Obama’s Forged Certifcation vs. A Real Certificate

Here is a SIDE BY SIDE comparison of the “Certification of Live Birth” produced by the Obama campaign (which has been shown to be a clear forgery [you may have to scroll down on that page to see the post] [also watch all videos here]) versus an ACTUAL 1963 “Certificate of Live Birth”.

Keep in mind that Hawaii law at the time allowed people who were not born in Hawaii to still get a Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth”. Obama’s sister was born in Indonesia yet still has a Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth”.

The forged Certification does not prove Obama is a natural born citizen.

It only proves Soetoro/Obama’s intent to deceive.

The language of the 20th Amendment (ratified less than 76 years ago) makes it clear that the burden of proof is on the Presidential Candidate:

if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.

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27 Responses to Obama’s Forged Certifcation vs. A Real Certificate

  1. Paul says:

    As a Democrat, I want to thank you for continuing to push this citizenship issue. You make Obama’s opponents look like lunatics, and that will be very helpful in passing liberal legislation/winning future elections.

    I hope more conservative bloggers get on this issue and talk about it. It’s very helpful for the Democrats.

  2. Ryan says:

    The state of Hawaii is on record stating this certificate is valid. Nobody cares that you don’t like the way they printed it out. Since they say it is valid, then I suppose you think they are in on “the conspiracy”. If that is the case, couldn’t they easily produce whatever documentation they wanted?

    Just admit it – there’s nothing in the world that would make you believe he could possibly be allowed to be president.

  3. The state of Hawaii is on record stating this certificate is valid.


    The official from the state of Hawaii is on record saying the ORIGINAL Vault Birth Certificate is on file and IT is valid.

    Absolutely no claims were made about the CertificatION of Live Birth being valid or even matching the information found on the vault CertificatE of Live Birith. No claims were made saying Obama was born in Hawaii.

    Obama could have a valid Birth Certifcate on file in Hawaii that shows him having been born in Kenya, and the public statement that was made would still be technically accurate. You are reading things into that statement that simply aren’t there, because you want to see it that way.

    Please go lookup the actual quote from the Hawaii official, then come back and paste it here, along with a link to where you found it. I’ll be happy to point out to you exactly what it says and what it does not say.

  4. Paul says:

    Great stuff! Please, keep arguing about this birth certifcate. Encourage others to join in!

    It all helps Democrats, because it makes the other side look crazy.

  5. Paul,

    Perhaps you are unaware that the author of the following post is a Democrat?

    Natural Born Citizens: Or How to Beat a Subject to Death with a Stick.

    There are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents who are all committed to supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States.

  6. mike.musculus says:

    I always laugh when opponents tell us to continue, because it helps them. I remember reading copies of scripts from Axis Annie and Tokyo Rose that did the same thing… they were oh so concerned for the American GI — and more Patriotically American than the Liberals who’s comments are posted previous to mine.

    Interesting thought experiment:
    (1) Stinky’s fails the NBC test after 20Jan09, when there’s no remedy other than disqualification.
    (nb: Prior to 20Jan, Congress might bend things so BO fits, but after, no one tries… )

    (2) Bidet is found to have known about BO’s failure to meet the NBC test from October. This makes him an accomplice to Election Fraud. Being guilty of fraud, (but as we’ve seen, purjury doesn’t…[grin]) disqualifies you from the OPOTUS.

    (3)The DNC makes a big show w/much fanfare of removing both of them. “See, we believe in clean electons, too!” or somesuch. This clears the way for
    (4) Clinton’s return.

    Since the appointment is a temp. one, they [possibly] wouldn’t run afoul of term limits. Or, Madam Hilary is appointed, or both happen. Say it takes Congress until, say, August 2011 to decide on who the “actual” POTUS would be, and attach a rider that starts the clock on the new administration in Jan 2012. The Congress decides that the person who is to fill POTUS for Stinky’s term is the Secretary of State — Mrs. H. Rottengams Clinton.

    And there you go…

    But, as I’ve said, this is simply a “thought experiment”. You know, in the noble tradition of Einstein.

