Obama, Muslims, and Women’s Rights

While Obama has taken his wife Michelle with him on many trips, to the best of my knowledge, Obama has never brought Michelle with him when he has visited a Muslim country.

What message does that send?

PUMA Democrat Texas Darlin wrote an excellent post:
Obama Skips Golden Chance to Remind World that Women’s Rights are Human Rights

“With women being stoned, raped, abused, battered, mutilated, and slaughtered on a daily basis across the globe, violence that is so often perpetrated in the name of religion, the most our president can speak about is protecting their right to wear the hijab?”

– Peter Daou, liberal Obama supporter

I am not sure what Obama’s purpose was in delivering his 56-minute speech to the Muslim world Thursday… Sadly, Obama passed on the historic opportunity to remind an attentive target audience that women’s rights are human rights .

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