Obama Clings to Religion … to Muster Support for ObamaCare

Barack “we are not a Christian nation” Obama is taking his national socialist healthcare to the churches. The man and his propaganda ministers are diabolical. How low can they go? Aren’t these the same Americans Obama held in such utter contempt? You know,”clinging to their guns and their religion”. How patently false, depraved …… they condescend to the believing non-believers. Yes, it irks me when human secularists think so little of the little people that they’ll manipulate the belief in G-d to herd the masses onto the trains. They are void of morality and ethics.

One can only marvel at the machinery the left has in place across the broad spectrum of American life. From the unions to the unitarians to the universalists, this land was usurped by the left wing national socialists.

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7 Responses to Obama Clings to Religion … to Muster Support for ObamaCare

  1. Neil says:

    Yeah, but notice how the ACLU / “separation!” types are up in arms over all of Obama’s God-talk.

    Oh, wait, they aren’t protesting at all, because:
    1. They know he’s a fake.
    2. They don’t proteste “religious” views they agree with.

    Loads of hypocrisy. In a way, it is good, because they convict themselves better than anyone else can.

    The Obama Healthscare program violates all sorts of Christian commands:

    1. Don’t covet.

    2. Don’t steal (What else do you call taking other people’s money by force in the name of God to give to someone else? Jesus didn’t say, “Take from neighbor A to give to neighbor B,” He said to give your own money.

    3. Don’t murder (Obama & Co. are pro-abortion all the way and he is on record saying it should be a standard part of health care (for the mother, not the other human being in the equation) and that private health care offerings must participate as well.

    4. Don’t lie. (They lie over and over in advancing their plan, such as hiding the single payer and abortion motives).

    5. Using the Lord’s name in vain (How dare they say Jesus would support their plan without backing it up from the Bible and taking the whole Bible seriously?).

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  3. Sallyven says:

    Have you seen this? Interesting blog by one of the 1,000 Rabbis included on Obama’s conference call the other day, pushing his healthcare reform.


  4. Sallyven,

    Thank you for your comment and that link. Very interesting.

    On a different, but related note, Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly lied about what the Bible says.

    If she’ll lie about the Bible, she’ll lie about anything.

    And Barack doesn’t seem to be much better.

  5. …the Jewish New Year won’t take place until September 18th. In fact, today marks the beginning of the month of Elul, the last month before the New Year begins. And yet the president said “shanah tovah [happy new year] to all of you.” This is kind of like wishing people “Merry Christmas” on Thanksgiving.

    …the hold music on the line, through no apparent fault of the White House or the Religious Action Center, which sponsored the call, was “Deutschland Über Alles.” A number of rabbis apparently expressed discomfort with this choice of music as well.

    – From Hot Air Obamateurism of the Day

  6. westexan says:

    In all my studies I find Obama to be of the lineage of Cain’s wife. She being “that other Eve” of the daughters of men found in Genesis 6:2

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