  7. Ryan says:

    Hawaii has confirmed that they have a vault certificate on file for Obama. That means he was born there without doubt. What part of his certificate of live birth is fake? The part where it doesn’t mention that Malcolm X is his father? :-)

  8. Paul says:

    Itooktheredpill –

    No one considers those PUMAs democrats anymore…

  9. Ryan,

    I said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Please go lookup the actual quote from the Hawaii official, then come back and paste it here, along with a link to where you found it. I’ll be happy to point out to you exactly what it says and what it does not say.

  10. Paul says:

    Ryan –

    There is no arguing with these people. They’re conspiracy mongers in the classical sense. A conspiratorial mind will find dark shadowy reasons to believe what they want to believe.

    The interesting thing is that there’s much scholarship on these types of people – I can recommend a few books if you’d like. It’s fun to study them. They can be amusing. That’s why I started reading this blog. It’s unintentionally hysterical.


    Let me just say this, in all seriousness – you discredit the Republican party and conservatives by focusing on conspiracies. It’s perfectly reasonable to argue that Obama is a tax raising liberal who will kill economic growth, stifle creativity with big government, and lose the war on terror by withdrawing from Iraq. I disagree with those statements, but they are at least reasonable arguments.

    Accusing Obama of treason is just sort of silly. You won’t get anywhere doing it.

  11. Ryan says:

    I tried to find the quote, but could not. You admitted yourself that they said they had the original birth certificate. That means he was born there, and that’s all that matters. If there was anything wrong with the certificate of live birth, it would be the duty of Hawaiian officials to point it out, and charge Mr. Obama with fraud. That has not happened.

    I don’t know why you care what the officials say, since you obviously think they are in on the conspiracy. If they released a birth certificate, would you believe it was true?

  12. In Good Comany says:


    Occam’s Razor, my dear British Imperialist lunatic. Occam’s Razor. Why would a Hawaiian official make a technically true but misleading statement to protect the candidacy of Obama? Does he think that Hawaii will get favorable treatment out of this? You have to invent a conspiracy of ENORMOUS magnitude to explain away all the inconsistencies that arise from this. His family had his presidency planned in advance? The state of Hawaii, the hospital, the newspaper are all culpable? Nobody, not an intern or a clerk or anybody else involved in the hoax got cold feet or got greedy and went public?

    Please clarify what you want us to believe, exactly.

    You also want us to believe that because BRITISH law says that the son of a British citizen is British, he can’t be a natural born American even if he was clearly born on Hawaiian ground?

    Wrong, you anti-American imperialist swine! America’s Constitution is the first, last, and only word on who is and is not an American citizen. The laws of foreign states do not bestow or take away citizenship in this great republic. The 14th Amendment states that all persons born upon American soil are American citizens.

    That’s the only “born” clause referring to citizenship anywhere. Thus, if Obama is not a natural born American citizen, nobody is, because we all qualify under the same criteria he does.

    Despite all your word games, the Constitution defines citizenship only once, in the 14th amendment. There, a citizen is either someone born here or naturalized. Natural Born, or Naturalized. Those are the only two options the Constitution—our Constitution—admits to.

    Why don’t you stop pretending that you give a good God damn what the Constitution says? You’ll wipe your backside on it if the smears erase the parts that aren’t favorable to your personal politics.

  13. In Good Comany says:

    Oh, dear God… I just looked at the “forgery” article. He’s examined the space in between the letters of the words “Birth” on the form to prove that it’s a forgery? Stop and think about that. If somebody took an actual COLB and used it as a template to make Obama’s “forged” ones, then the labels on the fields themselves WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CHANGED in the process. They would have been left as-is. Whatever the difference in the background on the word “Birth” proves—that they changed paper types, that the scan had poor color depth, whatever—it isn’t that it was fabricated.

    Here is the paradox of this conspiracy theory: for that so-called “anomaly” to be the result of forgery, it would have to have been the most incompetent photoshop/forgery job ever. Akin to taking a driver’s license for “Name: John Smith”, erasing the word “Name:” along with the name, and then retyping it trying to get a point-by-point reproduction of the word just erased when they could have just wiped out “John Smith.”

