Communist Party ObamaCare Talking Points

Summer Health Care fight heats up!
Author: CPUSA National Board

Klan-like lynching atmosphere

Follow that link and read what the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) National Board has to say about the current fight over ObamaCare. The lies, distortions, and projections are many.

And these CPUSA talking points are being repeated by Democrats (really Democratic Socialist Communists) in the MSM (Marxist Socialist Media). As Ed Morrissey explains:

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Steny Hoyer have called the constituents speaking out against ObamaCare at town halls “un-American,” and that didn’t slow them down. Will calling them “racists” do it? MS-NBC’s Ed Schultz tosses a softball to Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), last seen being flummoxed by his own constituents last week. At the time, Dingell dismissed his critics as “infiltrators.” Today, they’re the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan

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30 Responses to Communist Party ObamaCare Talking Points

  1. tanker says:

    CPUSA and the Democrats are echoing each other. They are converging, openly, and not because the commies are moving right.

    You have something there in the level of rhetoric flying at the protestors. It started with “right wing extremists”, but is being ramped up to racist, KKK, unAmerican, thug. They are trying to prepare the ground for something, maybe escalating violence, that they can pin on the protestors. Which Alinsky rules are we seeing?

    RULE 6: “A good tactic is one ‘my people’ enjoy.”

    RULE 10: “If I push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to my side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.

    RULE 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    BO’s silence on this is complicity, and confirmation of my worst fears.

  2. Tanker,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Please see a post I made in March of last year:

    Obama Nation: Using Racism In Order To Form A More Socialist Union

  3. “Aren’t we radicals? Isn’t socialism our objective?

    Change is Here, Change is Coming

  4. Irwin says:

    For those who are concerned about Socialism, I ask you to examine your daily life. Did you attend public school where you got a good education for free because the government paid for it? Do you or your elderly relatives get health care costs paid partially through medicare? When you buy food in your local store are you aware that the prices are reasonable because farmer’s receive subsidies to help the stay in business? If you travel by public transportation or AMTRAK, you don’t pay outrageous prices for the tickets because transportation is subsidized? There are plenty of other examples that are not included here. Our society thrives because we pay our taxes and rely upon various government services to keep our society viable.. If you are really afraid that any intervention by government is bad, then stop going to school, pay for all your medical care out of your pocket , don’t use public transportation, and stop buying subsidized food products. I am tired of hearing the word socialism from the hypocrites who benefit from government largesse but have no idea of what socialism is.

  5. Aaron says:

    For the socialism shill:

    My public education was mediocre at best, and I was an A-B student. The only good education I got was through a specialized, PRIVATE university (ERAU), which I paid for with benefits I EARNED through mil service. That and my own learning in subjects that interest me.

    Medicare is the CAUSE of skyrocketing elderly healthcare costs. It would be easier to get and far cheaper if not for that program. Their arbitrary decision to pay only a portion of the listed price on the medical bills they receive forced prices up to offset and set a precedent for what is now a major problem throughout the industry.

    Farm subsidies make us pay for our food at the register and again in our tax bills. Even if food prices went up without farm subsidies, I’d still rather pay a little more for my food once than have to pay for it TWICE. Further, farm subsidies actually pay farmers to NOT produce, artificially cutting supply and keeping prices up. For more on that, look up the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

    AMTRAK is bad joke. For every dollar it gets in revenue, it uses $2. It’s safety record is the worst in the rail industry. Even Greyhound buses are safer. Just another case of the government keeping an unnecessary and unwanted industry on taxpayer life-support. Air’s superiority has rendered passenger rail obsolete. That’s why AMTRAK can’t stand on its own. As for you crying about the price of air fares, they’d be easier to afford if so much of my money WASN’T wasted on garbage like AMTRAK

    In all of the plenty of other examples you have, where the private sector delivers the same or similar service, the private sector is superior in every way, including cost. Allow me to preclude any lefties out there by reminding them that the total cost of a service provided by the government is the sum or both the upfront price AND the tax dollars subsidizing it. So while you go in and use the service, you’re also making everyone else pay what that you’re “buying”.

