Those who can’t handle the truth, try to silence those who speak it.

On July 2nd, 2009 at 11:38 am, old goat said:

My high school son has been attending a science field trip at a university. ALL speakers on global warming and how we’re doomed etc… Until yesterday. A prof formally from the oil industry spoke about all the new gas advances, cleaning techniques, our oil we can’t touch, how rich we would be if we had been using that instead of mid east oil etc… The head honcho borrowed a piece of paper, wrote him a note and the speaker said “I guess I need to stop now” and they got out 1/2 hr early for lunch. lol! Wonder if the poor guy still has a job?

And that scenario has happened over, and over, and over, and over again.

Those who can’t handle the truth,
try to silence those who speak it.

The proven oil reserves of this country are over three times the size of the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. The only reason that we are not 100% energy independent, and even an oil EXPORTER, is because the Democratic Socialist Communists are in control and won’t allow it.


Update: The masks slips for global-warming activists

The entire point of the global movement to arrest energy production is to punish the industrial nations for their wealth. This is just redistributionism writ large. They don’t want to limit carbon emissions per se; they just want the right people to emit carbon. Nations like the US, the UK, and other Western nations would have to be out of their minds to agree to a regime that allows China and India to emit far more carbon per capita than themselves, in order to meet some Utopian ideal of “fairness” in economic success.

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