scene of the crash was part of a Mebo MST-13 timer supplied to Libya.[23]
    4. Former employee of Mebo, Ulrich Lumpert, swore an affidavit in July 2007 that he had stolen a prototype MST-13 timer in 1989, and had handed it over to “a person officially investigating the Lockerbie case”.

    Keep in mind that this was a second appeal. Without substantial new evidence, those are generally not allowed. The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission concluded that a miscarriage of justice could have occurred, and granted a new appeal.

    In my view, there is a good chance he was released to Libya to cover up whatever may have arisen in the appeal.

  7. when the rest of the world’s reserves dry up, thanks in great part to your country’s vast demand

    Leftists were telling us in the 70’s that we would be out of oil by now. But the truth is that we know of more oil reserves now then we did then. I.E., not only have we not run out of oil, we have more oil now than we did then!

    But the Democratic Socialist Communists in our government have prevented us from accessing our own oil, and we are more dependent on foreign oil now than we were 35 years ago!

    Don’t feed me the “scarcity” crap. It’s a bold-faced lie.

    In my view, there is a good chance he was released to Libya to cover up whatever may have arisen in the appeal.

    You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to disagree.

  8. Math says:

    But the truth is that we know of more oil reserves now then we did then. I.E., not only have we not run out of oil, we have more oil now than we did then!

    There is a huge nuance here. There more PROVEN oil reserves. With better technology, we can now better estimate the known reserves, and we can now extract more of it, like the oil sands.

    It doesn’t mean that the “leftist” were wrong, given what they knew in the 70’s. This is like calling Bill Gates a leftist when he said that “640Kb of RAM ought to be enough for anybody”. This is so ridiculously wrong given what we know now, but back then it made sense.

    However, none of that change the fact that the we consume far more oil that the Earth can produce.

    You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to disagree.

    Of course you are. Facts are facts though. Unfortunately we may never know them for sure.

  9. With better technology, we find more oil.

    Technology will continue to improve, and we will continue to find more oil.

    Those who think “we will run out of oil in 20-30 years” were wrong 35 years ago, and they’re wrong now.

  10. Math says:

    I’ll concede you that. If not 20-30 years, then 80-100 years. Or 200-300 years. But we will run out of oil sooner or later. There is no denying that we are using far more than the Earth produces. We may not live to see it, but future generations will have to pay the price.

  11. But we will run out of oil sooner or later. There is no denying that we are using far more than the Earth produces.

    Prove it.

    You have no idea how much oil the Earth produces.

    The Deep Hot Biosphere : The Myth of Fossil Fuels

  12. Math says:

    This is probably useless because you’ll just send me back to that one source on Amazon, but here goes.

    Although the abiogenic hypothesis was accepted by some geologists in the former Soviet Union, most geologists now consider the biogenic formation of petroleum scientifically supported.[1] Although evidence exists for abiogenic formation of methane and hydrocarbon gases within the Earth,[2][3] studies indicate they are not produced in commercially significant quantities (i.e. a median abiogenic hydrocarbon content in extracted hydrocarbon gases of 0.02%).[4] The abiogenic origin of petroleum has also recently been reviewed in detail by Glasby, who raises a number of objections, including that there is no direct evidence to date of abiogenic petroleum (liquid crude oil and long-chain hydrocarbon compounds)

    Source: Wikipedia

    For such a communist hater, you seem eager to throw your support for a theory that was mostly sustained by Soviet scientists. 0.02% of hydrocarbon gases, no proven abiogenic petroleum. Not quite the unlimited supply you make it out to be.

    But then again, you conservatives were never known to bother yourselves with such details as scientific method if it can further you cause: Intelligent Design

  13. Aaron says:

    Wow, I never though I would meet someone who actually took wikipedia as a reliable source of information. I’m pretty sure that you can’t even use wikipedia as a source for high school research papers, let alone higher learning and real world research.

    When was it that every muggle living in the former Soviet empire was automatically a communist? Were you not aware that even in Cold War Russia there existed scientists and other regular working folks who had interests other than their government’s politics? You are pulling another logical fallacy: claiming that X (soviet civilian) necessarily equals Y (communist) no matter the circumstances. The fact that such is NOT the case is proven by the number of iron curtain civilians who fled the socialist regime.

