ObamaCare: Words, Just Words

In case you haven’t already seen them, watch the two videos in the first two comments below…

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4 Responses to ObamaCare: Words, Just Words

  1. Trevor Hilton says:

    When you go out today, be sure to wave to the black helicopter and the black sedan that Duh One will have following you. You’re probably on that “fishy” list he’s writing up.

  2. Math says:

    Why did you have to post this Trevor you’ll be on the list too now! :-(

    But you know what you just found a great way to boost the economy: they’ll have to buy cars (Ford or GM of course), choppers, pilots and drivers to follow everyone around! With your plan, because it takes at least 2 people to follow one person, you can guarantee a job for 2/3 of the country! You’re truly a genius Trevor.

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