Dick Cheney Broke the Law

Dick Cheney, as Vice-President of the U.S. and President of the Senate, broke the law.

He did not follow the specific instructions of the US Code of Federal Regulations Title 3, Chapter 1, Section 15:

the President of the Senate shall call for objections

Cheney did not call for objections.

So Dems, are you going to prosecute Cheney?

I hope you do.

Because doing so would shed light on the fact that the law was broken and the Congressional “certification” of Obama and Biden’s Electoral College votes was illegitimate.

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15 Responses to Dick Cheney Broke the Law

  1. Jonah says:

    Here I was hoping you’d actually have something to say about the first ten days of the Obama presidency. Instead, you’re suggesting that Cheney should be prosecuted because he said “without objection” instead of the traditional “if there be no objections.” Seriously?

  2. Math says:

    They’re really grasping at straws…

  3. Jonah and Math,

    I’ve been very busy offline this week. What I have posted online re: Obama has been mostly at Michelle Malkin’s site, with a little bit in comments to earlier posts here.

    Obama has already been breaking promises (re: transparency and keeping lobbyists out of his administration) in his first 10 days in office.

  4. …the Obama legal team requests that the court take Judicial Notice of something written at Factcheck.org. As if something written at Factcheck.org (a phony baloney name for a shill site if there ever was one) was proof of the matter asserted and just by their making a blog post a Federal Court should simply accept its veracity. Just because a blogger writes a story doesn’t mean that a Federal Court should accept that story as true. It’s patently ridiculous. Additionally, while Hawaii has gone on record to say they have a long form BC, they have never said that the long form BC proves Obama was born in Hawaii. This isn’t really my issue as I believe Obama isn’t eligible wherever he was born, but the way they are spinning words to make thngs look legit must make one wonder why they don’t just show the damn long form BC.

    By this point in time, with Obama already acting as POTUS, and his having been confronted by reserve military… you’d think he might show a military plaintiff some respect. You know, perhaps it might cross his mind to say, “OK, you’re the first person who’s asked to see my BC who I feel has earned the right to see it. So, Mr. Hollister, thank you for serving your country, here’s my long form BC”. But no. He keeps right on fighting this battle which at this point in time is starting to really smell bad.

    The whole post is well worth reading.

    The actions of Obama’s legal team show that they would rather make spurious arguments than produce Obama’s original birth certificate.

    Yet Obama promises to be open, honest and transparent.
    Not just transparent, but the MOST transparent in history…


    The bigger the lie, the more people believe it.

  5. Jonah says:

    I agree that Obama’s transparency hasn’t been perfect so far, but I like a lot of the steps he has taken. The web site, though incomplete, looks promising.

    I’m disappointed in the appointment of William Lynn as Deputy Secretary of Defense. But on the other hand, Gates requested him as his deputy. It’s a tough decision: do you give your cabinet the staff they want, or do you stick by your pledge?

    Still don’t care about the birth certificate.

    Thomas: that was dumb when liberals said it about Bush. It’s still dumb when conservatives say it about Obama.

  6. Jonah,

    Thank you for your comment and your honesty.

    I think it is more important for Obama to be a man of his word and keep his pledge. Gates may have requested Lynn, but Lynn is not the only person capable of being Gates’ deputy. The request for Lynn, a lobbyist, reflects poorly on Gates. But to break the pledge reflects poorly on Obama.

    In regards to Thomas’ “Not my president”…

    I respect the office of the President of the United States. I respect it enough to ensure that any person who wants to hold that office is Constitutionally eligible to hold that office.

    Obama is the first President in our country’s history whose qualifications to hold that office were seriously questioned, and those questions were never properly answered.

    Although recent research has revealed that President Chester Arthur was not qualified, because his father was a British subject at his birth, just like Obama’s, Arthur kept that hidden from his contemporaries by lying, destroying documents, and hiding the fact that his father (who had become a U.S. citizen when Chester was a teenager) was a U.S. citizen when Chester was elected, but not when Chester was born.

    Rev. Rick Warren, during the inauguration, said that Obama was the son of “an African immigrant”. That is not true. Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was never an immigrant to this country. He was a temporary visitor. He never had intentions of staying here, and never even tried to become a U.S. citizen.

    We know for certain that Obama had British citizenship at birth. For people who believe Vattel’s definition of “natural born citizen” was the commonly understood definition at the time of the Constitution’s writing, Obama is disqualified by his birth citizenship to a foreign country.

    For those who don’t believe inherited citizenship matters, and only think birth location matters, we come back to the point that we really don’t have official, certified proof that Obama was born in Hawaii. The simple release of his original birth certificate, directly from the state of Hawaii, could put that part of the issue to rest.

    It would be far simpler and far less expensive to simply release the original birth certificate than it is to have legal teams fight to keep it hidden and squash any attempts to get true transparency.

    Common sense says that Obama has something to hide.

    People who believe in transparency want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  7. John says:

    Why were the children not taken to visit their great-grandmother?
    Racism? Or was it that she’d reveal the truth about his birthplace to those who could not keep such a dirty secret?

    This not taking the children to visit their great-grandmother while she was still alive (if there isn’t some dark secrecy going on that renders even this clause questionable) was an act of callousness that remains inexplicable except by recourse to assuming the worst kind of evil.

    Did he kill his grandmother, too? Legitimate question, given what we do know.

    Never my president.