    But then again, you liberals were never known to bother with such details as source reliability if it can further your cause: Global Warming (too many links to choose from for busting that myth)

  14. Math says:

    Ever notice those little numbers in Wikipedia texts? They refer to the sources. You can’t use Wikipedia as a source for high school research papers, but you can use the sources that are cited in a Wikipedia article.

    And spare me the communist generalization lecture, especially on this blog. Just look at every other article and post by Red. Such fallacies are fair game here.

    For every source denying global warming, there are 100 sustaining it. The last and crucial step of the scientific method is confirmation. That’s the big problem with a lot of conservative theories (Gold’s book, intelligent design, global warming denying)

    Continue living your life denying global warming, driving around in your hummer or your pickup if you want. There’s a good chance you won’t have to suffer too much from it, I just hope you don’t have any children or grand-children who will have to pay the price for your selfishness. You know what they say about ignorance.

    Thankfully, conservatives are out of power in the US, and the way things are going, it’ll probably stay that way for a while.

  15. Aaron says:

    Then you need to use those sources and not wikipedia itself. Not all of the links go directly to the information quoted in wiki, only to the overall site where the info was pulled from. If you had ever checked out the sources of wiki articles, you’d know that.

    You want to claim it is fair game; that doesn’t change the fact that it is still a fallacy. In this particular case, that “fair game” idea you have does not apply. The fact that you would use such a fallacy, and try to salvage it after it has been exposed, speaks volumes about you. Would you tell us that Mr Red also labeled all Saudi civilians as terrorists? It’s no different.

    Not only that, you committed another fallacy and made a straw-man when you reflexively claimed that I drive a Hummer based solely on the fact that I don’t buy the global warming hoax. Is there any end to the false arguments or cheap tactics that the left WON’T use to force their agenda onto everyone else? (Watch for Math’s ad hominem response to this one.)

    As for the last step of scientific confirmation, it is equally the big problem with a lot of liberal theories (evolution, global warming insistence, oil run-out theories).

    As for your little selfishness comment. You need to take a look in the mirror; no one is more selfish than a liberal. Their selfishness goes so far that they STEAL the fruit of other peoples’ labor, skill, and time; they even claim it’s rightfully theirs. Further, your claim that conservatives are selfish fall flat the second you compare the charitable giving rate of conservatives to that of liberals. As you said, you know what they say about ignorance.

  16. Math says:

    You want to claim it is fair game; that doesn’t change the fact that it is still a fallacy. In this particular case, that “fair game” idea you have does not apply. The fact that you would use such a fallacy, and try to salvage it after it has been exposed, speaks volumes about you. Would you tell us that Mr Red also labeled all Saudi civilians as terrorists? It’s no different.

    What blog are you reading? When did we start talking about terrorism? We’re talking about communism here, not terrorism. Nice straw man though. Can you honestly say that Red never implied once that democrats are communists? Do I really need quotes on this one?

  17. The current leadership of the Democratic Party are nothing like the Democrats from the days of Harry Truman and JFK.

    The current leadership of the Democratic Party are, in my opinion, Democratic Socialist Communists, and their agenda is in near complete agreement with the agenda of the Communist Party USA. I challenge anyone to show me how the agenda of today’s Democratic Party is different in any significant way from the following:

    Program of the Communist Party USA

    Author: 28th National Convention
    First published: 05/19/2006 04:45 by the Communist Party, USA

    The Road to Socialism USA:
    Unity for Peace, Democracy, Jobs and Equality

    Many voters who have been lifelong Democrats, but who are not Marxists, have come to this realization and have left the Democrat[ic Socialist Communist] Party. The number of people who consider themselves Democrats fell to a two-year low in July.

    Math, people are waking up to the fact that Obama is not only “family friends” with violent, self-admitted Communist Revolutionaries who bombed police stations, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Capitol building (and may have even played a role in the 9/11/2001 attacks), Obama is now making self-admitted Communist Revolutionaries into unelected, unconfirmed (no Senate confirmation) “Czars”.

