“Liberation Theology” – Orwellian, Indeed.

There were many influences on Peoples Temple and on Jonestown. Peoples Temple was a blend of the beliefs and movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and Liberation Theology was one the most influential of those beliefs, a belief that still shapes the world we live in today.

“Reverend” Jeremiah Wright’s Talking Points

“Black Liberation Theology” is Racist and Marxist

“Reverend” Wright: “Them Jews” – Oops! “Them Zionists

It’s the Theology, Stupid

Many who studied the subject believe Liberation Theology began in 1961 when in an unprecedented act, the World Council of Churches (WCC) invited the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) to join the organization. Unknown to the WCC, the ROC was a KGB appendage, staffed by intelligence officers. I know this well because of my experience in Israel and Jerusalem.

The Soviets took advantage of the invitational opportunity and sent Metropolitan Nikodim (then of Leningrad), the ROC’s second ranking prelate, to the WCC assembly. He espoused a doctrine known as Liberation Theology which was eagerly accepted by Latin American priests and bishops. Its revolutionary philosophy soon became a vehicle for violent change in Latin America as well as Africa and Southeast Asia.

They proposed to combine the teachings of Jesus with the teachings of Marx as a way of justifying violent revolution to overthrow the economics of capitalism.

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11 Responses to “Liberation Theology” – Orwellian, Indeed.

  1. MatrixWatcher says:

    Oh wait… where are Jax and Ed?

    20 years of hatred attendence by the Obama’s every Sunday under Rev “G_d Damn America” and patronage of the nutjob racist quoted and seen in this video. Remember, Obama had no problems with the Black Muslim hater of whites. Until he was running for the whitehouse. Then suddenly… swoosh… the messiah dropped the black muslim brother.

    ITTRP, you are so mean to post this. You should be flogged. It is obvious the Obamas never believed or honored any of these people.

  2. My 1st comment above was supposed to show three videos, but it looks like WordPress only embeds the last of the three links.

    I’ll repeat the three links individually so that they each embed in the correct order…

    Here’s the first:

  3. Second:

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  4. Google and YouTube are run by Communist tools.

    They censor anything that is harmful to “Dear Leader”.

    Those who can’t handle the truth,
    try to silence those who speak it.

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  7. Speaking of Orwellian…

    If the press reported it, the retort would prove rather embarrassing — which may be why the Associated Press scrubbed it from their coverage of the event. A search for “If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles a gallon” turned up 26 hits last night at 7:15 pm ET, most of them Associated Press links or links to their affiliates. In each of those, the quote was removed in later editing

    Commenter ted c has it right…

    The Memory Hole(™) appears to be fully operational, no?

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