    That’s what your source is alleging happened here. It’s insane. It would be incompetent. And there’s no way somebody who made that kind of mistake would have been able to cover it up.

  14. mike.musculus says:

    It seems niether Paul nor Ryan has even middling reading comprehension skills. If they did, I’d advise them, in all seriousness that having a CoLB on file doesn’t mean anything, because:
    (1) naturalized citizens, in many states can have a birth cert from say, Manila, and have a HI CoLB. My wife, for example. I have been told by a few lawyers, in some states, a naturalized citizen can get a birth cert. issued by *that state, (say CA…)* if they claim originals were lost in a fire — even if you are born in, say, Manila… (wife younger brother…).

    Paul, your take on conspiracies is quite funny. Did they say the same in Britain in 1776? Did they say same on Krystal Nicht?
    How about those whos’ shirts were Brown —
    who stayed in on in Berlin-town,
    on the night now known
    as night of long-knives with chaos sown

    There has been a very careful propagandizement of conspiracies. Yet, ask an FBI agent about them, no there’s never one… atleast not until after.

    Then everyone hits their hand to their head and says: we should have seen it! Well, dofus, people did, but were shouted down! The “it can never happen here” syndrome is famous, has been since the Roman Empire and French Revolt! And you know those conspiracy theories about the shortish-general, Napolion?[sp] Well, no truth there, either!

    Oh, you want a modern example: remember that guy, McCarthy? You know, that demon who said that State was shot-through with Communist, and were controlled from the USSR? Well, you’d better not the look at the Venona Intercepts — it will absolutely spoil your day. See, though, that was just an effort coodinated between the media and Lefty government to demonize an honest man — one of *many* who knew what was going on, but had the onions to stand-up. But, I forget… coodination between a generation of Lefty government types and the MSM isn’t conspiracy, its just, you know, working together for the “greater good”.

    Look, Paul, I don’t know you. Why don’t you go read a bunch of history books 1st, then come back.

  15. mike.musculus says:

    {sorry, I’m writing this on my PDA and I accidently hit the [submit] button}

    … come back, and you’ll see things differently.

    But make sure your books are pre-1960, because if you compare texts post-60s with pre-60s you’ll see all sorts of incorrect, but propagandically correct (PC) history in the post-60s books. Oops, another comspiracy.
    Or, if you want to see a more aggressive form, look at history books prior Pres. Wlson with those post Wilson… where you had ads published in magazines which encouraged people to rat-out anyone speaking against Wilson’s policies — and he had 10,000 goons people to enforce it.

    But, remember there are no such things as conspiracies!

    BTW, can you explain Obie’s spending >$800,000 to avoid showing it. It could have been shown in NJ court, not made public, just the judge. Instead he argued that We The People have no standing vis-a-vis enforcing the Constitution.

    An argument as compelling as saying that only one party can question the enforcement of a contract. What right have you to question that the Directorate is following Our Worker’s Paradise’s Constituting Documents, Comrade?

    It is too sad to laugh. I am certain that people agreeing with the “Standing” argument would’ve felt right at home with Dred Scott, too.

  16. Paul,

    No one considers those PUMAs democrats anymore…

    At Texas Darlin’s blog on December 12, 2008 at 3:09 pm
    bemused said:


    I’m an independent because I got the PUMA idea a long time ago. Your commenter could be right; it seems most PUMAs don’t want to be associated with the criminals who took on the Democrat label and party, and would prefer to be known as “patriots.” I have to laugh at all those nitwits who think there is some sting to saying someone is not really a Democrat, or not a Democrat anymore.

  17. mike.musculus says:

    In Good Comany:
    Occam’s right back at you:
    Why not spend less than $50 and clear it all up? $50 < $800,000. If all that money’s burning a hole, well somebody as caring as Obama could give it to the poor. Or, if he’s feeling Patriotic, he could give it to the Treasury… I hear they’re a little short…

    There are many reasons, that at that time, not projecting a crystal ball, for the incidents. And there are people in various states who were on the presidental ballot who weren’t/aren’t citizens and make no secret of that fact. So, what’s your point there? They did due diligence only on Obama? How damn racist of you to suggest that! You racist slug!