    More and more life-long Democrats are coming to the same realization that life-long Democrat Zell Miller came to years ago:

    A National Party No More:
    The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat

    by Zell Miller

  18. Aaron says:

    Implying that Democrats–a party of politicians and supporters there of who are actively seeking to implement a communist government / economic system–are communist, is not the same as labeling it to all muggles who lived under the Soviet communist regime. If there were any Dems who are NOT a part of that party’s collective communist efforts, then they are free to become independents, unlike Soviet civilians. Further, that was a nice attempt at pulling a quick switch by swapping Democrats into the subject when we were talking about Soviet civilians in order to facilitate your point, but it failed for the fact that it has just been exposed.

    As for your attempted terrorism distraction, nice try but I never brought up the subject of terrorism. I brought up the fact that YOU accused Mr Red of labeling all civilians living under the Soviet oppression as automatically communist. I then pointed out that it’s the same as saying he labeled all civilians living in Saudi Arabia as terrorists, which it is.

    As for feeling straw-manned, consider it a taste of your own medicine.

  19. avery davis says:

    If everyone else run out of oil,they come and get our.We are Fool for not useding are own.

  20. Aaron says:

    They can’t get us if we are well defended, hence the need to maintain strong national defense. Further, they can come for it and offer to buy it and when they do, we’ll price gouge them for it just like they’re doing to us now.

  21. westexan says:

    The planet is in the continuous process of creating new oil. For example all dead and decaying matter such as Plankton of the seas, the very major part of the planets ecosystem that also produces more than half the earth’s oxygen also produces vast amounts of fossil fuels as it dies and falls to the sea floors. That is only one source of the continuous source that is replenishing the fossil fuels we now use for energy. The major oil producers of the world have pulled off the greatest scam in the history of mankind in convincing the industrial nations that we are running out of petroleum reserves. The world will never deplete that resource and cannot until or unless mother nature herself becomes dormant, and if that happens we will not be needing fossil fuels anyway. The Haynesville shell of Texas and Louisiana has just been found to be larger than the oilfields of Saudi Arabia. There is enough natural gas in this one field to last America for 100 years. The Haynesville shell field runs from Fort Worth Texas east to central Louisiana. A stretch of about 350-400 miles in distance.

  22. Aaron says:

    From what I’ve gathered about the new theories/copncepts concerning the renewability of oil (so far), it still concerns me that we may be using it a little faster than we’re getting it back. While I don’t necessarily think that is the case, it does concern me that many oil fields, especially throughout west Texas, are not drawing as much oil as they once did.

    It would not surprise me to learn that the oil (and other energy) companies had something to do with that (if it is, in fact, a scam). The fact that all the green lefties jumped on it as well is just expected. I wonder it it is possible to setup a long-term experiment to gauge with at least some reliability, the actual amount of time it takes for decaying bio-matter to turn into oil. Government schools tell us it takes millions of years, yet have nothing concrete to support that, only circumstantial evidence (presented as absolute proof) and theories which seem to all fit together under what the government tells us.

  23. westexan says:

    The ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface. More than 95% of the underwater world remains unexplored. Most of the Arctic, especially offshore, is essentially UNexplored with respect to petroleum. The Arctic Circle encompasses about 6% of the earth’s surface. The Arctic Continental Shelves “may” constitute the geogrphically largest unexplored so called “prospective” area for petroleum in the world. Just recently oil was discovered at the depth of 35,000 feet in one area of the ocean (???) that is said to possibily be the largest oil field in the world that has ever been discovered to date. There is another natural gas field on the east coast that is approx the size of the Haynesville Shell field in Tx and Louisiana. There are newly drilled wells, both oil and gas, that are shut in and not being produced here in the States. Why? The price isn’t right for the oil producers. There is so much to this we could never commence to even discuss a it here. It’s all about greed. I know what I am talking about, I have been (among other things) in the petroleum industry for decades. Another little known fact is when the Arctic leases were opened for bidding, the major oil producers bid them so high the small independant oil companies could not compete. They couldn’t bid. This was to drive the small independants out of the oil industry. Now the majors control everything everywhere and that allows them to manipulate the prices. The American producers are happy to let OPEC set the global market (prices) because that keeps the monkey (so to speak) off their backs here at home. If it had not been for American technology in the oil industry the Arabian oil fields and OPEC would never have existed. Same goes for Venezuela, Mexico, and some of the other third world countries.

