British Citizen Encourages American Tea Parties

The following was written the day before the Tea Parties, by a British citizen who understands what is at stake for us…

To all of my dear and beloved American friends;

 Tomorrow is a day which shall be remembered as the day when Americans decided to retake their country from the left, from Marxism, from appeasement and cowardice. It especially should be a day when Americans finally stand up and take back their country from the thieves who sought not only their money, but their freedom as well. I expect nothing less from Americans who have proven time and time again that they cannot be beaten or intimidated.

 I want to encourage all of you, young and old; this is shaping up to be probably one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. It is not only for your generation, but for countless others which follow. America was never meant to meet such a demise, at the hands of such people, as those who are currently working harder than ever to eradicate your glorious place among nations. It is totally in your hands now.

 The battle against Marxism is as holy an endeavor as any that man has undertaken. This will require sacrifice and hardship; the result of which will ensure future generations enjoy the same freedom, that those who came before you bestowed upon yours. You must understand that everybody has a duty, to lay down their very lives if need be, to uphold and defend freedom. No man shall be exempt from such a task. I know in my heart that such discipline and honor are found in abundance among the men and women of the United States. It is time that you reach down inside of you and bring forth the spirit that will abolish this madness forever.

 I never thought that this would be an issue for America, but times change and therefore we must be able to adapt and rise to the challenge. I offer my most sincere prayers for all of you who will take part in these Tea Parties across America tomorrow. The whole world will know what it means to be free and steadfast against tyranny after witnessing your actions tomorrow. G-d Speed my friends.

P.S. They fear you my friends, they truly fear you. Seize upon this and bring these Marxists to their knees!

“Torchlight”, you’re speaking my language!

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2 Responses to British Citizen Encourages American Tea Parties

  1. Amen bro – could not agree more. Here is some extra food for thought from another red blooded american who has had it up to my cherokee ears with obamanation politics over here.


  2. goldenheart888,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Red Pill

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