Obama -> Working Families Party -> CPUSA

This is a fairly “raw” post… read the links and quoted content to see for yourself the associations between Obama, the Working Families Party, ACORN, and the Communist Party USA.


Fusion: The Secret Weapon

Third parties aren’t too common in America, and there’s a reason why. Too often, voting for a third party candidate means casting your ballot for someone you know doesn’t have much hope of winning or, even worse, helping out the candidate you like the least (think Nader’s impact in Florida, 2000).

Not in New York. New York is one of the few states with “fusion” voting, where one candidate can be endorsed by multiple parties. It gives voters a way to “vote their values” without spoiling an election.


Victory! Obama on the WFP Line and Other Results


The Working Families Party (WFP) is New York’s liveliest and most progressive political party. Formed by a grassroots coalition of community organizations, neighborhood activists, and labor unions, we came together build a society that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

We fight to hold politicians accountable on the issues working- and middle-class families care about, like good jobs, fair taxes, good schools, reliable public transportation, affordable housing, and universal healthcare.

Bertha Lewis, ACORN‘s executive director and co-chair of the Working Families Party


It appears that Bertha Lewis was the person who called upon the CPUSAas family” when they wanted “lots of red flags at the march…”:

Remember the president of NY NOW telling us she wanted to see lots of red flags at the March for Women’s Lives. And the chair of ACORN and Working Families Party who called upon us as family to make our contribution known. Did we respond? YES, we responded!

[NOTE: The CPUSA scrubbed that link, but not before I archived it here.][Further update: it appears that it wasn’t scrubbed, but rather the URL changed… to this.]

UPDATE: ACORN Non-Partisan? Watch Their Own Video To See.

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8 Responses to Obama -> Working Families Party -> CPUSA

  1. Working Families Party has run an ad on Craigslist…
    paying “Occupy Wall Street” protesters?

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