McCain the “Designated Loser”?

Was John McCain the “Designated Loser”, a Trojan horse to capture the Republican nomination so that the Democratic nominee did not have to face a more conservative Republican?

In my opinion, it appears that the answer is yes.

First, find a copy of Phyllis Schlafly’s 1964 book A Choice Not an Echo: The inside story of how American Presidents are chosen and read it.

Then ask who the “establishment” candidate was in 2008. I contend that it was McCain.

Consider that George Soros not only donated heavily to Obama’s campaign but also has been donating money to McCain for years…

In 2001, McCain founded the Alexandria, Va.-based Reform Institute as a vehicle to receive funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute and Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Tides Foundation and several other prominent non-profit organizations.

I believe the game plan was to use the media, Democratic crossover voters (in MI and FL), and two stalking horses (Thompson in SC and Giuliani in FL) to ensure the Republican nomination was wrapped up for McCain in a 33 day Blitzkrieg from the January 3rd Iowa Caucuses to “Super Duper Tuesday” on February 5th. McCain must have expected all of his Republican rivals to drop out of the race by the night of the February 5th. Why else would he have planned a trip to Europe for the weekend after? Seriously, who plans a trip to Europe in the middle of a Presidential primary?

On Wednesday, February 6, 2008, John McCain said he was canceling travel plans that would have taken him to Europe that weekend. Why? So he could “wrap this up as quickly as possible.” (One should ask who McCain was going to meet in Europe)

It appears that in a “behind closed doors” meeting with “prominent Republicans, Romney was convinced to quit the race, back McCain, and do everything he could to get Mike Huckabee to quit. I’ve written several previous posts about McCain and the Republican primary:

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Conservatives lost the 2008 race when Mike Huckabee quit on March 4th, believing McCain had finally reached 1191 pledged delegates. Strangely enough, McCain waited another week…and until winning the Mississippi primary challenged only by Ron Paul…to display a banner of “1191” at his March 11th Mississippi victory party. What if, after weeks of being hounded by the media to quit, Huckabee actually quit too soon?

McCain took his victory trip to Europe after winning Mississippi…but he disguised it with his trip to Iraq. His itinerary was kept secret “for security purposes”.

McCain sunk the entire Republican Party with his support of the Bailout in September. He should have opposed it. Democrats let their members who were in tight electoral challenges vote against the bailout. Any Republican that supported it bought the lies about what would happen if they didn’t pass it. In doing so, they lost any credibility as “fiscal conservatives”, and demoralized the base. That, along with Democrat fraud, combined to give Democrats victories in races from the Presidency to Senate and House races, Governorships, etc.

Heckuva job, McLame

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7 Responses to McCain the “Designated Loser”?

  1. billdacat says:

    Wow, the republicans are drinking way too muhc of their Kool Aid to believe the nonsense I have heard from them.

    I’ve read from them that the stock market crash was due to Obama… even though it was already at these levels several weeks ago.

    The World is going to end..

    No it isn’t.. The republicans have not been conservative anyway… The republicans ran up a 10 trillion debt ..part of wjhich came from an unprovoked war.

    Due to the “FREE” trade philosophy of Republicans we have about 6 trillion in trade debt…

    We now also have a 3.5 trillion dollar bailout… so far…

    Good job republicans, you have thoroughly failed this country and left us on the brink of national bankruptcy with your morally corrupt idea of “FREE” markets.. where everyone who has money can grab what they want from the till

    We have been sold out to foreigners and big money…

    I hope the Republican party ceases to exist. I think it may after this economic catastrophe is done unfolding. The complete effects haven’t even hit yet…

    Wait until you see what the next year brings! Maybe we can end up with a new party that has a clue as to what it means to be responsible leaders.

  2. Democrats created the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac crisis. But don’t take a Republican’s word for it. Read what this Democratic man of integrity said.

    In my opinion, Treasury Secretary Paulson is a “Republican in name only” and is a Trojan Horse.

    Unfortunately, many Republicans believed the Horror Story that Paulson said would happen if the Bailout was not passed. Many Republicans fell for the lies, and passed a bill that takes us on an express train to Socialism. It is not Free Enterprise and Free Markets that are the problem. Fannie and Freddie were not “Free Market” companies. They were forced, by Democrats, to extend loans that destabilized the mortgage and financial industries.

    I am not happy about the Republicans who supported the bailout. That support likely sunk Republicans in this last election.

    The Democrats have successfully demoralized this country, destabilized this country, manufactured a crisis at the right time to affect an election, and now the groundwork is being laid (by the politicians, MSM, and people like you) for Obama to take this nation to stage 4: Communist Normalization.

  3. Mark Turner says:

    It’s wasn’t necessarily McCain’s basic ideology that lost the election, it was his campaign as a whole. Compared to Obama, McCain was the candidate who acted like he couldn’t quite get his sh*t together, and seemed half-hearted when he did. Obama was smooth and eloquent — and suckered in millions of voters with a new twist on an old Bill Clinton theme — change!

  4. Yes, we need change, and millions of Americans voted for “change”.

    But the change we need is to move away from, not toward, Socialism.

    Mike Huckabee did his best to communicate that. He stood up and spoke out strongly against the bailout before McCain voted in favor of it. Huckabee also brought Joe the Plumber on his TV show and did his best to highlight Obama’s Socialist plans.

    But McCain is too much of a Socialist himself to have voted against the bailout and make fighting Socialism a central focus of the campaign.

    It’s not “Wall Street greed” that caused the Fannie/Freddie crisis… it was Washington, D.C. Democratic Socialists who threatened lawsuits against companies that did not extend sub-prime loans to unqualified borrowers.

    So the “change” people voted for is more of the same Democratic Socialism.

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