Religion + Politics = Hate Mail

An excellent post by Pink Elephant Pundit:
Religion + Politics = Hate Mail

(tom, this one’s especially for you :-)

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4 Responses to Religion + Politics = Hate Mail

  1. Jonah says:

    I even love the babies that the left is so insistent on making optional. I’m simply coming from the perspective that you cannot allow that responsibility to be placed in government hands.

    What an interesting juxtaposition of sentences! The first is the heart of the pro-life movement, while the second is the heart of the pro-choice movement.

  2. Jonah,

    If you want to debate her juxtaposition of sentences, leave a comment on her blog.

    If you want my stand on abortion, here it is…

    While I certainly have spiritual reasons for believing God knows children in their mother’s womb, I can also address this from a purely secular, scientific standpoint.

    Every cell in the mother’s body has the mother’s DNA.
    Every cell in the child’s body has the child’s DNA.
    There are two unique sets of DNA,
    representing two unique human beings.

    Pregnancy is a temporary condition where one or more human beings are dependent on and residing within the body of another human being.

    Claims that abortion is the mother’s “right” because it is “her body” are simply wrong. I don’t care if a woman wants to have a kidney removed. That operation truly would be about “her body”, and it’s none of my business. But I do care if a woman wants to have one or more children in her womb destroyed and removed. That’s not about “her body”. It’s about the lives of those children. Abortion is the intentional termination of another person’s life. Abortion is murder.

    If the biological mother does not want to raise those children, let her carry them to term and put them up for adoption. Many Americans who want children currently have to travel halfway around the world and pay tens of thousands of dollars to communist governments in order to adopt a child. “Unwanted” children are not “unwanted” at all…there are parents out there for them, whether or not the biological parents want them.

    The left often likes to claim that they are the “compassionate” ones, and claim that conservatives are “heartless”. The left often likes to claim that they care about “the little guy”, the “weakest among us”. If that were true, the left would be pro-life.

    Life itself is endowed by our Creator.
    Life itself is a God-given, unalienable right.
    And it was for the purpose of securing our God-given unalienable rights that our government was instituted in the first place! So yes, our government should be involved in protecting the unborn’s unalienable right to Life.

    Abortion, the Declaration of Independence, the Bible, and the First Amendment

  3. Jonah says:

    Yeah, you’re right, we’ve already had this debate before. I thought it was civil and productive enough last time that I don’t really feel the need to have it again.

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