    Theft is the involuntary transfer of wealth from one party to another. Whether by gun point or government mandate, it is still theft. Socialism is theft. For all Jews and Christians, Socialism is a direct violation of the LORD’s 8th Commandment of the Book of Exodus in both the Torah and Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

  6. Very well said, Aaron!

    Thank you for your comment.

  7. Newssleuth says:

    When my Grandma taught school the people in the area pooled their own money to build the school and pay the teacher.

    In California, public schools used to get their money directly from the property taxes collected in their districts. Now the state takes all of that money and redistributes it to all the school districts more “equally.” The school districts that had more money from property taxes lost money to districts with less money from property taxes.

    What started out as a community effort to provide schooling has grown into a huge financial mess with the money controlled at the state level.

    Now all the school districts are all broke and scrambling for money.

  8. Ryan says:

    Oh this is just awesome stuff.

    So newssleuth – you think the quality of schools in California should be directly correlated to the assessed value of the homes in the neighborhood?

  9. Ryan says:

    Aaron, so you believe that everyone should fend for himself when it comes to medical care. The poor, and those people who can’t get insurance due to medical conditions they were born with should just find a corner and die, so as not to bother you and your capitalist buddies? Is that what Jesus was said to have taught?

  10. Ryan Says:

    Is that what Jesus was said to have taught?

    Speaking of what Jesus taught, what did Jesus teach us to do in order to deal with poverty?

    That is very different from what Obama thinks we need to do… Obama vs. Jesus.

  11. Math says:

    I’m wondering how it’s going to work out for the poor when they take their gospel to the store to buy such luxuries like food and shelter.

  12. Aaron says:


    If you weren’t so busy stuffing a straw-man of my post you would’ve noticed I said NOTHING of the sort. I’d applaud your effort, but your typical leftist gamesmanship just makes me yawn.

    To answer your attempt at invoking Christ’s name and His teachings, I’d remind everyone of the innumerable charities, many of which run or have ran in the past, free/discount clinics or drives/events/activities to provide health services for the truly needy. Unlike all those left-wingers who just make noise at protests and demand action from someone else (the government), those charity employees and volunteers are taking real action for their causes and making a real difference. In addition, many young med professionals use those opportunities to build their experience and their resumes for their careers. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved, brought to you by an entity NOT with the government.

    You see, that is example of a VOLUNTARY transfer of wealth, the kind where good folks WILLINGLY gave some their time, skill, or money to support a cause they CHOSE to support. I shouldn’t have to spell out how that differs from socialism, but I’m sure some left-winger will try to draw an equivalency between the two.

    As for your little bit about everyone fending for their own health, given the damage that government intervention has caused I would much rather buy and pay for my own healthcare straight up. No insurance, no government, nothing but me and the doctor. It would certainly be cheaper to afford with no government involved.

  13. Ryan says:

    I would much rather buy and pay for my own healthcare straight up. No insurance, no government, nothing but me and the doctor. It would certainly be cheaper to afford with no government involved.

    You’d change your tune in a real hurry if you needed more than you could afford. So it is your opinion that people only deserve the health care that they can pay for directly, or that nice Christians will donate to them, if they so choose?


  14. Ryan,

    You seem to dream of a Socialist Utopia. But the record of history shows that Socialism and Communism do not create a Utopia. Just the opposite… they make everyone (except the party officials) equally poor.

    You would do well to listen to Phil Donahue make the same arguments you make, and listen to Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman’s responses:

  15. Milton Friedman won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences “for his achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy”. He showed that the Great Depression was triggered by the actions of the Federal Reserve, which encouraged speculation.

  16. The goal of socialism is communism.

    -Vladimir Lenin

    Capitalism >> Communism

  17. Aaron says:

    And the socialist shill falls back to another desperate tactic. Telling his opposition that they would “change their tune if…”, but just like his desperate straw-man attempts (anything beginning with “So you…”), this one is another FAIL.

