The MSM: See No PUMAs, Hear No PUMAs, Speak No PUMAs

PUMA Democrats are very real.

How many stories has CNN run about PUMA Democrats in the last three months?  According to this search,  ZERO.  Note, however, when the search is changed from specifying the site “” to “” (searching their blogs instead of their main stories) there are entries found.

A Google search on “I am a PUMA” currently returns over 4,000 hits.  That may not seem like a significant number in an election with over 100 Million voters, but I think it is highly likely that most PUMAs are not publicly broadcasting that they are PUMAs.

It is a FACT that the last Democrat to break 50% of the popular vote was Jimmy Carter, with a mere 50.1%.  It is a FACT that the Democrat Party has never been more divided than it is this year.  I think it is self-evident that Barack Hussein Obama has done more to unify Democrats and Republicans AGAINST him than FOR him.

One PUMA Democrat explains Top Ten Reasons John McCain Gets My Vote.

PUMAs are likely to give McCain/Palin a strong electoral college victory over Obama/Biden, even with all of the fraud that has been perpetrated for Obama’s benefit.

So, why hasnt’t the MSM provided more coverage of PUMAs? 

(I know the answer, I’m just letting people ponder that question for a while.)

The PUMAs are Ready to Pounce!


In states that massively swung to Clinton, such as Pennslyvania, a sizable number of Hillary Clinton supporters are voting for McCain under the banner of ‘Party Unity My Ass’ or ‘PUMA’s. In McCain Campaign offices throughout Pennslyvania, manning their phone banks, are DEMOCRATS which voted for Hillary Clinton. An unholy alliance has developed between senators McCain and Clinton. Both are friends to one another. Both have a framed picture of the other in their offices. The PUMA story is the biggest one not being told about in this election.

The MSM has been lying to you.  And if their lies lead to race riots (by people who are convinced that the election was “stolen” from Obama), then the lying Media could have blood on their hands.

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3 Responses to The MSM: See No PUMAs, Hear No PUMAs, Speak No PUMAs

  1. YouShouldTakeAChillPill says:

    “PUMAs are likely to give McCain/Palin a strong electoral college victory over Obama/Biden”

    Keep grasping for “straws” RedPill. It will be a real pleasure to see how wrong you are by the end of the day.

  2. YouShouldTakeAChillPill says:

    Thanks for the link…no I have another moron to pester about their idiotic predictions once the day is done.

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