Obama and His Grandmother

Obama invokes grandmother’s death in health debate

But he didn’t take his daughters with him to see their great-grandmother before she died.

Why not?

What does that say about him?

It sure gives the impression that his thoughts about his grandmother revolve around how he can use her as a tool in his political career.

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One Response to Obama and His Grandmother

  1. adai Goldman says:

    mmmm, I going to have to agree with you. He seems to only present them when he needs to connect with a certain element of the population. Other than that, he is acting as if those people in Kenya were the ones responsible for raising, and educating him. I’m sorry, as a biracial person from a divorced couple, I always exalt the side I that stuck by me. I have no need to hold up my fathers family, either in Jersey or Ireland, when I barely know them.

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