  24. Aaron says:

    Bidding out smaller competitors like that is blatant anti-competitive practice and a violation of anti-trust law, if there is enough evidence to support all that, one could bring the feds in to bust that up. I don’t know how anti-trust law affects land/mineral rights purchase outside US jurisdiction, but those companies are/have subsidiaries based in the US which CAN be hit for anti-trust violations.

    As far as 35,000 ft depth in one ocean area, we must remember that the deepest recorded part of the Ocean is the Marianas Trench, estimated to be just over 16,000 ft deep. That much farther below the ocean floor will be hard to reach with current technology, though I do eventually think it could be done. I was happy to see Bush lift the executive order that banned coastal drilling, Maybe we can get a supportive congress to do their part and lift the similar law banning it in 2010 or 2012.

    American tech was certainly the leader in oil drilling and refining. However, much of the oil drilling and refining plants/equipment in the Middle East were built by British companies. In the ’60s and ’70s, under the military shield of the Soviets, the middle eastern governments simply nationalized all that equipment without paying to purchase them or compensating the companies they stole from. Basically, the middle-eastern governments are little more than common thieves/extortionists. I’ll be glad when they run out of oil and show that they really have nothing to offer the rest of the world. Strong national defense can keep them from trying their extortion once we don’t need them, though they’d probably just go back to hijacking airliners.

  25. westexan says:

    I have (in the past) been employed by BP (British Petroleum) although I have been with most the known companies (western) in the industry. There are a number of construction companies that build drilling rigs and offshore platforms worldwide , equipment. I was referring to drilling technologies, sisemic surveys, logging, core annalysis, even fracturing, and etc etc etc.The 35,000 foot well is the depth of the well, not the sea. I don’t recall what the ocean depth is. That is not too deep at all. Even in places like Cyonosa Tx they heve been drilling at 18,000-25,000 feet since the 1950s. The following is not the 35,000 foot well I was referring to but it will do untill I can locate the other. But the seas seem to be our energy future so long as petroleum is the source. American companies explored and proved most the oilfields for those countries, and most all of them, just like Venezuela kicked the Americans out and siezed their holdings. Actually the greedy B—— deserves it but now we are at the mercy of foriegn oil as well as domestic oil. I think solar energy will soon be the going thing for private homes, cars may become wind-up contraptions before its all over with LOL.

    Another point of interest is “the plankton” thrives best in cold areas. It would seem to follow, the colder waters will be the more productive. Just think what might lie underneath the surfaces of ANTArctica. Thankfully I will never have to go there, the Arctic was bad enough to say the least, even when I was young.

  26. westexan says:

    By the way, Aaron, did you ever go under the name of “Zaphod2016”?

  27. westexan says:

    Aaron, biomass will begin to generate “gasses” almost instantly at the beginning of decomposition. Methane is the principle component of natural gas. Those Arctic leases were bought up back in the 1950s? I believe. The US Navy is the one who discovered the Alaskan North Slope oilfield(s). However there was a soda jerk (drugstore employ or owner don’t remember which) who had aquired some of those mineral rights for pennies before the fields were discovered. So the story goes he made $$$$$$$billions when the bidding begin. :)

  28. Aaron says:

    No, I have never posted under any other name on this blog. I only recently discovered it while reading Michelle Malkin’s blog site.

  29. It is normal for companies to discover billions of barrels of new oil every year, but this year’s pace is unusually brisk. New oil discoveries have totaled about 10 billion barrels in the first half of the year

  30. Every time the Democrat[ic Soclialist]s restrict us from accessing our own oil, (whether that be in the Gulf, in oil shale, or in ANWR), we are sending money to Communist and Islamic countries to buy oil that we could have acquired ourselves.

    For 40 years, every time we pay at the gas pump, we have been funding the Islamic Revival

    From a Western perspective, two of the most important events that inspired the resurgence were the Arab oil embargo and subsequent quadrupling of the price of oil in the mid 1970s, and the 1979 Iranian Revolution that established an Islamic republic in Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini. The first created a flow of many billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia to fund Islamic books, scholarships, fellowships, and mosques around the world…

    Drill Here! Drill Now!

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