“Mr. Transparency” Has Something to Hide

If he didn’t, he’d simply release the documents. 

Instead, he’s paying high-powered L.A. lawyers and bullying those who DARE to question him…

Obama Threatens Keyes and other Eligibility Plaintiffs

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9 Responses to “Mr. Transparency” Has Something to Hide

  1. John says:

    I understand his lawyers _threatened_ to ask for monetary damages, and then submitted their filing without any such request.

    I suspect that they are actually running scared from their own puffery.

    Sure, let them demand and get monetary damages for a procedural technicality in a case related to the elligibility issue. Then, BINGO! They’ve stuck their necks in their own noose and their feet in their own trap!

    Suddenly, the plaintiffs in the case would have standing to sue for the whole bag of worms!


    Actual, tangible redressable harm. Get it?

    The “holy grail” of the eligibility wars. Standing.

    Watch for more bluster, and more cowardly shrinking backward on such threats.

    Or go ahead, give them some money if they ask for it, judge. (Whistle, whistle, shuffles feet, hands in pockets, rolls eyes skyward.)


  2. Betty says:

    Alan Keyes ran against Obama for the Illinois senate seat, I have to wonder why he did not bring it up then? At the time Jack Ryan was running against him and the left managed to unseal Ryans divorce papers which revealed that he had taken his WIFE to a sex club {she did not like it and they proceeded with the divorce} I could never understand why Ryan dropped out unless there was more, and most Illinoisans could not understand importing Keyes from out of state as the opposition. There is just something funny there and I do not know what, but I do not trust either of them

  3. Frin says:

    Mr Pill,

    He did release the document. It was there in real life at FactCheck HQ – you know you could have gone down there and looked at it if you liked. Funny how also those people like Polarik are complaining that the image online is fake – if they really wanted to prove their case, why didn’t they just waltz on in to the office and see the real thing?

    You know, Phil Berg tried to take Bush to court after 9/11, and guess what Bush’s lawyers did? They filed a motion to dismiss, and the case was never heard. Tell me, why did Bush’s lawyers do that? What did he have to hide?

    Berg and Orly et al are filing frivolous law suits (court’s words, not mine) with no basis in law. That is why his lawyers are reserving the right to claim costs (note costs, not damages).

  4. Frin,

    The fraudulent document was produced and “inspected” at the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago, not at the Annenberg Political Fact Check at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Annenberg lied when they claimed:

    FactCheck.org staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate

    It is a fraudulent “Certification of Live Birth”, not an authentic, original “Certificate of Live Birth”. There are significant differences between these two types of documents.

    The State of Hawaii has never claimed that Obama was born in Hawaii, and has never claimed that the document Obama’s campaign produced is authentic.

    There is simply no excuse for Obama to hide his original birth certificate, other than it would expose the complete and utter fraud that has perpetrated upon the American people.

    Patriots will continue to press this issue until the truth comes out.

    Fact Checking Annenberg Political Fact Check

    Parsing the Statement by Dr. Fukino about Barack Hussein Obama’s Official Birth Certificate

    Parsing the Associated Press Story About Barack Hussein Obama’s Official Birth Certificate

    And if you want my thoughts about 9/11, read this.

  5. These briefings are closed press.
    This meeting is closed press.
    This lunch is closed press.
    This meeting is closed press.

    Not only has the White House put a complete muzzle on Biden — an understandable impulse for anyone who’s responsible for what comes out of his mouth — they’ve now closed their meetings with the man they put in charge of Porkulus transparency. A month ago, the White House held a workshop on transparency, which they also closed to the press. Apparently, the workshop succeeded!

    Transparency and accountability — now off limits to the press. That’s either the hallmark of this administration, an admission that Obama botched his VP pick, or a little of both.

  6. “Transparent” White House cracking down hard on leakers

    …it runs counter to Obama’s pledges of openness by making it a crime to shine a light on the inner workings of government…

  7. New DoJ rule a license to lie?
    posted at 2:05 pm on October 27, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

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