    You see, Ryan, I actually do my research in the subject and know about two magnificent concepts, both under assault right now by the left in their maniacal onslaught to force this universal nightmare on everyone else

    1. Health Savings Accounts: these little jewels allow people to setup their personal health funds ahead of time, the money contributed to HSAs is also pre-tax, thus reducing your taxable income and rewarding personal responsibility.

    2. Catastrophic health insurance policies: These are FAR less expensive than regular health ins policies because they cover those certain afflictions which usually run your medical costs higher than you can afford.

    You put those two together, and you’ve covered your health costs. What’s better is that you did it on your own, instead of by demanding that your neighbors, friends, distant relatives, total strangers, and your children pay for it.

    So no, my tune doesn’t change, regardless of the situation. I keep myself prepared ahead of time for such problems. And one more thing that is unfamiliar to the likes of socialist shills like you, Christians and conservatives in general donate FAR more to charity than atheists and left-wingers. It is socialists like you who want to kill that, hence D-Congress’ assault on charitable donation tax benefits.

    Finally, no you don’t deserve ANYTHING you can’t pay for, be it transportation, the services of health professionals, housing, ANYTHING. If you got it without paying for it, then it was either through the good graces of someone nice enough to give it to you (which there is nothing wrong with someone WILLINGLY giving to others, be it through donation, volunteerism, or otherwise), or you stole it. If the government gave it to you, then you stole it from everyone in your community.

  18. Well said, Aaron.

    Touching on the concepts in your last paragraph…

    Charity is wonderful, an to be encouraged. But forced redistribution of wealth, which Obama has clearly advocated, is equivalent to government-run organized crime.

    Former Congressman Bob McEwen does a really good job explaining some of these issues. His videos are well worth watching.

  19. Ryan says:

    Finally, no you don’t deserve ANYTHING you can’t pay for, be it transportation, the services of health professionals, housing, ANYTHING

    Does that apply to children? What about single mothers who leave abusive situations? Screw ’em you say. Modern societies take care of those less fortunate, but you liken it to taking care of the lazy. How charitable of you.

    My son once stayed in the hospital for four months, receiving life saving care by a team of doctors that would have cost us $25,000 per day in the US. We would have lost our home, and gone bankrupt had we had to pay for it. Absolutely everyone I’ve told of this story has been thrilled that their Canadian tax dollars went to something so worthwhile. But I’m sure you would rather spend your tax dollars bombing the middle east.

  20. Point of Information:

    A fair number of the negative commenters at my blog come from IP addresses outside of the U.S.

    Ryan comes to us from British Columbia, Canada.

    Math has commented from both Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Frin comments from Australia.

    It’s interesting how I don’t see a lot of comments in agreement with them coming from the U.S.

    Capitalists outnumber Socialists in the good ole’ U.S. of A.

    So, how did Obama and the Democrats (Democratic Socialists) get elected? They lied and covered up and pretended to be something other than what they are.

    Some of us knew in March of 2008 what “CHANGE” Obama wanted. Others are just now figuring it out. We tried to warn them before the election, but now that “Change has come”, the sleeping giant of American Conservatism has been awakened.

    Sometimes you have to have a Carter to get a Reagan.

  21. Ryan says:

    First of all, Mr. Pill, I don’t mind people knowing from where I post. I am from BC, Canada. But it should be said that your posting of our whereabouts is a violation of our privacy, in my opinion, and is quite rude, considering that you remain completely anonymous. And why would my location mean anything to you? I can still have an opinion. Is it your opinion that the opinion of Americans is more valuable? Where I sit right now, I can see the US border out my window. We’re not that far apart.

    You are talking here about a health care plan idea for the United States that, as a resident of Canada, I have experience with. A great deal of experience. You would rather make wild baseless accusations about this plan that talk to someone who lives with it, and has his whole life.

    You completely ignore my opinions, even though they are based on real experience, and that indicates you are not interested in the truth.

    It’s completely fine to be against this plan – it’s really a tough call, and there are problems both ways. But you need to stop this whole communist conspiracy theory. You really need help.

