The Road to Communism, and Obama’s Driving Us Down It

The Road to Socialism Communism.

Socialism will usher in a new era in this county. The great wealth of the U.S. will for the first time be for the benefit of all the people. Foreign policy will be based on mutual respect, peace, and solidarity. The people’s democratic rights will be guaranteed and expanded. Racial, gender, and social equality will be the basis of domestic policies and practices. Socialism is not a dream, but a necessity to working people’s lives. Only socialism has the solutions to the problems of capitalism in this country.

The struggles for the immediate demands and reforms needed by working people today are essential steps toward our ultimate goals of the revolutionary transformation of society and the economy, toward socialism and then communism. The constant battles over issues large and small are where workers learn the lesson that more fundamental changes are necessary and that people need socialism to have a truly humane society.

We, the working people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, need socialism, a system based on people’s needs, not on corporate greed.

The Communist Party has a program to get us there.

The goal of socialism is communism.

-Vladimir Lenin

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