No, We Haven’t Realized MLK Jr.’s Dream

Part of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dream:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Reactions to Obama’s November 4th victory at hoaxer Crystal Mangum‘s alma mater:

“We are all speechless. We are all excited,” N.C. Central University Student Body President Kent Williams said as about 300 fellow students at the Alfonso Elder Student Union leaped to their feet, shrieked, embraced and fell to the floor sobbing in joy when television announcers proclaimed Obama the next president.

“I’m amazed that this country has voted for change. With all the problems in our past, America has finally recognized the dream that Martin Luther King had,” Williams said.

Outside, cars drove across campus, honking triumphal horns as passengers leaned out windows heralding the news of Obama’s unprecedented win. Students giddily repeated the refrain, “My president is black.”

Is Obama the realization of MLK Jr.’s Dream? 

Sorry, but no.

Did the MSM spend the last year and a half talking about the content of Obama’s character? No, far from it. You weren’t allowed to question the content of Obama’s character without being labelled a racist. The MSM spent the last year and a half talking about the color of Obama’s skin.

Try to find a MSM story about Obama that doesn’t mention the word “black”.

And what were these students celebrating? The content of Obama’s character? No, the color of Obama’s skin.

That is not the realization of MLK Jr.’s dream.

It is the antithesis of it.

Obama vs. MLK’s Dream

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4 Responses to No, We Haven’t Realized MLK Jr.’s Dream

  1. YouShouldTakeAChillPill says:

    No, but this brings us a whole lot closer to realizing that dream.

    I disagree that it is the antithesis. Look at Jackie Robinson. When he broke the color barrier in baseball, it was all about the color of his skin. No fast forward to modern day baseball, how much do you hear about the color of a player’s skin today?

  2. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball due to his accomplishments in his profession.

    Barack Obama will (if he can prove he’s a Natural Born Citizen) break the color barrier in the Presidency due to _____. Please fill in the blank and name his accomplishments.

  3. Iphelix says:

    Excellent point red. The bottom line is from the top down and the ground up this has become a nation of style over substance. Woeful enough when the test matter was entertainment, tv, movies, books….but ideas have consequences and these mediums have spewed their stylish rubbish for so long. Children are no longer taught from original sources about their own history, it is tainted by authors and teachers and professors whose only agenda seems to be to indulge their fettish of pulling on the various frayed edges of the American fabric. So when these children grow to find themselves living naked in a dump who will they look to for help? Government can not save us. It is a ridiculous notion that is unsupported by history. Tyrrany is always the result when the gov’t is blindly given power. Our rights and freedoms are to be guided by the Constitution and are guarenteed in Whose name it was signed.

  4. Iphelix says:

    I didn’t mean to go of topic, it is just so frustrating watching the turn of events these last 30 days. On topic, Dr. King I believe would be apalled at this election. I have often wondered how Dr King may have changed in ideological leanings had he lived. I like to think that what has become severely misguided would have remained educated and noble, on course and subststantive.

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