    I also see you spewing your racist drivel at that guy who used the exact same methods used by forensics experts on Obama’s document. You d@mn racist! Its ok when a white FBI Agent uses those methods, but let a Man of Color use them, and its a lol!, huh?

  18. Ryan,

    I tried to find the quote, but could not.

    Thanks for trying. Now go read my most recent post.

    You admitted yourself that they said they had the original birth certificate. That means he was born there

    Wrong. I explain why in my post.

    , and that’s all that matters. If there was anything wrong with the certificate of live birth, it would be the duty of Hawaiian officials to point it out, and charge Mr. Obama with fraud. That has not happened.

    The CertificatE is fine. The CertificatION is a forgery. The Hawaiian officials NEVER SAID the CertificatION was valid. They apparently don’t want to be involved in that mess.

    I don’t know why you care what the officials say, since you obviously think they are in on the conspiracy. If they released a birth certificate, would you believe it was true?

    This is bigger than just the Birth CertificatE. There are several different issues, any one of which could disqualify Obama. Again, read my new post.

    Releasing the vault copy of his original Birth CertificatE is something that I expect from a man who promised to be “Open, transparent, and honest”.

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  20. mike.musculus says:

    Yes, I happen to agree w/you that it is, at this point, bigger than the birth cert., but who’s fault is that?

    What, he won’t release it, (and spent >$800,000 that will never feed a single hungry child…)?

    That’s because nobody’s said “pretty please, with sugar and splenda on top!”

    What’s wrong with you, man! Get with it! Your tinfoil hat’s not pickin’ up the signals — what’s that frequency, Kenneth? ;)

    Good luck to you, sir!

  21. Jax says:


    Where’d you pull the $800,000 number from?

  22. Loren says:

    Obama’s sister was born in Indonesia yet still has a Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth”.

    I keep seeing this mentioned online, but I can’t find a source for it. Where have you seen Maya’s Certification of Live Birth? And if you haven’t actually seen this document you’re relying on, what reliable source did you learn about it from?

    First of all, if Maya does have a COLB, I should imagine that it says “Indonesia” under “Location of Birth.” If it does, then I’m not sure what’s the point of mentioning it, since Obama’s clearly says “Hawaii” in that spot. If it doesn’t, then actually seeing the document is all the more important, because it would prove that documents filed with the state of Hawaii CAN have false information. The fact that I can’t find this document seems to suggest against the latter possibility.

    Second, if, as some people allege, her COLB is important becauase Obama’s COLB is forged from Maya’s (a claim that I believe has been pretty thoroughly debunked, but let’s run with it anyway), it would’ve required a lot more than the name to be changed. They would’ve had to change 1)the name, 2)the certificate number, 3)the date of birth, 4)the time of birth, 5)the sex, 6)the city of birth, 7)the island of birth, 8)the county of birth, 9)the father’s name, 10)the father’s race, and 11)the date filed by registrar.

    In other words, they would have had to change EVERY SINGLE ENTRY on the COLB other than the mother’s 1)name and 2)race. Surely, if Obama was going to forge a COLB, he would’ve at least picked a COLB of someone who was actually born in Hawaii to start with.

  23. liberty4usa says:

    “Openness and transparency”~

    “Just words,just speeches!”

  24. liberty4usa says:

    I noticed that everyone likes to use the term “conspiracy theory”while arguing the indefensible truth here.

    The truth is simple, all by himself Obama chose to hide his records.

    Anyone with any reality left in their consciousness knows that if a Republican tried this than an army of media would follow him around constantly asking why!

    The only conspiracy are those who have decided to aid him in his deceit, which are his website people, factcheck, the media, and the adulterer of his certification image posted.

    I wish that either Obama or his COLB were real, but they are both fakes!
    Ode for a Real Obama http://thenma.org/blogs//index.php/libertyforusa/2008/12/12/ode-for-a-real-obama

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