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On November 13th, 2008 at 11:30 am, chapoutier said:

lgm, the only time republicans lose elections is when democrats tell us who to pick.

Remind me again how democrats did that?

Open primaries? Maybe you can pin this on the independents, but I recall the democratic primary garnering just a wee bit of interest. Doubtful any significant number of Dems wasted their primary vote voting in Republican race. But in any case, it seems to me the real turning point was Florida, which was a closed primary. 



Exit polls in the Florida primary showed that fully 20% of the people voting in the Republican primary identified themselves as either Democrat or Independent.

When the Democrats were told that the Democratic primary would not count (their delegates would not be seated at the convention), that gave many an incentive to switch registration to Republican and vote for McCain in the Republican primary.

And the media most certainly helped McCain…

Remember that New York Times endorsement of McCain?

McCain came in fourth place in the Iowa Caucus on January 3rd. Within three weeks of that 4th-place finish, the media was already starting to call him the “presumptive nominee”.

Fred Thompson was McCain’s stalking horse in SC. Thompson started the race late, had no “fire in the belly”, and left the race early. He was not “in it to win it”…he was in it to ensure that McCain did not lose SC to an evangelical like he did in 2000 to George W. Bush (that loss led to McCain’s “Agents of Intolerance” rant shortly thereafter).

Thompson took just enough conservative votes away from Huckabee to ensure that Fred Thompson’s “Good Friend John McCain” won SC.
Mission accomplished, Fred quit the race three days later.

The media lied and said that Huckabee had left the state of Florida the Friday before the primary.  was still campaigning actively in Florida, but it was difficult to get the truth out. Voters who thought he had pulled out assumed that he had given up on the state, and this likely suppressed turnout for him.

CNN had originally scheduled a debate for February 28th. That debate would have been very helpful to Huckabee against McCain. CNN cancelled the debate and cleansed any evidence that it had ever been planned. The Values Voter Coalition scheduled a venue for a substitute debate on February 3rd, but McCain refused to attend, and instead held a cookout with the media (CNN included).

Remember Who Wanted to Debate…and Who Didn’t.

Lastly, anyone who appreciated having Sarah Palin on the ticket should give credit where credit is due…not to John McCain but to Mike Huckabee…McCain was ready to pick a pro-Choice VP, and it was only when Huckabee’s delegates threatened to walk out of the convention that McCain gave in and picked a true conservative VP in order to prevent a mutiny at the convention.

I leave you with this…no matter whether you love Huckabee or hate him, you cannot deny that he committed in writing to Senator Sessions’ 15-point plan (including building fences on both borders by July 1, 2010) and Huckabee was adamantly against the massive Bailout.

Instead, McCain will support open borders, amnesty, and his “leadership” on the bailout led many other Republicans in the House and Senate to follow his lead, support the bailout, and sink the Republican party. Democrats caused the problems, created the crisis, and Republicans got blamed.

Love him or hate him, Huckabee would have run a much better campaign against Obama than McCain did.

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2 Responses to Response to chapoutier

  1. postaldog says:

    Huck should have been the nominee from the get go. He was the only true conservative in the primaries. Elitist blather from right wing blogs, chief among them athiestpundit at HotAir, helped build a false image of Huck as a RINO.
    Huck was the only candidate to adequately grasp the nuance of the internet and use it effectively. On more than one occassion it was mentioned how cutting edge his web stuff was and how well effectively he campaigned with limited funds.
    Huck’s wit and good media presence would have enabled him to use all the appropriate arguments against Obama that McCain either wouldn’t or couldn’t bring himself to mouth. Thank heaven for Sarah Palin, or nothing about Obama’s seedy relationships would have made it to the campaign trail.
    The shortsighted nature of conservatives have left us with a raging socialist in the White House instead of a true Republican who could have been an effective counter point to the tax and spend Dems in control of congress.

  2. Postaldog,

    Thank you for your comment. I agree that Mike Huckabee was misrepresented by both the MSM and most bloggers, even conservative ones like the athiest Allahpundit and the esteemed Michelle Malkin.

    Mike Huckabee had the right stand on all of the major issues that our nation faces today, and will face in the months and years to come.

    Life, Judges, Energy Independence, Food Independence (yes, this will be an issue in the near future), Sessions’ 15-point Immigration plan including building fences on both borders by July 1, 2010, defense of marriage, American exceptionalism and sovereignty, etc., etc., etc.

    Conservatives lost this election on March 4th (when Mike Huckabee conceeded the Republican nomination to John McCain), not on November 4th.

    I pray for Obama’s corruption to be exposed, prosecuted, and convicted. He has not proven he is Constitutionally eligible to hold the office of President of the United States. He allowed donations to his campaign that were not put through standard credit card security…inviting fraud and foreign donations. At this point in time, Obama is NOT the President-elect…the November elections elected Electors, not a Presidential candidate. There is still time for Obama’s bluff to be called, before the Electors vote and that vote is confirmed in the U.S. Congress. Keep praying…

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