What’s Going On?

on November 29, 2008 at 10:39 pm Missy Bear said:

I find all of the postings and particularly JB’s factual presentation of BHO’s elgibility to be POTUS very interesting and informative. However, I think we are all missing the real issue and that is who or what is behind it all. Undoubtedly by all that is being presented BHO is not an eligible president elect (by the popular vote), he knows this as well as his supporters, the DNC, RNC, the President and anyone else you wish to include. What we need to begin to address is how this is happening and is there anything that can be done to expose and punish those responsible. Let me ask a few basic questions.

1. How can a presidential candidate supress his record of birth, citizenship, education, passport and all other personal information?
2. How does the MSM not explore, expose or ever discuss these vital issues?
3. How does a major party (the DNC) not vet a candidate for eligibility and yet certify the individual?
4. How does Hillary Clinton not address this issue?
5. How does John McCain not address this issue?
6. How does a sitting Republican president with the powers of the FBI, CIA and other agencies not investigate this issue and subsequently let the investigation be known to the public?
7. When in the history of presidential candidates have you not heard something from individuals who have known him/her in their youth, high school, college or work?

In my opinion, BHO is not eligible to be POTUS. I believe the pursuit of the “Natural Born” elgibility litigation is worthwhile and may have the desired outcome. However, can someone please address who or what is driving the BHO presidential bid. Is it a giant conspiracy, ignorance (which I doubt, except for the ordinary voter), complacency or some unknown? Whatever it is we need to know.

“Can someone please address who or what is driving the BHO presidential bid”?

Here’s how I see it…

If there was ever a Presidential candidate who represented the interests of both Marxist/Leninists and Muslims, it is the candidate known as Barack Hussein Obama II (also known as Indonesian citizen Barry Soetoro).

We didn’t “win” the Cold War, and we haven’t won the “Global War on Terror”.  

Both Communists and Jihadists are actively fighting to destroy this country, and at times they appear to work together towards their common goal.  Russia is now a member of the “57 state” Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC).  Remember, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. 

In my opinion it appears that if the candidate known as Barack Hussein Obama II is allowed to become President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, despite being Constitutionally ineligible, then our nation will be on a bullet train to being destroyed from within.

Why do I say we didn’t “win” the Cold War?   Because even when the U.S.S.R. dissolved, Communist ideology didn’t die.  While President Ronald Reagan won some battles against what he accurately called the “Evil Empire” (Read and listen to President Reagan’s speech), that Evil Empire is still at war against us. 

The reason Reagan won some battles against evil is because he knew what he was up against, and he knew how to fight it.

It’s An Economic, Political, and Spiritual Battle

Whether you know the truth or not, the United States of America has always been a Christian Nation.   That doesn’t mean you have to be a Christian in order to enjoy freedoms here, but it does mean that our freedoms are very much the result of Christians who based our Constitution and Bill of rights on Biblical principles.  As such, both Islamic Jihadists and godless Communists want to see the USA brought “to its knees”

In my opinion, THAT is what is going on, and “who or what is driving the BHO presidential bid”.

Obama is “Inspired” to “Bring an Empire to its Knees”.

Again, if there was ever a President who represented the interests of both Marxist/Leninists and Muslims, it is the candidate known as Barack Hussein Obama II (also known as Indonesian citizen Barry Soetoro).

There is so much that is not known about Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro (not known because he has actively worked to keep his past hidden), that we must take very seriously the truths we do know. And those truths, when analyzed collectively, are deeply disturbing:

A Different “9/11 Truth”.

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3 Responses to What’s Going On?

  1. christinek says:

    After much searching I have come to the conclusion that Barry is Soros sold. Follow Soros money to all of the liberal groups. Look at what Soros did to the UK and Russian financial markets. Look at what happened to our markets. See a pattern? Also check out Israel Insider. There is an article about Barry’s father that I think you will find very interesting. I feel that this was a plan that was hatched 20 or so years ago. This is really scarey stuff.

  2. christinek,

    Thank you for your comment. I agree with you that Obama has been “groomed” as the Manchurian candidate. Soros not only has his fingers all over Obama but also helped John McCain win the Republican nomination (so either way, Soros wins).

    I’ve written about Soros quite a few times.

    I’ve also written about Barry’s paternity…

    I also think that Bill Ayers didn’t stop his attack on our government, he just changed his tactics…instead of attacking from the outside, he is now on the verge of completing an attack from within, via Obama.

    Our Constitution can protect us from this…but only if we support, defend, and enforce our Constitution.

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