  22. Ryan,

    If I posted your email address, that would be a violation of your privacy.

    Posting a city, region, and/or country you post from, not so much.

    I comment proudly from the USA. I was born and raised in the Northeast, and went to college and reside in the Southeast.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, and I don’t think my opinion is better or worse than yours. But I don’t spend a lot of time telling people in other countries how their government should be more capitalistic, and I don’t really appreciate people in other countries telling us how our government should be more socialistic.

    I don’t ignore your opinions, I just take them with a grain of salt. People who like the Canadian system better than the U.S. system are free to move to Canada. In fact, a lot of Hollywood stars said they would move to Canada if George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004, but when he won, they didn’t keep their promise. Why not? Because they like it better here.

    I remind you that Vladimir Lenin himself said that the goal of Socialism is Communism.

    I remind you that the Communist Party USA has a program called “The Road to Socialism USA“, which makes it clear that Socialism is just the first step. The real destination is not Socialism, but rather Communism.

    It’s not Communist conspiracy theory, it’s Communist conspiracy fact. They have taken over much of the education system in the United States. They have totally distorted the truth about what made America great. They have taught people to be ashamed of America and go around apologizing for America.

    Freedom-loving Americans are fed up with that garbage and want a return to America’s foundational principles.

    Listen to what Ed Morrissey has to say:

  23. Aaron says:

    Ryan, playing the children card in your attempt to demonize me was low. It is the intellectual equivalent of using them as human shields. Pelosi famously played that card in 2006 when she paraded a handful of kids on stage and hid behind them while taking shots at Bush over S-CHIP. As left-wingers constantly stoop to such low levels to attack their opposition, it only makes me yawn. I’ll compliment your second attempt to straw-man me only for learning not to start with, “So you…” but it was still obvious. Nice try.

    Also, your claim about “modern societies” is typical leftist double-speak. You’re merely substituting socialist for the word “modern” in a subtle attempt to label me and others as backwards and uncivilized. It displays the arrogance typical of leftists.

    The truth is that SOCIALIST societies label the lazy, irresponsible, and even criminal as “underpriviledged” and “poor” so they can take money from hard-working, skilled, and talented people that you label as “rich” and “corporate corrupt”. Socialists claim that people have all sorts of new “rights” to certain things. That is another double-speak, substiting entitlement with the word “right”. And for your, “How charitable…” comment, when I give my time, money, skills, or service to a charitable cause, it is only the fruit of MY OWN labor that I am giving. Unlike you, who is only so giving with the fruits of OTHER PEOPLE’S labor, but I suppose that is charitability in socialism.

    Two short side notes: 1. I am a contracter employee in Mosul, Iraq. Ryan will probably call me a Blackwater child-killer and accuse me of bombing the middle-east, raping infants, and secretly conspiring with Bush to kill totally innocent people for that, but doing so only indicates the type of person he is.

    2. Everyone has probably noticed that my posts are long. The problem is that it takes as much post length to properly deal with the typical drive-by, bumper sticker, talking point posts. Also, I like to parade the cheap tricks and underhanded moves lefties make for everyone to see.

  24. Great job, Aaron!

    only so giving with the fruits of OTHER PEOPLE’S labor, but I suppose that is charitability in socialism.

    Exactly. Robin Hood is not a hero… he is a Robbing Hoodlum. How is it noble to be “charitable” with stolen goods?

    Christian Capitalists believe in prosperity, and giving at least 10% to minister to the needs of others.

    Godless Socialists don’t believe it’s their obligation to give at least 10% of their income to minister to the needs of others. Rather, they believe it is their obligation to “soak the rich” and make them pay for government-run social programs.

    How charitable is Barack Obama? Well, in the five year period from from January 2000 to December 2004, Barack Obama’s income tax returns show an AGI of over $200,000 each year. So, he made over a million dollars in that five year period of time. How much did he give in charitable contributions? An average of less than 1%. Not ten percent… less than one percent.

    So Ryan, don’t lecture us on “How charitable…”

    Go lecture “Dear Leader”!

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