Authentic vs. Phony



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  1. YouShouldTakeAChillPill says:

    Based on what criteria?

  2. Simple.

    Palin wore jeans in response to the Media’s attacks on her. She was saying, “This is who I really am”.

    Obama wore jeans in response to Sarah wearing jeans. It was a “me too” moment that really didn’t play very well: “Look, I can be a ‘common person’, too!”

  3. YouShouldTakeAChillPill says:

    Hmmm…Obama never wore jeans before? And from your picture it looks like it was raining…sound like a good time to go a little casual. Or were the sneakers just trying to one up Palin? lol

  4. Scott says:

    It really doesn’t matter why. What’s important is most Americans know the truth; they know who Sarah Palin is and Charlie Daniels did a commendable job of putting down the marker:

    Sarah Palin – (It Ain’t No Mystery)

    In the last couple of weeks, there is no denying that Sarah Palin has attained superstar status in the political arena and the Democrats and the mainstream media are scratching their heads and wondering what hit them. In fact, in a matter of days, she has had more media scrutiny than Barack Obama has had in the past two years.

    I seriously doubt if they will admit the truth about Sarah Palin, even if they were able to accept it. There’s no deep dark mystery here, no Rosetta Stone required to decipher the Palin phenomenon. It’s as simple as first grade arithmetic.

    Sarah Palin is the first politician to come along in decades who is truly one of “We The People”. The distance between Alaska and Washington, DC has never been more apparent than when you hear this lady speak.

    Relaxed, confident, feminine and totally unafraid of the left-wing media that so terrifies the beltway bunch. She comes off as somebody who could live next door to you and very well come by to borrow a cup of sugar or offer to pick your kids up from school.

    When you compare her to Barack Obama, he comes off as stiff, formal, arrogant and elitist, somebody who hides behind barricades and bodyguards, the kind of guy you’d never think of giving a hug to.

    Compare her to Hillary Clinton, and Hillary comes off as an ice queen who has never done her own laundry or cooked a Thanksgiving dinner.

    Compare her to Joe Biden, and Biden comes off as a guy you’ve probably never seen without a suit on, who represents politics as usual and the same old insider trading that has been going on in Washington for way too long.

    Compare her to Harry “the war is lost, the surge is not working” Reid, and Harry Reid comes off like a pessimistic old man who hoards pennies and kicks cats.

    Compare her to Nancy Pelosi, who says we simply can’t do anything about our energy situation. Sarah Palin represents hope and practical solutions like drilling in ANWR in her home state of Alaska. Of course she’ll have to talk her running mate into it.

    The bottom line is that Sarah Palin, in her feminine style of dress, her hair fashionably done, wearing makeup and talking common sense is just some body who represents the regular folks, not the special interest groups. In fact, she wouldn’t even allow a lobbyist into her office as Governor of Alaska.

    What Barrack Obama and all the empty suits in the Democrat party can’t understand is that Sarah Palin represents somebody America feels they could sit down and have a cup of coffee with, someone who has not spent her life in politics or academia, but has been a wife, a mother and an ordinary American who has experienced firsthand the problems rank and file citizens face on a daily basis.

    And something they had better learn right away. America really likes Sarah, we identify with her, and a slap at her is a slap at us.

    And Americans don’t like being slapped.

    What do you think?

    Pray for our troops

    God Bless America

    Charlie Daniels
    September 18, 2008

  5. I loved how Obama had a “Rocky Mountain High” one night, then woke up with a hangover when McCain announced Palin as his running mate!

  6. Terry_Jim says:

    Does he have a ‘me too’ pair of high heels?

  7. sweetakin says:

    I noticed the same thing. Palin appears in blue jeans on the campaign trail, and magically the next day Obama appears in blue jeans, much to the delight of the “un”biased media aboard his plane. And to the poster above, yes, I’m sure he’s worn jeans before, but not that I recall on the trail until right after Palin wore them. JMO, but doesn’t she look like a natural? Him, not so much. Not flattering at all. Palin is the real deal. Has Obama ever even gotten his hands dirty (literally of course) doing anything? Hard work that involves more than a pencil and a clipboard?

  8. sweetakin says:

    and BTW (my apologies for being off topic), on MM, please tell lgm that Monica Goodling was a graduate of Messiah College, NOT Bob Jones University. I assure you that graduating from BJU takes much more than a pulse. It is one tough academic school with many more demands placed on students than your typical academic setting. I believe that even BEFORE the new president took over, the old rule against bi-racial dating was eliminated. lgm doesn’t know anything about BJU except what he’s read on liberal blogs. (again, sorry, but had to get it said!)

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