    P.S. The “stimulus package? A prescription for bankruptcy. $600 million for the digital TV transition? Since when is it government’s business whether or not a person has a working TV? I put my TV in the attic years ago and haven’t watched it since. All lies, debauchery, and decadence. Even during “family” entertainment and “sports” broadcasts, the commercials plumb the depths of obscenity, debauchery, perversion, and subversive degeneracy. Only the fat, lazy, godless and gullible would stoop so low as to waste their time watching TV any more.

    This “economic stimulus” package is just a crowbar to force what was a constitutional democracy to capitulate in the face of overwhelming economic disaster. Now that the communists have both (all) feet in the door, they will proceed openly and directly to subversive destruction while blinding the wide-open eyes of fools with meaningless talk of “hope” and “change”. When the edifice collapses, it will be announced as “change.” When that creates a need for further government intervention in our lives, it will be billed as “hope.” We will be set against each other, the “enemy” held up to be suspected and reviled will be whoever is not willing to give the subversive goon-thugs a free pass. So far from becomming a post-racist post-reconstruction society, we will become a society of “diversity” slaves, a fragmented assortment of special interests with no common bond, all at each other’s throats competing for the dwindling resources purposefully made so in the ancient strategy of divide and conquor. The progressive elites will be ever more obviously just the organized crime gangsters that communists have ever been and always will be, and the “people,” once so grandiosely and heroically championed in the arts, will continue their descent from free individuals to mere proletariat masses to lower than mere slaves of thugs, which is all they ever really have been to the marxist-leninists who never themselves quite believed even their own philosophical rubbish.

    There will never be another free and fair election; this last one, having been neither, proves this. Our time in history reeks of fraud, lies, subversion, cowardice, runaway corruption and irreversible decay. Brought to you by the, yes, communists, who never abandoned their fetid dream of world domination even if they did succeed in convincing the gullible that they had, and who have been willfully and deliberately subverting and destroying our society every way they can for the past 70 years, and continue to do so, as this latest congressional bag of puke is but the latest ample piece of evidence.

    The only answer to this hopeless “falzhopenchangedlies” death-spiral scenario is Jesus Christ, the stable anchor, the gospel of repentance for the forgiveness of sins, and the resurrection of the dead unto eternal life. All else is BS (Barrycrap).

    P.P.S. The times and the law: to be thought changed soon in a neighborhood near you. Daniel 11:21-23: which detail does not describe the Phony One? Any? I defy anyone to find a single detail in this passage that does not accurately describe this Phony One.

  8. John,

    I took the liberty of hyperlinking your reference to Daniel.

    Good comment…sad, but true.

    Most readers here expect you and I to believe Jesus Christ is the answer (which He is), but maybe some who don’t believe the problem is as you describe it, or don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the answer, should pay attention to what soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, a.k.a. Tomas Schuman, explained in detail over 25 years ago. His words seem prophetic now, but it’s all part of the KGB process of subversion and takeover of countries.

    Where we are now:
    “Sleepers Emerge and (False) Messiah Appears”

    The full lecture, in seven parts:
    Part 1
    Each part has a link to the next part, but here is the link to jump directly to Part 7

    What is the only answer to stopping and reversing the Socialist/Communist process of Demoralization, Destablization, and Crisis? Yuri explains it, and I call it “remoraliztion“.

  9. Ryan says:

    John said:

    “Did he kill his grandmother, too? Legitimate question, given what we do know.”

    Did you just say that?

    Wow. I’ve being trying to be nice here, but you’re an idiot.

  10. John says:

    Nice, as in: “that last post was seriously bat-shit crazy” I suppose.

  11. John says:

    Took the Red Pill,

    Please link the original King James. Much is obscured in the wording of the New King James.

    For example, the original King James says he “shall become strong with a small people.” This does not mean with “few” people, which suggests a small cadre of associates, but rather: with a limited segment of the population having a specific ethnic identity–in other words, what we today would call a “minority.”

    Also, “shall not be given the honor of royalty”, likewise misses the mark. The KJV “to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom” is more accurate (as in “the honor of the office,” since no president is given the honor of royalty), because we are all here debating this very issue–eligibility (honor)–and clearly large numbers of us do not consider him eligible for the office, and therefore do not give him this honor.

    Verse 24 also mentions that “he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his father’s fathers . . .” which, again, is already absolutely true of this man. The only reason I left out verse 24 in my citation is that it includes an identifying feature which is yet future “he shall forecast his devices against the strongholds,” but I think that, too, will be true soon enough, since he has promised it.

    FWIW: an assassin for the CIA (as has been reported) would inarguably be a “vile” person, but such an extreme case, while certainly possible, is not absolutely necessary for the word “vile” to be entirely apropos, given what we already know for certain about this man, including his pretense of Christian faith (liberation theology is marxism not Christianity), his many documented lies, and his communist associates and the subltle signals by which he and his wife openly communicate their embrace of marxism.


  12. John says:

    The Psalms gives us a further clue as to how to identify a “vile” person:

    “the wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted.”

    Clearly, this vile man has wicked people walking on every side of him, as those of us with open eyes and functioning consciences have plainly seen.


  13. Ryan says:

    John, that really was the nicest thing I could have said about that post. i still don’t know what you meant, and neither does anyone else.

    You have stooped so low as to say that there is cause to believe that Barrack Obama murdered his grandmother. That is idiotic in every sense. You think that it is possible that a man, on the verge of winning the presidency of the most powerful country on Earth, took it upon himself to fly thousands of miles to murder his grandmother.

    Why am I arguing with you? It’s useless. It’s like you are playing a game with me. Does Jesus think it’s okay to make such accusations without reason? Did he send you a “right to judge” card or something?

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