Life in One of the “57 States”

Russia is an observer nation of the “57 states” of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.

This is what life is like when Communism and Islam meet.

That is why the question of whether or not Obama is a Communist, Jihadist Muslim is a very serious issue.

That is why Obama’s “gaffe” of “57 states…and one left to go” is not a laughing matter.  Obama may sincerely have plans to make us part of the OIC, and with that would come fascist behavior like that mentioned in the first link above.

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2 Responses to Life in One of the “57 States”

  1. Tom says:

    Were you born without a brain?

  2. Tom,

    Thank you for your comment!

    Ad hominem attacks are what a leftist uses when they can’t argue the point! When you can’t attack the argument, attack the man.

    It’s good to know that’s the best you have to offer.


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