Putin’s Idea of “Free Speech” & Bush’s Idea of “Free Market”

MOSCOW (AP) – New legislation backed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin would allow Russian authorities to label any government critic a traitor—a move that rights activists said Wednesday was a chilling throwback to times of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

The bill, which is expected to become law, would expanded the definition of treason to include damaging Russia’s constitutional order, sovereignty or territorial integrity. That, rights activists said, would essentially let authorities interpret any act against state as treason—a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

There is a very, very good reason why President Ronald Reagan called them

The Evil Empire

Socialism and Communism are Evil.

And Barack Hussein Obama thinks that “When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody”.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

When the pilgrims at Plymouth tried a socialistic approach the first winter, they starved and half of them died. They changed to a capitalistic system, based on private property, and prospered.

In the history of mankind, the migration of people has always been away from, not towards socialist/communist countries.

When walls have been built, they’ve never been to keep people in capitalist countries from escaping to socialist/communist countries.

Quite to the contrary, they’ve been built to keep people in socialist/communist countries from escaping to capitalist countries.

President George W. Bush recently said:

I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.

No, Mr. President, you were gullible and believed the manufactured crisis. In the process, you gave the Socialists in our government exactly what they wanted, while allowing yourself and your party to take the blame.

Mr. President, you should have called Treasury Secretary Paulson’s bluff. You should have opposed the bailout. You should have pointed out that the DEMOCRATS caused the Fannie/Freddie destablization, and the DEMOCRATS prevented attempts by Republicans to create more regulation and oversight of Fannie/Freddie.

Instead, you and John McCain “led” the bailout, and in the process led Republicans to the slaughter in this past election. More than half of the Obama voters thought that Republicans, not Democrats, controlled Congress, and they voted for “CHANGE”. Maybe if people understood the truth, they would have voted for “CHANGE” by voting REPUBLICAN!

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2 Responses to Putin’s Idea of “Free Speech” & Bush’s Idea of “Free Market”

  1. Mary says:

    I guess comrafes Putin an Obama share powerlust. No doubt Obama will follow suit in short ordeer.

    Bush fell for it, Sen. the-campaign-that-wasn’t abetted it, and your grandchildren will be punshed by it. The only bright spot is that my Congresman voted against it.

    Fortunately, I’ve had the good sense to swith my registration to Republican, though I doubt we’ll ever see even the pretense of a free eection again.

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