I’m Right Here, “dakine”; Say It To My Face

Nice piece Ed, and spot on comments right2bright. It’s always entertaining reading the comments on topics such as this on on both the right wing and left wing blogs. There are some very odd and troubled folks lurking out there in the dark corners of both the far right and the far left. Entertaining stuff, but slightly disturbing and more than a little embarrassing. No credible/reputable commentator, reporter, expert, etc. believes that the Obama citizen nonsense is anything but the product of tinfoil hat wearing nutjobs with way, way too much time on their hands. You hear that I Took The Red Pill, you delusional buffoon you?

dakine on December 4, 2008 at 12:25 PM

“dakine” is like “Brave Sir Robin“. 

Rather than insult me to my face here on my blog, he/she/it insults me at Hot Air, where I am unable to respond because the atheist Allahpundit banned me for speaking the truth.

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